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NWA TNA PPV preview: Teddy Hart-Juventud Guerrera-Team NWA representative
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Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...
Default NWA TNA PPV preview: Teddy Hart-Juventud Guerrera-Team NWA representative

Sabu/Raven-CM Punk/Julio, AJ Styles-Abyss, Simon Diamond-Johnny Swinger, Russo interview

We'll hear from new NWA Director of Authority Vince Russo for the first time since being put out of action by Jeff Jarrett months ago

TNA Tables Match for Control of the Tag Team Title:
AJ Styles vs. Abyss

Raven and Sabu vs. The Gathering

3Live Kru (Truth and Konnan) vs. New Franchise (Shane Douglas and Michael Shane)

Americas X Cup Captains Match (Triple Threat):
Team Canada's Teddy Hart vs. Team Mexico's Juventud Guerrera vs. Team NWA's ???

Simon Diamond vs. Johnny Swinger

AMW's Chris Harris vs. one half of The Naturals

Stay tune and I will also post the results................

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Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...Dre , I can't believe you got THIS far...

FEBRUARY 25, 2003

-The show opened with footage of past confrontations between Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo and last week's revelation that Russo is the new Director of Authority (DOA).

-After the opening montage, Mike Tenay and Don West introduced the show. Tenay is back after being rehired by Vince Russo.


The other reps from Team AAA and Team Canada watched from the sidelines. They later showed Team NWA watching, also. The shots of the teammates did a good job establishing the America's Cup concept and the unity of the various teams. Tenay said Williams was replacing Teddy Hart who suffered a knee injury. Hart actually got into a fight with C.M. Punk before the show outside a restaurant, and his absence from the show may be related to that incident (which, given the way Hart works, and his desire to be Brian Pillman-like in terms of unpredictability and blurring lines of reality, may or may not have been a work). Tenay announced that Don Callis has been returned to the role he was hired for - a consultant - and was banned from the Asylum. It's nice that they did acknowledge his absence now that he's left TNA for a full-time job in the "real world." Tenay said although Vince Russo rehired him, they agreed that he is not indebted to him for it. The match itself was a lot of moves followed by two counts broken up by the third wrestler. Entertaining, but not especially dramatic. Not all of the moves were crisp, either. WWE is really raising the bar these days (which is strange to type considering their history over the last 20 years). Lynn hit the TKO on Juvi, but then grabbed at his arm afterward, which led to Williams hitting Juvi with a frog splash and scored the pin. Team Canada, including Teddy Hart, congratulated him for his win.

WINNER: Petey Williams at 8:20.


-Bill Apter awarded America's Most Wanted the tag team of the year plaques. James Storm said they have come a long way as a team and thanked Apter for the honor. Apter then presented Tenay the "Most Innovative Promotion of the Year" award plaque. They touted the America's Cup, Ultimate X, tallest cage, X Division, and two hour weekly PPV-only format as reasons for the award.

-Tenay stood live in center-ring. He introduced Vince Russo, who walked out to zero reaction and a strangely inappropriate-sounding, presumably royalty-free synth song. Russo began to break down in the opening minute as he talked about his wife Amy asking him how things had reached the point they did. Russo said ten years ago he walked into the world of pro wrestling, he made a decision to kneel at the altar of television ratings. "I sold my soul to the devil," he said. "Nudity, violence, vulgarity." The crowd clapped. He said, "Clap all you want, because I'm not proud." A fan shouted, "So what?" He said it was his idea to lower Undertaker on a crucifix. He said he was successful. He said he earned over a half a million dollars in his best year. "But it was wrong," he said. "Because Vince Russo was playing for the wrong team." He said that Eric Bischoff recently said in an interview "Vince Russo has a dark side." Russo said Bischoff was wrong. "I didn't have a dark side, I was the anti-Christ." He said he can now tell the fans he has been forgiven. He was then going to ask the fans for forgiveness when Jeff Jarrett's music started. Jarrett walked out with the NWA Title belt over his shoulder. He entered the ring and said he thought he had heard it all until tonight. I have a question: Who dresses Jeff Jarrett? He's always been the worst dresser in the history of the business, but that shirt combined with his carpenter khaki pants was ripe for the "What Not To Wear?" show on cable. Anyway, Jarrett told Russo he knows he's up to something and after something. He said he knows he is after his forgiveness. (Yawn.) Jarrett told Russo all he has to do is ask. Russo said the curtain was about to come down on the Jeff Jarrett show. "We had our run," Russo said. "We were at the top of the mountain, Jeff, but it's not about us anymore." He told Jarrett it was time for him to pass the torch and give others an opportunity. Jarrett slapped Russo. "Earned it!" Jarrett yelled. He got in Russo's face and said it's his time and will be his time until he says so. He told Tenay to wipe that smirk off his face. He said it was time for him to take another beating for the team. He shoved Russo to the mat, then told the "yankee New Yorker" to get up. Jarrett needs to stop using the term "yankee." It's so regional and passe; it doesn't play anywhere other than maybe the deep South, and that's not TNA's target audience. Russo took the slap and then said he just showed everyone all they needed to see. He said one man's dream is about to come true. West exclaimed that Russo just took it and wouldn't let Jarrett goad him. Jarrett rubbed his chin in disbelief at what just happened.

