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UPW's 5th Anniversary Show...
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Default UPW's 5th Anniversary Show...

--UPW's 5th anniversary show, featuring the first match of either Kevin Nash or Scott Hall in months, takes place tonight at the Grove in Anaheim, CA. Hall & Nash headline against Tom Howard & Christopher Daniels in a match featuring Evan Marriott as the special referee. Ken Shamrock vs. Predator with Bruce Buffer as ring announcer is the semi. Also, Jimmy Snuka vs. Adam Pearce, the Ballard Brothers face Hardkore Inc. in a TLC match, and Frankie Kazarian defends his UPW lightweight title against Mikey Henderson, Jerry Lynn and Evan Karagias, as well as Erica Porter defending her UPW women's title against Ivory. Also appearing include Solo Snuka (Jimmy Snuka Jr.), and UPW wrestler Skulu (King Adamo in Zero-One), King Dabada from Zero-One and the Havana Pitbulls of Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero & Puma vs. Mike & Marshall Knox & Derrick Neikirk. We're looking for any reports from this show.

Credit: Observer

Side Note: I'll try to get the results to you guys tomorrow...
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BADMAN(RAVEN) is on a distinguished road

(1)Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero) & Puma over The Outlaws (Mike Knox, Marshall Knox, & Derrick Neikirk)

(2)Erica Porter defeated Ivory to retain the UPW Women's title

(3)Ma'koa, Solo Snuka, Skulu, Sabbath & King Dababa over Shawn Riddik, Tommy Wilson, The Miz, Lil' Nate, Andrew Hellman, & Tony Stradlin

(4)Jimmy Snuka beat Adam Pearce

(5)Rick Bassman beat Pete Doyle in a really poor match for control of UPW

(6)Tom Howard & Chris Daniels beat Scott Hall & Kevin Nash simultaneously, with Tom Howard grabbing a distracted Nash with a schoolboy when he saw Chris Daniels hitting the Best Moonsault Ever on Hall. The pinfalls were counted simultaneously and there was a bit of heat here.

After the match, Hall and Nash got on the mic to thank UPW. Hall said there wasn't enough money in the world to pull the Outsider's "fat asses" off the couch, but that they were "glad to come out any day to help some young guys trying to make a start." Nash put on the referee's shirt, but then he low-blowed Hall. God knows why, these two were just fooling around and having a good time back together. Also, Hall has bleached his hair and it looks really terrible.

(7)The Ballards defeated Hardkore Inc. (c)
Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the UPW Tag Team Titles

Hardkore Kidd and Al Katrazz got the early advantage, overpowering the Ballards in the initial exchange. One of the Irish was tossed to the outside (I can't tell the difference between Shannon and Shane so they will hereto be referred to as "the Irish," even though, yes, I know they're Canadian) and Hardkore Kidd followed, grabbing chairs and throwing one back into the ring, where the other Ballard had just managed to toss Al Katrazz.

Hardkore reentered and plastered the remaining Ballard with the chair, then set it up and delivered a sick drop toe hold with Ballard's face bending the corner of the chair. Al Katrazz intercepted the other Ballard and hit him with a powerbomb onto a folded chair.

Hardkore Inc. set one Ballard up in the corner, laid a ladder on top of him, then whipped the other Ballard into it. Hardkore Kidd removed the ladder, placed the end over his gut and faced the other corner. He fell backwards like he was slingshotting the ladder while Katrazz whipped the top Ballard into it in a really sick sequence. The other Ballard took advantage of Hardkore Inc's celebration, though, and knocked Katrazz out of the ring, only to be neutralized by the Kidd.

Hardkore Kidd followed when that Ballard rolled out of the ring, but the other Ballard knocked Katrazz off the ladder and proceeded to hop to the top for a moonsault, but Kidd reappeared on the other side of the ramp and smacked him in the face with a trashcan lid. Both members of Hardkore Inc. started climbing ladders, but the other Ballard jumped up and delivered a double russian leg sweep off the ladder.

