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NWA Wildside 2/21 Cornelia, GA TV Taping report In depth. **
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Default NWA Wildside 2/21 Cornelia, GA TV Taping report In depth. **

NWA Wildside returned to the NWA Arena in Cornelia, GA for their bimonthly television taping. Lots of quick hitting stuff for storyline purposes, as things kicked into high gear building for the annual two-day Hardcore Hell extravaganza. It was an overall good show but not up to the level of the previous taping, which was one of their best. Crowd was 110.

(1) Skeeter Frost beat Eric Darkstorm in 6:21. Jacey North gave Frost a warm welcome from his ringside seat. Frost previously lent North a hand by going under the mask as Mr. D, so he's a face now. Darkstorm is the heavyweight champion of WOW, a promotion based in West Virginia. Darkstorm isn't blessed with outstanding athletic ability but he did some interesting things in this match. They did a unique crossed-arms roman knuckles sequence that ended with a nice floatover by Darkstorm. A spot got messed up when Frost slipped off the ropes. Darkstorm used Tony Mamaluke's Sicilian Stretch. Frost changed his mind about doing the blind moonsault, signifying that he's turned over a new leaf. Frost won it with a Flatliner. Darkstorm kicked the turnbuckle pad loose in frustration and sold it like crazy.

Jeff G. Bailey entered the ring with the NWA Elite. Mikal Adryan was all business again. He now enters the ring by stepping over the top rope. Bailey said he wanted to celebrate the glorious event known as referee Andrew Thomas's birthday. Bailey gave Thomas a cupcake with a candle in it and tried to lead the crowd in a rendition of Happy Birthday. You can imagine how that went over. Bailey asked Thomas if he made a wish. "Did you wish that all the fans would die on their way home? That's what I wished for." Thomas wolfed the cupcake down as the next match got underway.

(2) Mikal Adryan (with Jeff G. Bailey & Rainman & Azrael & Jason Cross) squashed Jay Taylor in 4:55. Taylor was wearing Brutus Beefcake tights. Yuck. Try as he might, Taylor couldn't put a dent in the One Man Mafia. Adryan brutalized him. Adryan no sold a pair of dropkicks, but a missile dropkick finally got him off his feet. Taylor took a nice bump over the top, and the Elite stomped a mudhole in him on the outside. Adryan won it with the Assisted Suicide. The Elite dished out more punishment until Nick Berk and Z-Barr made the save, brandishing steel chairs. Adryan patted North on the cheek on his way out.

(3) Ray Gordy beat Biohazard in 5:15. This was fast-paced, stiff and solid all the way. Biohazard looked very good in his second Wildside appearance. A flurry by Gordy sent Biohazard to the outside. Biohazard surprised Gordy with a kick from the floor. Biohazard did a rolling necksnap from the top rope for a near fall. Biohazard used a hammerlock suplex. Gordy hit an enzuigiri. Both men slow to rise. Gordy decked Biohazard with a clothesline. Gordy went to the well once too often, and Biohazard did cobra clutch russian legsweep into a cool bridging submission called the Pray For Death. Gordy made the ropes. Gordy hiptossed Biohazard into the ropes and hit a swanton bomb for the pinfall. Biohazard came into the match with a strawberry on top of his head that got busted open.

(4) Urban Assault Squad (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) beat Carolina Connection (Jeremy V & Brandon P) in 6 minutes. UAS entered wearing confederate flags as capes. UAS greeted CC at ringside with hard shots into the rail. They went to work on V with high impact offense. Major heat on V. The guy never ceases to amaze me with the beating he takes. Jackson blasted V with a shoulder tackle. Crowd got behind V. UAS gave V a double press slam. Nemesis gave V a variation of the Snake Eyes. V finally landed a kick to the back of Nemesis's head and made the hot tag. P hit Nemesis with one of the stiffest lariats the building has ever seen. Unfortunately, the house cleaning sequence went downhill from there. P & V took Jackson out with the double dropkick. They went to the top for the Carolina Combo. P hit the top rope elbow, but Nemesis rolled away from V's 450 and got the pin with a handful of tights.

(5) Onyx beat Chance Prophet via submission to retain the NWA Wildside Heavyweight Title in 7:30. This was good wrestling match. Prophet was introduced as the owner of the NWA Tri-State and NWA Bluegrass heavyweight belts. Prophet was wearing the Sting '97 face paint. Like Darkstorm, he lacks the physique and athleticism of the major league guys, but he knows how to work a match. They did a mirror image sequence that ended in a standoff. The crowd whipped up a big time Onyx chant. At the 3 minute mark, Prophet sucker punched Onyx on the break. Onyx came back with a powerslam and backdropped Prophet over the top rope. They battled on the floor. As Onyx reentered the ring, Prophet landed a dropkick to the shin. Prophet was all over Onyx's leg. Onyx shook Prophet off. Onyx no sold Prophet's punches. Onyx hit a push up ace crusher. Prophet could use some work on his selling. Prophet escaped from the Blackout, but Onyx put him out with the dragon sleeper.

