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Dre 29 Feb 2004 10:27 PM

Indy Results threed for 2/29.......
To start this week off her are the results of Night of the Fan over in Great Britian....

British Championship Wrestling 2/27 East Kilbride "Night of the Fan" results
*Credit to Anthony Cochrane


On Friday 27 February British Championship Wrestling continued their expansion into new areas when they debuted in the Ballerup Hall in East Kilbride, Scotland. The promotion have just celebrated their first anniversary, and over the past year have brought the top talent in the UK and some International wrestlers in to perform on there shows. Alongside the top wrestlers who performed on the East Kilbride show, the company has seen, amongst others, the following top performers appear on shows: Doug Williams, Alex Shane, The Barbarian, Colossus, Iceman, GTS, Hade Vansen, and Five Star Flash. This was a very unique event as the promotion’s fans voted on the organisation’s official website – - for who they would like to see compete against the company’s champions. Hence, the event was named “Night Of The Fan”.

Quick results from the show are:

Tex Benedict defeated Allan “The Terminator” Grogan to retain the Cruiserweight Title

Kid Fite & Exodus went to a double count-out with Wolfgang & Darkside

Stu Odyssey won a Triple Threat match against “Eliminator” Stu Natt & “The Guv’nor” Carl Conroy

Wolfgang won a Battle Royal

“The Extremist” Justin Richards beat “The Highlander” Colin McKay after interference from “The Highlander” Drew McDonald in a match were the stipulation was the loser must retire from professional wrestling

“Thee” Drew Galloway rolled over “Shining Light” Stevie Knight

Total Impact (Stu Pendous & Jamie Impact) were victorious over D.O.A (Abaddon & Kolobos)

Sabotage destroyed Jay Phoenix, Brad Fusion, and Jack Sabbath in a gauntlet style match

In-depth details of the card can be found below:

The town of East Kilbride has not seen a live wrestling event for many years, as not only was it the “Night Of The Fan”, but hometown hero “The Highlander” Colin McKay would be fighting “The Extremist” Justin Richards in a match where the loser must retire from professional wrestling. So with 250 fans in attendance, Ring Announcer Richie Young and Referee Colin Duff made there way to the ring to start the event.

The first match of the evening saw Allan “The Terminator” Grogan – who received the highest amount of votes on the BCW website – take on BCW Cruiserweight Champion Tex Benedict. As Benedict – hailing from London, Arizona and weighing in at 182 lbs - made his way to the ring he handed out numerous signs to the fans at ringside poking fun at his opponent Grogan’s ginger hair. Grogan – weighing 186 lbs and claiming to be from England – came out with the English flag and got on the microphone telling the crowd he looked forward to “getting back to a country full of winners”, in reference to England. It should be noted Grogan is actually Scottish, but hates the country so much he wishes he was English and pledges allegiance to the country south of the border. Tex got the crowd chanting “ginger, ginger, ginger” to the Scottish traitor then took the early advantage over Grogan with a reverse atomic drop, hiptoss, bodyslam, dropkick and then and got Grogan into a wristlock. Grogan soon managed to escape from the wristlock, and promptly put Benedict into a headlock. Tex managed to push Grogan away from himself into the ropes where Grogan came back and knocked the London, Arizona native down to the mat. At this point Tex rolled his own body into a ball so Grogan could not get any offence in – for a while this worked to the amusement of the crowd who found it hilarious “The Terminator” could not find a way of doing anything apart from pushing Benedict who would then roll about the ring. While Grogan was angrily consulting his problem with the referee Benedict sneaked up from behind and put a hammerlock on Grogan. However before long “The Terminator” used his leverage to throw Benedict to the outside of the ring, giving Grogan the advantage. At this point the crowd were very vocal in there support of Benedict, showing there support for him by chanting “USA, USA, USA” repeatedly to try help the struggling Benedict along. Tex soon made his way back into the ring and got a comeback going, until he went for a moonsault and Grogan moved away just in time. At this point Grogan saw his opportunity to do some serious damage to Benedict and climbed to the top rope and attempted to hit Benedict with a flying elbow, but this time it was his turn to miss as Benedict rolled away hence Grogan missed the elbow. Benedict then hit Grogan with his finishing move, the “Benedict Solution” for the very popular win.