The other Ballard set a ladder up between the 2nd ropes in the corner, but Kidd reversed an Irish Whip and through him into it, then slingshotted Ballard up into it face-first in another really sick move. Kidd stepped out onto the apron when that Ballard fell to the floor, but was hit in the back by the other Ballard. He delivered a shoulder to the gut and went for a springboard shoulder block, but caught a kitchen pan to the forehead, which made a grossly-loud noise.

Al Katrazz tried to bail his partner out by whipping the Ballard off the ropes, but Ballard ducked a clothesline and came back in for a Mysterio-style move where he spun backwards, grabbing Katrazz with his legs, touching the mat, then flipping back up for a bulldog, only to be tossed onto the waiting ladder in the corner. Hardkore Kidd was reaching for the belts, but a Ballard ran up between his legs so Kidd was on his shoulders and toppled them both to the mat.

This whole time, El Jefe has been constructing 4-table stacks on either side of the ring. Kidd and a Ballard are climbing ladders side-by-side and Ballard hits a diamond cutter off the top. The other Ballard started climbing, but Katrazz gave him a reverse atomic drop off the ladder crotch-first onto the ropes. Kidd set up a ladder at the side and pulled Ballard up, attempting to hiptoss him onto the tables, but Ballard jumped off the ladder, shoving Kidd through all 4 tables to the floor.

Katrazz throws a chair at the Ballard, Van-Daminator style, but Ballard ducked and smacked him with it. Katrazz stumbled and knocked over the ladder which the other Ballard was climbing, sending him tumbling out through the OTHER stack of tables. Should be mentioned at this point that he hit his head on the guard railing and got legitimately knocked out for a bit. The ring hands had to revive him and he stayed there the rest of the match.

The Ballard in the ring climbed the remaining ladder, but Kidd ran in, stood the other ladder back up and pursued him, only to have his head smashed against it and to plunge off through the remaining table in the ring. The Ballard grabs the belt and Shannon and Shane Ballard are the NEW UPW Tag Team Champions.

(8)Ken Shamrock and The Predator fought to a Double DQ

Next up, Bruce Buffer from UFC is introduced as the guest ring announcer for this match. He introduces Ken Shamrock, who looks older, but is still in phenomenal shape. Shamrock gets on the mic to address some situation and none-other than TANK ABBOT!!! jumps out of the crowd and rushes the ring. Security had moved in closer, anticipating a problem, and quickly intercepted him, but Abbot kept cursing, struggling and mugging for the crowd even as Predator entered.

This match was pretty quick. Shamrock couldn't knock Predator down with a calf kick and clothesline and gets a body slam. He tries to whip Predator, who won't budge and pulls him in for a high-angle spinebuster. Predator takes over, working on Shamrock in the corner, snapmaring him out and kicking Shamrock in the spine.
While he stands gloating, however, Shamrock applies a leg-lock and Predator is quickly brought to the mat, but gets a rope-break. Predator goes for a chokeslam, but Shamrock pulls him into a reverse-armbar then THE ANKLELOCK!!! but Predator gets to the ropes again.

Ken clotheslines Predator to the outside, then rolls him back in and goes to the top. Top rope cross-body block for a two count, then rolls on top and ground n' pounds the Predator. Predator trips Ken up as he's rising and pulls him into a torture rack. When Shamrock won't tap, he delivers a big slam.

Predator is choking Shamrock on the ropes, but when it's broken by the 5-count, Shamrock swings up onto Predator's shoulders and brings him down with a Queen Armbar. Predator can't break it, but he turns it into a pinning predicament for a series of two-counts. Predator fights to his feet but Shamrock won't let go, so Predator pulls Shamrock all the way up and powerbombs him.

Predator's had enough and goes for his 12-foot chain and knocks the ref out of his way, but Shamrock ducks the punch and enziguri's Predator, then repeats the maneuver to take him to his hands and knees. Shamrock grabs the chain and is choking Predator from behind. When the referee tries to stop the madness, Shamrock wraps the rest of the chain around the ref and proceeds to choke BOTH of them! Predator is passed out and the referee is tapping! The crowd ate this up.

Officials intervened and ruled the match a Double Disqualification. The ref looked pretty pissed about the "You Tapped Out!" chant we gave him.