-Scott Hudson interviewed Juggalos Rudy Hill & 2 Tough Tony.


Swinger KO'd Diamond with a foreign object to win the match at 4:30, but then the match was restarted. Two minutes later, interference from Kid Kash, Disco Inferno, and David Young led to the DQ.

WINNER: Diamond at 6:43.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- Decent basic stuff, but nothing that sells tickets.

-Hudson interviewed Jeff Jarrett who tried to rally the troops in the face of Born Again Russo.


During Konnan's prematch routine, Michael Shane attacked him. B.G. James joined Tenay and West on commentary. Killings hit a top rope legdrop between Douglas's legs at 1:00. The heels took over on Killings for several minutes. Konnan hot-tagged in at 5:00 and then backdropped Douglas over the top rope. James got involved at ringside with Douglas while Konnan had Shane in a half Boston crab in the ring. Tracy interfered. Shane then gave Konnan a superkick for the win.

WINNERS: Douglas & Shane at 6:58.


-Hudson interviewed James Storm and Chris Harris. Harris complained about Russo not giving him a rematch against Jarrett this week. He said he would take it out on his opponent Chase Stevens.

1 -- CHRIS HARRIS (w/James Storm) vs. CHASE STEVENS (w/ Andy Douglas of The Naturals)

Tenay said Storm would miss up to six weeks with a shoulder injury suffered at the hands of The Naturals. Stevens blocked a Catatonic finisher at 3:30, but Harris came back with a Spear for a near fall. He followed with the Catatonic for the win.

WINNER: Harris at 4:28.


-Russo ordered Harris to fight Andy Douglas right away.

2 -- CHRIS HARRIS vs. ANDY DOUGLAS (w/Chase Stevens of The Naturals)

Tenay said perhaps Russo was rewarded Harris with a chance to get revenge on both members of The Naturals in one night. Douglas gave Harris his "Natural Selection" double implant DDT for a two count at 2:00. Harris then rolled up a frustrated Douglas for the win.

WINNER: Harris at 2:42.


-Russo then told Jeremy Borash something and Borash, as usual, couldn't resist a grossly exaggerated facial expression in response.


Tenay asked if Russo realizes every move he makes is going to scrutinized under the microscope. Russo told Storm something as he walked to the back. Tenay said Russo has always handled things in an unorthodox manner. The Naturals dominated. Eventually, when Stevens brought a chair into the ring, Storm entered and kicked the chair into Stevens's face, then Harris scored the pin.

WINNER: Harris at 9:34.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- More basic, passable, decent stuff, but pretty forgettable.

-A video feature aired on the feud between Raven and The Gathering.

-Hudson interviewed Russo, who said he had a plan and didn't have to explain himself. Harris barged in and insisted on knowing what he was up to. He was angry. Russo told him he was giving him a title shot on March. 17 against Jarrett. Storm got excited and told Harris, "You're going to be World Champion!" Russo told Harris he's been watching him for four months and he's determined he's not ready to be champion yet. Russo said therefore in the mean time, he's going to grow to hate him more than anyone, implying he was going to drive him to be his best.