Up next was a tag-team match to decide who would face the BCW Tag Team Champions on the following night’s show in Linwood, Scotland. This match saw the popular combo of Kid Fite and Exodus take on Wolfgang and Darkside. The match began with Wolfgang and Darkside attacking there opponents while they posed in the corner for the fans in attendance. Just as the action started reigning Tag Team Champions D.O.A – Abaddon and Kolobus – came out to the top of the ramp with chairs and sat down to watch the match with there beer to size up the opposition. The early part of the match saw Wolfgang take the advantage over Kid Fite, followed by Kid Fite getting some offence in until Wolfgang tagged in Darkside. At this juncture Darkside made it clear he wanted a piece of Exodus, so after consulting with his partner and the crowd, Kid Fite tagged in Exodus. Darkside quickly got the advantage over Exodus by putting him in a headlock, and punching him, which caught the attention of the referee. Exodus managed to gain advantage by breaking free from the headlock via pushing Darkside off the ropes and subsequently hiptossing him after a leapfrog. Darkside then tagged Wolfgang back in who was soon at the receiving end of an Exodus enzuigiri. Control of the match changed shortly after Wolfgang had composed himself, with double-team moves aplenty on Kid Fite who had tagged in. Wolfgang hit Kid Fite with an excruciating second-rope reverse splash for a near three count, and then continued to double-team Kid Fite with Darkside working mainly on his back with a double-axe handle, and other painful blows. After working the back, Wolfgang put Kid Fite in a Boston crab to try and gain a submission victory. Although the pain from the move was punishing, Kid Fite gradually managed to drag himself over to partner Exodus with the aim of making the tag – but just as he was getting close to making the tag, Darkside entered the ring which caused the referee to warn him to get and threaten his team with disqualification. While this was going on, Kid Fite managed to make the crucial tag to Exodus – however, the referee did not see the tag so had to force Exodus out of the ring and get Kid Fite back in the match. Wolfgang immediately applied a bearhug to the already struggling Kid Fite. Again just as Kid Fite somehow managed to get close to his corner to make a tag, Darkside entered the ring and pulled Wolfgang back into there corner preventing Kid Fite tagging in Exodus. Soon-after Kid Fite managed to tag in Exodus who hit Darkside with a flying crossbody from the second rope, and sent Wolfgang to the outside with a huricanrana. While struggling on the outside from the affects of the huricanrana, Wolfgang fell victim to Kid Fite somersaulting from the top rope onto him. With all the fast-paced action going on the confused referee counted to ten and called for a double-countout even though Exodus, one of the legal men in the match, was still in the ring. As both teams battled to the back, the only thing that was clear is that the feud between these two teams is far from over.

The third match of the evening was a triple-threat match between “The Guv’nor” Carl Conroy, “The Eliminator” Stu Natt, and Stu Odyssey. Conroy was first to make his way to ring, and as always was all set to cause trouble, followed by Natt and Odyssey. While the Ring Announcer was making the introductions he was interrupted by Conroy while announcing his weight – the announcer was in the process of saying that Conroy “weighs in at three-hundred and…” when he was cut off by Conroy who grabbed the microphone and proclaimed that he actually weighs “slim, trim, water retaining 10 stone 3lbs” which caused mass-laughter from the crowd. Prior to this Conroy was announced as hailing from “anywhere except Scotland” which was not popular with the crowd. Natt was announced as weighing 260 lbs and from Melksham, England, while Odyssey was announced as weighing 236 lbs and from Swindon, England. From the start the crowd were all over Conroy, being very vocal about his weight. He decided to let Natt and Odyssey start the match – but as they locked up Conroy ran towards them, only to be simultaneously punched by both. Again both competitors tried to lock-up only for Conroy to run towards them again – this time Natt and Odyssey both tripped Conroy up which lead to him landing on his face. From here they double-clotheslined “The Guv’nor” and followed this up with an elbow. Things would only get worse for Conroy as he was the victim of a high boot to the face from “The Eliminator”, which left him suffering on the outside of the ring. This left Natt and Odyssey in the ring where they applied takedowns to each other before Odyssey unsuccessfully attempted to pin Natt. At this point both wrestlers exhibited some chain wrestling which lead to Odyssey giving Natt a leg-drag, and then applying a Boston crab on his opponent. This hold was broken by the now-composed Conroy, who went on to throw Odyssey out of the ring so he could try and gain the victory over “The Eliminator”. Conroy gave powerful elbow drop, then when Natt managed to get up on his feet, gave him a clothesline and went for the cover which was broken by Odyssey. Odyssey went for a hanging-backbreaker submission (commonly called a “Gory Guerrero special”) on “The Eliminator”, but did not manage to get the submission he wanted with the move. After more double-team work on Conroy, Stu Odyssey managed to get the win after pinning “The Eliminator” Stu Natt. Afterwards both combatants showed respect for each other, while Conroy left the ringside area to vocal abuse from the fans.

