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ROH news.....And Teddy Hart's return to RoH
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Default ROH news.....And Teddy Hart's return to RoH

Credit to Gabe Sapolsky

Ring Of Honor returns to the Rex Plex in Elizabeth, NJ on March 13 with a 7:30 pm belltime for the much anticipated Do and Die II Convention, a Convention show to include Roddy Piper and the ROH east coast debuts of a number of remarkable talents....followed by an loaded evening show.

Convention/Convention Show

Here is the full schedule for March 13th.

12 noon to 2:00 pm: Question & Answer Session With the legendary "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Ask Piper any questions you want and hear him give all his views of the wrestling business. There is no telling what's going to be said here. Admission is $15.

2:00 pm belltime- The "Do Or Die II" Convention show will see the best talent from all over the country representing the top indy groups in quality bouts.

IWA Mid-South Wrestling's Danny Daniels and Brad Bradley

NWA Florida's Roderick Strong, Jerelle Clark, and Steve Madison

Calgary's Harry Smith (replacing Josh Daniels who is on a ZERO-ONE Japan tour)

PCW/Dallas's Jared Steele

NWA-Wildside's Sal Rinauro (Mellow in Special K) and Todd Sexton

NWA Midwest X Division Champion Austin Aries

Two matches announced for the afternoon show:

Super Dragon vs. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's Excalibur

Six Man Mayhem bout with participants to be announced. Tickets are only $5 (fans that have purchased front, 2nd or 3rd row tickets to the night show get in for free).

Dunn & Marcos vs. The Outcast Killaz vs. Christopher Street Connection vs. Fast Eddie and Don Juan in a Scramble Match

NWA-Wildside's Rainman vs. Caprice Coleman

5:00-7:00 pm: Meet "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and get his autograph. Autograph ticket is $15.

Evening show

Then, at 7:30 pm...Ring of Honor presents its evening show. Here are the matches currently scheduled:

Steel Cage ROH World Title Match
Samoa Joe defends vs. Jay Briscoe

Pure Wrestling Title Match
AJ Styles defends his Pure Wrestling Title against CM Punk (with special guest referee, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat)

Scramble Cage II
Carnage Crew (Justin Credible, Loc, Devito and Masada) vs. Special K (including Dixie, Izzy, Slim J, Abyss, Hydro, Angel Dust)

#1 Contendership for ROH Tag Team Titles
Second City Saints (Colt Cabana and Ace Steel) vs. The Prophecy (Dan Maff and BJ Whitmer)

Six Man Mayhem Match
Amazing Red vs. Teddy Hart vs. Jack Evans vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Alex Shelley (if returned from injury...if not, one of the wrestlers on the Do or Die afternoon show will replace him)

Jerry Lynn vs. a wrestler to be named next week...

Also appearing are Rowdy Roddy Piper plus Jimmy Rave, Matt Stryker, Nigel McGuinness, Xavier with Prince Nana and others...

I put this up and many may not know about Teddy Hart and RoH but he has been a hot topic in the past and now he is returning to the place where most of his heat started from.......Here is an article to show about Hart........This artcicle was written by Mark Rose in Nov/03

For those of you who are not familiar with who Teddy Hart is he is the son of Georgia Hart (his real last name is Annis) and he is of course the grandson of the late, great Stu Hart and is also the nephew of wrestling legend Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Teddy was trained by his uncle Bruce Hart and debuted in 1998 in the ring working for Stampede wrestling. Teddy has recently shown tremendous potential working some great matches in the independent scene in the US. He has also shown in that time that he has a MAJOR attitude problem, is almost delusional when it comes to how popular he is and has also shown he is a pathological liar. Now before you think I'm passing judgement let's take a look at some of the great and not so great moments for Teddy Hart. The first thing I need to make mention of is the fact he was kicked out of Dory Funk Jr's dojo in 1998 due to issues with his attitude. I'm not going to elaborate on that right now but I'm going to discuss his recent problems with NWA TNA and of course the recent situation with Ring of Honor.