(6) Bulldog Raines (with Al Getz) versus Iceberg (with Tank) never happened. Getz was supposed to be handcuffed to Tank according the stips. Getz seemed to be stuck in reverse. Tank kept pursuing until he was jumped from behind by a large masked man dressed in black. The masked man posted Tank, busting him wide open. Getz handcuffed Tank to the ropes. Meanwhile, Raines attacked Iceberg with a chain. The masked man hit his signature swinging side slam on Iceberg (damn impressive!) leaving no doubt as to his identity. He ripped of the hood to reveal "THE TICKING TIME BOMB" SCOTTIE WRENN. Raines and Wrenn continued the carnage until Tank and Iceberg were both wearing the crimson mask. Wrenn savagely dumped one of the security guys. The poor kid had to be carried out. Just when I had concluded that the Getz Enterprises heel faction had jumped the shark, Wrenn's maniacal presence gives it new life.

(7) Fast Eddie beat Nick Halen to retain the NWA Wildside Junior Title in 8:03. Eddie has found the perfect entrance music, "Blind" by Korn. Eddie is so much better than he was six months ago that it's astonishing. Eddie has the arrogant swagger thing going full force. Rinauro was banned from ringside, so the deal was to see if Eddie could win without Sal's chicanery for once. I like Halen. Not exactly flawless execution at this stage of his development, but fun to watch. Back and forth chain to start. Halen was getting revved up, when Eddie gave him a rude drop to counter a spinning headscissors. Eddie's psychology is awesome. He switched things up this time and worked on Halen's mug with a million and one facebuster variations. Halen got a sit spin huracanrana for one hope spot and a sweet pinning combination for another. Eddie hit a DVD facebuster. Halen hit a push up rocker dropper. Both down with the crowd pulling for a Halen comeback. Halen missed a swanton, but didn't sell the bump. Eddie nailed Halen with a flatliner for a near fall. Halen fought off Eddie's finisher and hit the swanton. Eddie got a foot on the ropes. Eddie boosted Halen into a top buckle crotch shot. Eddie cashed in with the moonsault fallaway slam for the pin. Good match.

The Texas Death Club, Todd Sexton and Masada, entered the ring. Sexton ran down the competition: P and V- spending too much time in front of a mirror. Halen and Fury - too green. God Squad (Gabriel & Altar Boy Luke) - beaten decisively. Etcetera. Sexton got on his knees and begged for somebody to come out. The appearance of Murder One and Slim J on the ramp got a mega pop. It was on.

(8) Texas Death Club beat Murder One & Slim J to retain the NWA Wildside Tag Team Titles (6:52). Awesome heat. J's finger (the tip was sheared off in a work accident) didn't look appreciably better than it did two weeks ago, but he worked anyway. M-1 controlled the early going with his lethal weapon, the Blazin' Lariat. M-1 assisted J with a double team version of the Sliced Bread 420. M-1 hit an STO for a near fall. J stood on Masada's ponytail and grabbed his (own) crotch. J suckered an enraged Masada into a spinning headscissors. Sexton finally caught the little tadpole with a clothesline. TDC worked on the Slimster's maimed finger. The sadistic bastards had J screaming bloody murder. Masada bit J's mangled finger. TDC was about to take a chair to J's bad hand. M-1 couldn't take it anymore and tossed ref Mike Posey for the DQ.

(9) Masked Mr. D beat Tyler Simms in 4:20. Ring announcer Dan Wilson pointed out that North was seated at ringside. North sprinted out the building just prior to the intros. Simms t-shirt read "I Wish There Were Two of Me." Simms claimed a hair pull to set the tone. D clotheslined Simms over the top. The crowd popped when D hit the Tope *****ida. Simms resorted to a low blow. D hit a crossbody off the top. Simms did something that got a "You f'ed up" chant. Hadn't heard that in a while. The finish blew. It was supposed to be a tornado DDT but it turned into a total abortion. Even with a mask on, it was apparent that D was seething as he walked out.

Bailey did some key mic work to set the stage for the rest of the show. He took a look at the crowd and declared that it must be Mongoloid night at the Arena. Bailey said Cross had beaten Rave more times than he could count. Bailey said Rave looked like Laura Flynn Boyle. Bailey mocked Rave for being so busy in Philadelphia with ROH and CZW. Bailey called "Filthadelphia" the glory hole capital of the world. Bailey made fun of Nick Berk for deriving his nickname from a convenience store energy drink and of the "Ultraviolent Manwhore," Bailey said, "I don't know what it means, but I find it disturbing." Bailey made out like Rave was evil for being affiliated with CZW. Bailey turned it up a notch tonight. This segment brought the heat.