Before the interval a Battle Royal took place featuring many of BCW’s established stars, plus some newcomers to the world of wrestling. Competitors in the match included: Jay Phoenix, Tex Benedict, Brad Fusion, Jack Sabbath, Exodus, D.O.A, Stu Pendous, Jamie Impact, Wolfgang, and Allan “The Terminator” Grogan. Wolfgang was victorious in the Battle Royal, lastly eliminating Jay Phoenix. Phoenix was standing on the outside of the ring apron, struggling to keep a grip on the ropes when Wolfgang executed a front face neckbreaker which sent Phoenix flying to the walkway leaving Wolfgang the winner.

After a short interval the match between East Kilbride’s own “The Highlander” Colin McKay and London, England’s “The Extremist” Justin Richards took place. This was a very important match as there was the stipulation that the loser of the match must retire from professional wrestling. Upon appearing in front of the crowd “The Highlander” received a massive positive appreciation from the fans. In the early stages of the match Richards got the first advantage by getting McKay into a headlock after locking up. McKay soon escaped from Richards and really got some momentum going after hitting Richards with two monkey-flips in quick succession. Richards momentarily regained control by working on “The Highlander’s” left arm with a variation of locks and holds. However, to the fan’s approval McKay soon took control again with a hammerlock, followed by a take-down on “The Extremist” and putting him in a headlock. Richards finally managed to break free from the headlock by a kick to McKay’s mid-section which the referee never picked up on, with a knee to the face coming soon after. “The Extremist” threw McKay to the corner post with great velocity, followed by a forearm to “The Highlander’s” chest and then hiptossed McKay. Both wrestlers then had a test of strength, and although the crowd was against him getting involved in this, McKay complied with Richards only to suffer a kick to the mid-section. After “The Highlander” regained his composure he took control again, putting Richards in a headlock, only for “The Extremist” to get out of the move and work on McKay’s arm again. After taking more punishment to his arm, “The Highlander” was able to break free from Richards and quickly clotheslined “The Extremist”, and then slammed him to the canvas. Realising he had to rethink his strategy, Richards went outside the ring only to be forced back in by “The Highlander” – once back in the ring “The Extremist” was down on his knees between McKay and the referee begging for a time-out. As “The Highlander” went towards Richards to give him more punishment, the crafty Richards pulled McKay with such force “The Highlander” was sent flying to the outside. While the referee was counting McKay, Richards was at the other side of the ring removing the turnbuckle pad. As “The Highlander” got back in the ring he was immediately greeted by Richards who hit him with a couple of punches – at this point the missing turnbuckle had came to the attention of the referee. While he was in the corner attempting to fix the turnbuckle back on, “The Extremist” launched “The Highlander” into said corner making McKay splash into the referee with devastating force. This knocked the referee to the floor leaving him unconscious. At this point British Wrestling legend “The Highlander” Drew McDonald made an unscheduled appearance – he made his way to ringside while both McKay and Richards were dazed. McDonald threw some kind of white powder substance in the face of Richards, which lead the crowd to believe he was in cahoots with there favourite in the match, Colin McKay. However, McDonald threw the packaging that contained the powder to the still dazed McKay – at this point the referee started to come-round and saw Richards lying on the mat covered in the white powder and McKay standing with the powder packaging in his hand. The referee came to the conclusion that Colin McKay must have been responsible for this, and promptly disqualified McKay. While McKay was arguing his case to the referee, Richards attacked him from behind, giving him a serious beating. Drew McDonald then got on the microphone, claiming he was the “one and only Highlander” and claimed McKay was just a fake Highlander. McDonald also claimed he would have “loved to kick hell out of him myself”, but was just as happy watching Justin Richards do it. The ring announcer then came from the dressing room with “The Highlander” Colin McKay’s wrestling boots, symbolising McKay was now retired and no longer a professional wrestler.