On September 3, 2003; Teddy was brought in by NWA TNA to work in their Super X tournament. He defeated Jonny Storm in his first round match and then went on to face Juventud Guerrera in the 2nd round. Hart showed he had tremendous potential by wrestling two great matches and then he felt the need to make an idiot of himself.

After being beaten by Juvi instead of selling the finish he decided it was a great idea to do a kip up and then a backflip off the top rope. The incident was edited off the taped TNA PPV and he later explained his actions to TNA officials that he was "saluting the crowd in case he never came back". NWA TNA has not officially commentated on this incident but needless to say Teddy Hart has not since worked for NWA TNA. So after being beaten by a Lucha, and former WCW superstar, this moron doesn't have the courtesy to sell the damn finish instead he feels the need to showboat for the fans. This was total disrespect shown towards Juventud who has worked for twice as long, has had 10 times the exposure and respect, and has worked more great matches than years Teddy Hart has been on this planet. Unnecessary and stupid.

On November 1st, 2003; Teddy Hart made his second appearance for Ring of Honor in a scramble cage match featuring Teddy and his partner Jack Evans, The Backseat Boyz (Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid), The SAT's (Jose and Joel Maximo), The Carnage Crew (Tony Devito and HC Loc), and Special K's Hydro and Angeldust. At the end of the match The Backseat Boyz had won and were celebrating their victory when Teddy Hart decided to stop selling and began doing repeated dives off of the top of the cage. The moonsaults and shooting star presses he began doing on the other workers were unplanned and therefore very dangerous to the workers below him who had no chance to prepare for the move to protect themselves and also to protect Teddy himself who of course would need to be caught properly. The Carnage Crew grabbed Teddy and attempted to beat him down for real to stop him but he continued. Teddy's actions and his attitude when he got back to the ROH locker room angered ROH management and also his fellow workers to the point where they wanted to go after him in the locker room but they were stopped by ROH officials. Teddy was then thrown out of the building bags and all. His actions not only showed a disrespect for the business by no showing the finish of the match but also a complete disregard for his safety as well as the safety of his fellow workers. Teddy showed no wrestling etiquette whatsoever by acting like a complete idiot doing dives to grandstand and to pop the crowd for his own benefit. Teddy would later issue a public letter of apology here it is


To All Ring of Honor Staff, Talent, and Fans:

I am writing this letter in response to the situation That took place at Saturday nights Ring of Honor Show and my actions during the Tag Team Scramble. I do want you all to know that I suffered a concussion during the course of the match when I was thrown into the guardrail headfirst. I just left New Jersey this morning after awaiting Medical Clearance to fly back to Calgary. I do not have much, if any, recollection of the events that transpired in or out of the ring after getting whipped into the guardrail.

That said, I want to make it clear that as a man, I take 100% responsibility for my actions Saturday night and feel horrible that my post match conduct has taken away from what was a tremendous event. I am human and have made, and I'm sure will continue to make, mistakes in my life. I want to officially apologize to all Ring of Honor Staff, Talent, and Fans.

If that was my last match ever in Ring of Honor, I want to Thank Rob, Gabe, Doug, and all of the tremendous talent in the locker room for giving me the opportunity to perform in front of your great fans. I hope that time will heal the wounds and I will have the chance to return to Ring of Honor and personally apologize to anyone who I offended.

Either way, I will continue to do what I love, which is wrestle and I'm sure will make more mistakes in my journey through life. I cannot turn back the clock and change what happened. The best I can do is to turn this into a learning experience to better myself and my career.