(10) Jason Cross (with Jeff G. Bailey) beat Jimmy Rave in a first round TV Title tournament match (10:54). Best technical match of the night. It looks like Cross has shaken off the ring rust from his most recent hiatus. Cross scooted out of the ring to avoid a shining wizard. Rave lit Cross up with chops. Rave's chops are so much stiffer than they used to be. Cross was on the run. Rave with a nice overhead suplex. Rave had Cross's reverse enzuguri scouted and landed a dropkick to the back of his head. Cross turned the tide with a Saito suplex. Cross connected with a roundhouse high kick. Then a somersault legdrop. Cross was unleashing a vintage offensive attack. Cross applied an octopus submission but Rave made the ropes. Rave blocked the brainbuster. Cross did an inverted DDT neckbreaker into the Last Rites. Rave fired back with European forearms. Cross did a late tuck on a high backdrop. Rave some beautiful chain that started with a russian legsweep and ended with a crossface. Cross hit a running version of the Idolizer for a near fall. Rave hit a back suplex. Cross hit THE BEST DAMN BRAINBUSTER IN NORTH AMERICA and signaled that he was going to the top. Rave blocked the top rope corkscrew neckbreaker. Rave was looking for the shining wizard, but Bailey tripped him up. Cross got a roll up pin using the tights. Bailey, Rainman, Azrael and Cross started putting the boots to Rave. Z-Barr and Berk made the save. Rave challenged the Elite to finish it now, three on three.

(10) Jimmy Rave & Z-Barr & Nick Berk beat The NWA Elite (Rainman & Azrael & Jason Cross with Jeff G. Bailey) in 8:22. Good match.The crowd seemed to like the idea of teaming the CZW guys with Rave. Berk and Rainman started out. Berk looked sharp here. Rainman landed on his feet off a backdrop. That was a first. Z-Barr went to work on Azrael. A reverse atomic drop followed by a clothesline was good for a two count. The faces did quick tags, keeping the heat on Azrael. The Angel of Death found an opening and caught Z-Barr with a shot in the face. Rainman pounced on Z-Barr. The Elite worked Z-Barr over while Thomas was looking the other way. The Elite took turns hitting Z-Barr with their trademark moves. Z-Barr was taking it from all sides. Z-Barr finally hit an inverted DDT on Rainman. Tag to Berk, who was a one-man wrecking crew. Berk laid Cross out with a facebuster. But it was Rave hitting a shining wizard on Cross to score the pinfall.

The postmatch celebration came to a screeching halt, when Z-Barr and Berk turned on Rave. I guess they don't like greedy southern dudes. Z-Barr was smacking Rave in the face and yelling "it's not your time." Apparently, it wasn't the time for this turn because the crowd had zero response. They left Rave laying. A flat finish to a good show.

NOTES: The following has been announced for Hardcore Hell: All titles will be defended. A. J. Styles is booked for 3/26. 3/27 has the Wildside debut of Christopher Daniels, Roderick Strong vs. Steve Madison for the NWA Florida title, and a three-way women's match with Daizee Haze vs. Krissy Vaine vs. Jenny Taylor. Matt Sydal, Delirious and Angel Dust will also scheduled to appear...Upcoming TNA bookings: 2/25 Murder One (tentative), 3/17 John McChessney, 3/24 Jerrelle Clark, 4/7 Z-Barr, 4/14 Chance Prophet, 4/21 Jeff Lewis and Eric Darkstorm, 5/5 Kevin Matthews and 5/19 Fast Eddie...Seth Delay missed the show due to a sprained ankle, but hopes to be ready for 2/28 IWA Mid-South Lafayette, In. Frost, Gabriel and Salvatore Rinauro are also booked for that show ...Biohazard appears on the 2/27 CTPW show in Austin, Tx and the 2/28 RCW show in San Antonio...The 3/6 TV taping has the return on Altar Boy Luke, Gabriel and Rinauro, The Professionals (John Allen & Mike Thunder), Pomp and Circumstance (Sean Tempers & Ace Rockwell), Dr. Heresy (tentative) and Fast Eddie defends against Randall Johnson, who earned a title shot by winning a tournament held on the Friday night shows ...Speaking of the Friday night shows, the 2/13 Black Friday show drew a crowd of over 100 to see Rick Michaels win the US title by defeating Todd Sexton in cage match. I believe that was a record turnout for a Friday night show...Scott Hudson subbed for Steven Prazak on color commentary. Prazak was said to be attending an H. R. Pufnstuff reunion.

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