The next match of the evening was between BCW Heavyweight Champion “Shining Light” Stevie Knight and “Thee” Drew Galloway, who received the opportunity to wrestle Knight by gaining the most votes from the fans who voted on the promotion’s website for the “Night Of The Fan”. Galloway, who weighs in at 215 lbs and claims to be “every woman’s fantasy, and every man’s nightmare”, was first to make his way to the ring with devious manager Charles Boddington by his side. Knight, weighing in at 200 lbs, then made his way to the ring and had a few things to get off his chest. The “Shining Light” got on the microphone and said to Galloway “look at the state of you, with your kinky boots, purple shiny bottoms, and manager who’s a bald man in a suit…are you a rent-boy?”, which greatly angered Galloway and Boddington. The action got underway with both wrestlers locking-up. Galloway used his height and weight advantage to push Knight into a corner where the referee ordered Galloway to break the lock-up. Both men locked up again in the centre of the ring, this time Galloway pushed Knight up against the ropes. From here he got Knight into a headlock, which Knight managed to escape from. Both locked-up, and again Galloway got a headlock on Knight. This time Knight escaped the headlock by tripping Galloway up followed by throwing Galloway out of the ring. Once back in the ring Knight got Galloway in a wrist-lock, which Galloway escaped by nipping up. Soon after this Charles Boddington got Knight’s attention – Knight jumped out of the ring and chased Galloway’s scheming sidekick around the ring but unfortunately for Knight, Galloway had sneaked out of the ring and was hiding behind one of the ring corner’s where he hit Knight with a devastating clothesline after Boddington had lured him to that spot. Galloway threw Knight back into the ring and executed a snap-suplex on him to get a 2-count. Galloway then worked on his opponent’s back for a while, before hitting him with a clothesline, which was followed by Galloway climbing to the middle rope and delivering a legdrop to Knight, which also achieved a 2-count from the referee. Angry at not getting the win yet, Galloway then threw Knight into the corner-post – as he was running into the corner to deliver a move, Knight kicked Galloway in the face. Galloway stumbled after the kick to the face, made much worse because of the speed he was running into the corner at. Knight used this time to climb to the second rope, where he launched himself to hit Galloway with a flying clothesline. Knight legdropped Galloway and went for the pin, but only managed to get a 2-count. The “Shining Light” then started to climb the ringpost so he could deliver a high impact move to Galloway, but again Boddington interfered. This time he grabbed Knight’s leg, which gave Galloway the chance to compose himself and attack Knight who was on the second rope at the point he got over. Galloway started to climb the ropes himself, and super-plexed Knight from the top rope. Galloway then climbed up to the top rope, but Knight got to the corner before Galloway had the opportunity to do anything, and threw him to the canvas. Knight then executed an impaler on Galloway and went for the cover. Charles Boddington saved his man again by breaking the count, and as Knight went over to confront Boddington, Galloway threw him outside the ring. Galloway soon went to the outside and hit Knight, just as the “Shining Light” was beginning to get up, leaving him back on the ringside floor. Once both wrestlers were back in the ring Galloway hit Knight with a low-blow which went un-noticed by the referee, and rolled Knight up getting the 3-count over the Champion for the champion, which was also achieved by pulling on Knights tights. As “Thee” Drew Galloway and manager Charles Boddington celebrated there victory walking to there dressing room, Knight had a few words for Galloway: “I know I’m better than you, I will beat you back in this hall in April – I’m gonna kick your skinny arse, with Charles Boddington handcuffed to the ring. And if I beat you, your gonna have to kiss Charles Boddington’s arse”. So in April when BCW return to the Ballerup Hall the match is set – “Shining Light” Stevie Knight versus “Thee” Drew Galloway, with the stipulation that if Galloway loses he must kiss Charles Boddington’s arse.