4 -- RAVEN & SABU vs. JULIO DINERO & C.M. PUNK (w/James Mitchell)

Raven went to work on Punk in the opening minute, stomping on him in the corner and showing good fire. Dinero entered and Raven discuss clotheslined him to the floor. Sabu then launched off a chair onto both Punk and Dinero on the ramp. Raven rammed Punk into the railing. Raven got beaten up for a minute, then tagged out to Sabu. Four-way action ensued. Raven went after Mitchell at ringside as Sabu began launching off of a chair in the ring. Sabu scored a two count on Punk at 4:00. Raven then DDT'd Punk for the win. After the match Raven said he wanted his shot at the NWA World Hvt. Champ Jeff Jarrett. "What about me" he yelled in response to word that Harris would get a title shot next month.

WINNERS: Raven & Sabu at 5:30.

STAR RATING: * -- Boy was that a half-assed car wreck of a main event. They just aren't going long enough with these featured matches. It's just a bunch of moves and then a finish. They getting lapped badly by WWE right now when it comes to the in-ring product.

-Tenay and West plugged next week's show, including a Team Japan vs. Team NWA match. West said Russo has another surprise next week for Jarrett, plus ICP would be back to take on Glenn Gilberti, David Young, and Kid Kash. Tenay said Russo would have something else in store for Harris next week, too.

-Jonny Fairplay walked out and said A.J. Styles preempted his interview segment. He said he had a surprise for Styles later, but wouldn't reveal it. He then went back to talking about dead grandmother. He's going to have to come up with something else for us to care about because hanging his career on references to lying about his grandmother dying and puns involving the words "Survivor" and "Fairplay" just isn't going to work. TNA needs to give him more to sink his teeth into. So far, Fairplay has been a total waste of money. They needed to have a plan for him, but it's obvious they hadn't booked plans for him past the first or second week.

5 -- A.J. STYLES vs. ABYSS -- Tables Match

Styles put Abyss on a table at ringside and was going to dive onto him, but Abyss got up first and pressed Styles. Styles avoided getting thrown onto the table, but Abyss then clotheslined him in center-ring. Abyss put a chair on Styles's chest and then sat down on the chair with force. He followed with another attempt, but Styles lifted the chair and crotched Abyss. "Now that's defense," said Tenay. Styles went back to trying to send Abyss onto the table art ringside, but when he charged at Abyss, Abyss suplexed him over the top rope through the table. Borash announced "one table for Abyss." Abyss set up a table and then went to chokeslam Styles, but Styles kicked the table while he was being lifted. Tenay called it tremendous strategy. Styles then launched off a table in the ring and head scissored Abyss off the apron onto a table at ringside to even the score one to one. Back in the ring a few minutes later, Abyss set up a table in center ring and set up a superplex. Styles punched out of it and went for a sunset flip. Fairplay then entered the ring and took the legs out from under the table. Styles then kicked a dancing Fairplay between the legs and then gave him a Styles Clash. Fairplay rolled out of the ring, wincing. The ref got knocked down. Styles then rammed a chair into Abyss's gut. He then set up the table again, which only had three legs now. Styles bashed Abyss a few times with a chair, then put him on the table. He splash Abyss, but the table didn't break. He flipped onto Abyss again. The table still wouldn't break. Finally a third splash broke the table. The ref, though, didn't see it because he was still down. Lex Luger then walked out with a smile on his face. He pressed Styles into the air and threw him over the top rope onto a table at ringside. Luger flexed in the ring, then revived the ref to show him what happened. The ref called for the bell. Luger then put Styles in the Torture Rack. Tenay wondered if Abyss will choose Luger as his tag team champion partner. He said next week both Styles and Abyss could choose partners for a tag team title match next week.

WINNER: Abyss at 13:56.

STAR RATING: *** -- Good tables match. Styles and Abyss deserved this main event slot and, what is sadly rare for TNA lately, produced a main event level match (although barely, relative to what WWE is producing consistently these days).

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