(9)Frank Kazarian (c) defeated Jerry Lynn and Evan Karagias
UPW Lightheavyweight Title Match

It was announced just before the match tonight that Mikey Henderson would not be appearing and the match had been changed to a 3-way elimination match.

Karagias has cut his hair really short and is no longer recognizable, even to those of us who liked 3-Count. Kazarian looks like Antonio Banderas a lot in person and got a 'Desperado' chant at one point. Lynn and Kazarian are making fun of Karagias, with Lynn giving his abominable impression of 3-Count's dancing - really great stuff. Karagias shoves them both and gets a double drop-toe hold for it. A flurry of great cruiser action ensues, including a beautiful monkey flip from Lynn to Kazarian.

Lynn baseball-slid through Kazarian's legs to the apron, then pulled Kazarian's head through the second rope and delivered a guillotine leg drop. Lynn rolled in for the pinfall, but Karagias stopped the count at 2 with a guillotine leg drop off the top rope. Karagias executed a nice high-angle powerslam onto Kazarian for another 2 count. Lynn went for a flying elbow on Kazarian who ducked, sending him flying into Karagias.

Kazarian has a great dropkick on Karagias, then whipped Lynn into the corner, but Lynn launched off the corner with a beautiful twisting sunset flip. Lynn goes to powerbomb Karagias, but catches a sunset flip for Kazarian in a sweet spot. Kazarian puts a one-leg Boston Crab on Karagias, but Lynn steps in and applies an abdominal stretch to Frankie. Kazarian hiptosses him, however, and when he stands, Karagias snaps Lynn's throat on the top rope, then launches in with a springboard cross body OVER him onto Kazarian.

Karagias executes a plancha bulldog on Kazarian, but abandons the pin at 2 and Lynn's leg drop lands on Frankie. Karagias DDT's Lynn for a 2-count, then Kazarian swiftly kicks Karagias in the spine while he was haggling the ref. Kazarian goes to the top, but Karagias jumps up and intercepts him, attempting a suplex, until Jerry Lynn springboards from the inside 2nd rope, spins into a sunset flip on Karagias, who by now has Kazarian in a vertical superplex. HUGE crash, amazing spot. Lynn gives Karagias the cradle piledriver, but Kazarian knocks him off and gets the 3-count. Evan Karagias is eliminated.

Kazarian and Lynn execute a simultaneous cross body, but Lynn gets up around 6 seconds into the 10 count and starts playing to the crowd while stomps Kazarian, loudly mocking him. "That HURT, HUH?!" Lynn whips Kazarian hard into the corner and Frankie flips over to the outside. Lynn delivers a running somersault from the outside, sending them both crashing into the railings.

Lynn rolls back into the ring, ending the countout, and Kazarian tries to get a sunset flip from the apron, but Lynn steps back off from the shoulder block, then docks a kick from Kazarian, smacks Frankie, but gets a shoulder to the gut anyhow. Instead, Frankie Kazarian leaps over the top with a beautiful springboard DDT for a near-fall. He pulls Lynn up for a suplex, but Jerry swings over and slams him down with a reverse DDT for another nearly-3 count.

After a short exchange, Lynn executes the TKO to a HUGE pop from the crowd, 1...2...3-NO! as Kazarian just-barely kicks out. Lynn is really frustrated by now. He goes for a suplex, but Kazarian reverses it into a cobra clutch, really shifting the momentum as Lynn gets a rope break. Kazarian signals for the Cradle Piledriver, but Lynn is having none of it, draping Kazarian over his shoulders and executing some sort of brainbuster for another photo-finish near-fall. Kazarian stops a top-rope attempt from Lynn and exectues a top rope hurricanranna, but Lynn rolls through for the 1...2...3-NO! again!

Lynn is going nuts now and he swings wildly for an enziguri, but Kazarian easily ducks and nails Lynn with the Wave of the Future when he turns around for the win.

Frank Kazarian retains the UPW Lightheavyweight Championship.

Rick Bassman comes out with Tom Howard and the Ballards, then brings Kazarian back out too and he and the champions thanks everybody for making UPW such a success and bid them/us goodnight.

credit : WrestleView
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