The penultimate match on the card was the bout between BCW Tag Team Champions D.O.A, Abaddon and Kolobos, and Total Impact – Aberdeen native’s Stu Pendous and Jamie Impact. The championship belts were not on the line in this match, which was made by the fans for “Night Of The Fan”. The match got underway when Abaddon and Kolobus were posing on the ropes and were attacked from behind by Total Impact. D.O.A soon managed to gain momentum by hitting Total Impact with a double-clothesline. The action spilled to the outside were amongst the brawling, Total Impact’s Stu Pendous made the mistake of drinking some of D.O.A’s beer. This lead to a brawl from the outside to inside the ring. Pendous did manage to take charge of the match by slapping Kolobos on the chest, but this was quickly reversed with Kolobos slapping Pendous on the chest several times. Kolobos got Pendous down on the mat and applied a chin-lock until tagging in his drinking buddy Abaddon who put a wristlock on Pendous. After some struggling Stu Pendous managed to tag in Jamie Impact, which lead to a double axe-handle on Abaddon. Abaddon managed to get Impact in a wristlock, before tagging in Kolobos who Impact got a wristlock on. Impact then dropped down on Kolobos’s arm with his leg, then put Kolobus into a headlock on the mat. Kolobos managed to reverse the headlock, and tagged in Abaddon who executed a big bodyslam on Impact, followed by applying a cobra clutch on the challenger. Impact somehow got out of the clutch, and gave Abaddon a back-suplex. At this point Impact and Pendous double-teamed Abaddon, with both kicking him repeatedly and executing some double-team manoeuvres on the struggling tag champ. With Pendous now the legal man for his team he slammed Abaddon who gathered the strength to get over to Kolobos and make the tag. Kolobos got Pendous in one of the corners and dropkicked him. Pendous soon got a break and elbow-dropped Kolobos, and after working over the D.O.A member tagged in Impact who continued punishing Kolobos. Impact executed a DDT on Kolobos and went for the cover, but the count was broken when the referee saw Kolobos had one of his feet on the ropes. Abaddon and Stu Pendous then began battling outside of the ring, where Pendous ended up getting the better of Abaddon after executing a devastating suplex variation. With Abaddon suffering on the walkway, Impact and Pendous double-teamed Kolobos before Pendous super-kicked Kolobos and covered him to get the win for his team. Not satisfied with there victory, Total Impact executed another punishing double-team manoeuvre before leaving the ringside area.

Prior to the main event of the evening beginning, the Ring Announcer broke the news that not only would BCW be returning to East Kilbride in April, but also they will be back in June as part or a Scottish tour that will feature former WWE wrestlers The Honky Tonk Man and Marty Jannetty. Now back to the event in hand, with a match between two of the BCW trained wrestlers – Jay Phoenix and Brad Fusion. The match got off to a quick start with Fusion armdragging Phoenix. When Phoenix got up from the mat both wrestlers locked up and did some chain wrestling until Phoenix took Fusion down to the mat and worked on his fellow trainee’s arm. Just as the match was starting to flow, Charles Boddington made his way to ringside with a microphone. He ranted “Stop boring the crowd, both of you are crap, and just taking up time. Its now time for me to unleash my surprise, Sabotage”. Boddingtons newest signing made his way to the ring and looked every bit a psychotic individual – very tall, tattooed muscular frame with long dark hair, and creepy eyes. Once in the ring, Boddington’s sick and sarcastic words of advice for the trainees was: “OK guys, have fun”. After completely destroying both Phoenix and Fusion with several power moves, it all looked over until another one of the BCW trainees – Jack Sabbath – made his way down the walkway. Sabbath obviously thought he could do what his fellow trainees could not – survive against the monster that is Sabotage. At the beginning of this impromptu match between Sabbath and Sabotage, Sabbath actually made some progress by getting Sabotage in the corner and working on the big man’s leg. However, Sabotage threw Sabbath to the other side of the ring with ease. Sabotage went on to bodyslam Sabbath, worked on the youngster’s back and then applied a rear chinlock. Once he had got bored of this, Sabotage threw Sabbath out of the ring. Charles Boddington, who was watching his monster from ringside, would not even allow Sabbath a little time to rest on the outside as he threw him back in the ring. However, as Sabotage was in the other side of the ring arguing with the referee, Sabbath managed to attack his opponent’s leg once again. Sabbath even managed to put a figure-four-leglock on the giant Sabotage. Unfortunately for Sabbath, Sabotage soon got out of the move and after a few power moves finished Sabbath off picking up the win. There is no doubt that Boddington has found himself a monster who will reek havoc in BCW, and by the looks of it Sabotage will not be defeated easily.