God Bless, Ted Hart

Okay, so there it is. Teddy Hart claims to have had some sort of temporary amnesia due to a bump on the guardrail. I'm no doctor but I have never heard of this type of thing happening with any other high risk wrestler in the business. And I've seen plenty that took more risks and were a hell of a lot better than little Mr. Annis. Actually come to think of it I've never heard of a concussion in any sport where the result was amnesia and grandstanding. Believe it or not, the story gets even more interesting. Teddy recently appeared for an interview with Get in the Ring TV. A full transcript of the interview is not available as of yet but here are some of the highlights with some comments from me:

He thinks the ROH match that he was involved in was one of best matches ever in wrestling. He says that the match was great and the cheers from the fans had his adrenaline rushing. He had a little left in the tank after the match so he did not think that the fans got all of their money's worth from Ted which is why he did the extra moves. He had a concussion after the match, but he is not using that as an excuse.
One of the best matches in the history of wrestling? Teddy sure likes himself doesn't he. Teddy's concussion by bumping the guardrail must have given him mind reading capabilities. How do you know what the fans wanted Teddy? Who died and made you the expert you f**king clown? Extra moves at your fellow workers expense but you didn't feel the crowd had enough of you. Is Teddy really Bret's nephew or is he Triple H's nephew? I take that back because although Triple H plays backstage politics he is a professional and would never endanger his fellow workers. And not using the concussion as an excuse... I BEG YOUR PARDON! What the hell did you say in your open letter to ROH? He blamed the whole thing on the concussion.

Make up your mind Teddy. Lying won't get you anywhere. BUSTED. Also as far as the concussion thing goes CM Punk stated online that Teddy's dad called with the concussion excuse saying Teddy couldn't fly out while Teddy himself was on the other line saying he was stuck in traffic. What's next Teddy? Did the dog eat your homework?

He did a 30 foot moonsault off the cage to the floor. He also did a shooting star press onto 3 guys and did a backflip off the ropes as a tribute to his uncle, the late Owen Hart. He states that anyone who has seen him in Calgary knows that he does the backflip tribute at the beginning and end of every one of his matches, win, lose or draw.The hosts say that they respect that he wanted to do a tribute, but ask how he can justify doing that in light of what was asked from him in the match.

Ted says that he is being paid as a performer and believes he did what the promoters wanted to a point, but that ultimately the fans control a match. This was the first time that the people really got into him and he was overtaken and captured by the excitement so he went with it. He got a standing ovation from the crowd, but got a less than warm reception from some of the boys in the back.
A 30 foot moonsault? When have you ever seen a legit 30 foot high steel cage in wrestling? I'll leave him alone on this one since cage's are normally sold as being a lot higher than they really are. And calling this idiotic display a tribute to his late uncle Owen Hart is an INSULT. Teddy is just dropping Owen's name as a ploy to get sympathy for his stupidity. Owen Hart would never have dared to no sell a finish and also would never put anyone in danger intentionally or to get himself over. You want to really honor your uncle Teddy? Quit wrestling if you're going to keep acting like an asshole or grow the hell up and stop grandstanding like a 15 year old backyarder.

Teddy feels that a couple of guys in the ROH are captains of locker room and on the night of the big cage match united with a bunch of other guys against him. The other 15 guys didn't want to see anything happen after the match. He says he walked in the back and took responsibility for every move he performed and apologized for doing anything offensive. He did not realize doing 3 extra moves in a match without psychology would ruin his rep. He believes people are jealous of the moves he can do.
The point is not that you did 3 extra moves in the match it's the fact that disrespected the Backseat Boyz by not selling the finish and you put all them in danger with your stupid flips. Jealous of the moves he can do? That's one of the most hilarious things I have ever read in my life. Teddy is a talented worker but these days guys who can do moonsaults and shooting star presses from high places are found EVERYWHERE. There is probably at least a couple hundred workers in the United States alone that could any move that this little idiot can. Keep dreaming Teddy.

There is more to this interview I just wanted to comment on my personal favorite parts of it. If you want to read the whole thing check it out on

An even better read is the response by CM Punk (ROH superstar and Head Trainer at the ROH wrestling academy) that he posted on his live journal:

So you can see that this will be interesting. Hart imo is an idoit, who now wants to make things look like a piece of work. His heat is good because everyone hates him. Though I don't think that he wanted it to be like this now he dubs himself a lose-cannon. How conveinent. It will be interesting to see where these entire thing goes. Hart is also going back to CZW and other places to. So if your into Indy's you could see the makings of the greatest heel in mordern wrestling evolve, wait and see.

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