Dre 29 Feb 2004 10:32 PM

IWA Mid-South Wrestling 2/27 News: Bailey defeats Webb in steel cage match in Lafayet
*Credit to Stacy McMackin, Moderator

IWA Mid-South Wrestling returned to the National Guard Armory in Lafayette,
IN on Saturday night, February 28th. Here's what went down...

1. "Metalhead" STEVE STONE def. SKEETER FROST in the opener with a modified
version of the White Out.

BRAD BRADLEY, RYAN BOZ, and JIM FANNIN came to the ring and announced that
Bradley had filed an injunction against the Tables & Ladders & Chairs
stipulation for their match later in the night against MATT SYDAL and DELIRIOUS. They
cited the fact that Bradley is participating in a bodybuilding competition this
coming week and took the necessary legal action to prevent his body from being
put at great risk with the weapons involved in a TLC match.

2. "The Tremendous" EMIL SITOCI def. "Arch Angel" GABRIEL & NICK HALEN in a
three-way elimination match. Halen was the first man eliminated, followed by
Sitoci pinning Gabriel after Tremendosity (reverse bodypress into a chinbreaker).

3. SALVATORE RINAURO def. CRU JONES with a roll-up while holding onto the
ring ropes for leverage.

4. DAIZEE HAZE def. LACEY via pinfall following the Heart Punch in the
evening's IWA Womens Division bout. Lacey focused on Daizee's back for the duration
of the match.

5. DANNY DANIELS (w/ Jim Fannin) def. AUSTIN ARIES. Aries hit a 450 splash on
Daniels, but as he covered Daniels, Fannin pulled Aries' leg to break it up.
As Aries took his attention to Fannin, Daniels schoolboyed Aries for the

6. IAN ROTTEN def. BJ WHITMER (w/ Jim Fannin). For the duration of the match,
Fannin was handcuffed to the winner of the fan raffle. Post-match, DANNY
DANIELS hit the ring and attacked Ian, prompting Rotten to challenge Whitmer and
Daniels to a stretcher match on the return event in Lafayette on 3/27, with
STEVE STONE as Ian's partner.

7. BRAD BRADLEY & RYAN BOZ def. MATT SYDAL & DELIRIOUS after superbombing
Delirious through a table, despite going to all the trouble to have the
stipulations altered. After the match, Sydal vowed that sooner or later, they'd get
Bradley & Boz in an official TLC match.

8. JC BAILEY def. "Spyder" NATE WEBB in a Steel Cage Match following the
Bardstown Bam legdrop off the top of the cage. Webb and Bailey both pulled off
some amazing maneuvers from the top rope as well as the top of the cage. Webb
snap mared Bailey off the cage, and also missed a chairsault off the cage, in
addition to hitting a top rope version of Soylent Green on Bailey. JC also gave
Webb a Russian legsweep from the top rope. As the two men were both on the top
of the cage trading slaps during the closing moments of the bout, Bailey
nailed Webb with a roll of coins, sending him crashing down to the canvas, allowing
Bailey to then hit the Bam for the victory. After the pinfall, Bailey
continued his attack, including a vicious chairshot to the head of Webb. IAN ROTTEN
made the announcement that on 3/6 in Highland, IN, the Texas Death Match
between Bailey and Webb would be their final battle for a minimum of one year.

Dre 29 Feb 2004 10:34 PM

ECWA 2/28 Wilmington, DE results
*Credit to Devon Cutting

ECWA returned to action last night at the St. Matthews Parish Center in Wilmington, DE.

Johnny Maxx & The Shaoling Wrecking Crew defeated Mozart Fontaine, Brian XL & J-Busta

Mozart Fontaine defeated Brian XL & J-Busta in a 3-Way Match

Japanese Pool Boy defeated Mr. Ooh La La

Big Sky, Mayhem & Lucian defeated Nick Malakai, Ruffhouse Rivera & Big Benny

The Valedictorians defeated The Maximos to retain the Tag Titles

John Walters defeated Xavier, Ace Darling, Johnny Heartbreaker, Striker & Inferno to win a spot in the Super 8 Tournament

Mike Fury vs. Freak Nastty ended in a no contest

Mike Kruel defeated Cheetah Master to retain the Heavyweight Title

Ace Darling defeated Prince Nana to win the Mid-Atlantic Title

Dre 29 Feb 2004 10:40 PM

Xtreme Championship Wrestling 2/27 Denton, TX results
Credit to Rob Moore



* GEMINI beat XCW Television and XCW Ironman Champion HARDCORE KINGPIN SCOTT PHOENIX via countout. This match was for Phoenix's TV belt and was back and forth. Phoenix got a sudden chokeslam on Gemini, but out came DEACON RIOT, and Phoenix slapped him in the face, setting off a fistfight between the two. Phoenix was counted out while fighting all the way to the locker room with Riot, giving Gemini the victory but not the title, since belts cannot change via countout.


* XCW Tag Team Champions TEAM EXTREME (KIT CARSON & KHRIS GERMANY) beat XANDER WILDE and STEPHEN DANE in an Extreme Rules match to retain the XCW Tag Team Titles. Carson and Germany took the rookie team to school in this match.

* JOHN ALLEN beat BULLMAN DOWNS by disqualification after XCW Champion GABE ROACH interfered. Downs and Roach worked over Allen. Allen's partner MIKE THUNDER came in for the save, but got some of the same treatment. Carson and Germany then also ran in and helped Allen and Thunder to their feet.

* MIKE THUNDER beat XCW Heavyweight Champion GABE ROACH by disqualification when BULLMAN DOWNS ran in. Allen came to try and help his partner, but once again Roach and Downs got the upper hand on The Professionals. Carson and Germany ran in again to clear the ring and helped Allen and Thunder up just as they had in the previous match. Suddenly, Team Extreme turned on Allen and Thunder, and began to help Downs and Roach beat them down. Carson, Germany, Downs, and Roach announced that they had formed a new superpower named Stretchers, Inc. and told the fans to kiss their asses. They announced that they are after nothing more than money and gold and left the building to a stunned crowd that just earlier in the night was chanting Carson and Germany's names.

The next XCW Show is Friday, March 5 at the XCW Arena in Denton, TX. Visit for more information,
Results compiled by SCOTT PHOENIX

Dre 29 Feb 2004 10:42 PM

World Class Extreme Wrestling 2/28 Rockingham, NC results
*Credit to Aaron Devil

World Class Extreme Wrestling 2/28 Rockingham, NC results

In a benefit for the Richmond County Rescue Squad, World Class Extreme Wrestling held their show last night. Here are the

Hangtime Became the #1 contender for the New Class Title Defeating Truitt Fields in a hard fought Contest

Tyrone "Hard" Knox (with Ouga Bouga and Studdly) defeated Kid Evil, pushing Knox current win streak to 4 matches

Wrestling Diva Echelon defeated "Dr. Love" Daniel Dreamer

Indian Outlaw defeated New Class Champion "Stunning" Steve Michael in a Indian Strap Match by DQ when Studdly and Hardcore Champion Justin Feechie interfered

CRU (Tre G and Draven) and Zane Dawson and Charlie Dreamer fought to a no contest when Commissioner Sheryll stopped the match and made it a Three way dance adding East Coast Bodily Harm, who won the match and are the new WCEW Tag Team Champions

Ali Steele pinned Adrian Whisper in a great battle of these two newcomers

Aaron Devil (with Dark Angel) beat Ouga Bouga and Justin Feechie in the " Turmoil of Titles" Match when devil pinned Feechie to become the new Hardcore Champion.

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