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CZW results
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Default CZW results

credit the observer

CZW 5th Anniversary Show
Philadelphia, Pa
Att.: 600

Show started at 8:45. I am sure they blamed the W-1 show but due to CZW's history of never starting on time, who knows.
Dark Match It took place before the traditional opening so I guess it was a dark match)
Dee Jay Hyde vs. Bounty Hunter vs. Scotty Matthews vs. Jon Dahmer
This was an elimination match. Bounty Hunter is a big black dude who elicited many a Stevie Ray chant from the IWA crowd.(The IWA crowd is kind of like the Bizarro NYC Bus Trip group, they do chants and stuff only they are not annoying). Match wasn't bad, certainly wasn't good but it moved a fast pace and there were never any lulls. Dahmer eliminated Hyde with a Power Bomb. He was then immediately eliminated by Bounty Hunter wit a pretty sweet spear. Matthews and B.H. had a nice quick match the saw Matthews finally get the victory with Lash Leroux's finisher from WCW. (I am not proud to know that I remember Lash Leroux's WCW finisher) OK match.

CZW theme hits lights go out and then.nothing. Another CZW staple is video problems at big shows. This time the projector did not play and CZW photographer WHACKS had to climb a ladder to fidget with the thing. He could do nothing with it which brought another guy in a flannel jacket. This elicited an "A-V" chant from the crowd. That was clever. Anyway after about ten minutes a pretty cool music video hi-lite package of CZW's first five years aired. Big surprises were the cheers for Justice Pain (I will never understand that) and boos for the Backseatz. After the video Zandig pointed out a 15 year old fan in the crowd who put that video together himself. He then announced that some guys were not going to be here. He said Messiah's sister had died on Thursday, this after losing his brother in October. And said some guys also were not going too be there either. This was of course the Backseatz. I really have a problem with this whole situation. On Weds. on another web site ( there was an item posted claiming to be from the Backseatz Boy website saying that due to problems with John Zandig (specifically rumors that he had them removed from the opener of the W-1 show earlier in the day) that the tag team and one of the, if not the top draw of CZW were leaving the company. Within hours the post was removed from the website and CZW continued to advertise the 3-way tag match of the Backseatz vs. Dan/Maff & Homicide vs. The H8 Club. Personally I figured that since the post was removed so quickly that it was bogus and that everything was as advertised. I am sure that CZW will claim that they were still not sure until the show started whether they were going to be appearing or not but that's bullshit.
CZW Fan Awards
Best Heel: Messiah
Best Mic: Messiah
Best Finisher: Joker Driver
Tag Team: Backseatz (Zandig did not even say their name, he let some old lady in the crowd yell at "Backseat Boyz"
Best Wrestler: Trent Acid (Zandig put Acid over huge here, saying what a hard worker he was and that you never say never in this business. It seemed pretty obvious that the real problems are probably between Zandig and Kashmere who had legit quit the company earlier last year but came back.)
Best Manager: Dewey
Breakout Star: Jimmy Rave
Best Match: Cage of Death V
Most Ultraviolent Match: Cage of Death V
Best Feud: Zandig vs. Hi-V

After the awards Zandig announce a CZW hall of fame and the first inductee was Lobo. Big pop from the crowd who gave Lobo a long ovation. He gave a really good speech and the crowd cheered some more and a cool Lobo video was played. After the HOF presentation, Zandig told the remaining members of Hi-V that either they joined CZW or they were fucked. His words. B-Boy decided to come over to the good guys but Flash walked out.

Match #1
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels vs. CKNY(Cory Kastle & Niles Young) vs. A.M.I.L.(All Money Is Legal)
CKNY was eliminated first by AMIL. It was them and DRS left. At one point one scoundrel super bombed one of AMIL onto the other scoundrel's knees on the mat. Scoundrels get the victory.

Match #2
Mercedes Martinez vs. Sumie Sakai
CZW's ring announcer called Sakai Siaki. Crowd groaned and chanted you f'd up. This match was actually pretty good and the girls got some time. Martinez is a big girl. Sumie is not. It was definitely a spot to spot match and had some flubs and stuff but thus was the best women's Indy match I have seen. Martinez got the win with a super duper stiff back drop driver. **1/2
After the match Rick Feinberg ran in and got stripped to his bra and thong. That's right and I do not want to talk about it any more. Disturbing to say the least.

Also at this point my friend Paul came back to our seats and told me they were selling weed in the bathroom. Looking back I should have gotten some, it would have helped with the show.

Match #3
CZW Tag Team Championship match
Nick Berk/Z-Barr vs. Rebel's Army(Rebel, Greg Matthews, Danny Rose, and Derek Frazier)
Say what you want about Rebel but the guy gets awesome heel heat from the crowd. The match sucked. Flash ran in and destroyed Rose with a chairshot. My notes for this match had three words. Crap, crap, crap. Rebel finally got his team DQ'd by hitting ref Rob Hartog with a chairshot. After the match Hartog told Rebel he had a surprise for him in March. Don't know if this means a match between the two or what. Hartog actually cut a pretty good promo. Rebel had the funniest line of the year so far when he said "Hartog you fat fuck, I am going to go in the back and take every bag of Doritos you own and break them all open and piss in them."

Match #4
Iron Man Championship (Most pin falls in a15 min.)
Jimmy Rave (Champ) vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Joey Ryan
Alex Shelley came out and cut a really good promo explaining he had broken his collarbone so he would not be able to wrestle Jacobs as planned tonight. He then made the original Ryan vs. Rave match a 3-way. I guess Alex Shelley is the asst. booker or something. He did get off a great line at the end by telling Rave and Ryan "Welcome to the last year of my life"
Match was really good. Ryan was making his debut from the So Cal Indy scene. He was over big with IWA crowd who were chanting his name like the 7 dwarves in Snow White Jo-e-o-Jooooe. They did a really extended quick pinfall spot that was really crisp. Rave hit a shining wizard off the apron on Ryan to really heat up the crowd. It was an awesome looking spot. Ryan got his first pin with 2nd rope swinging neck breaker on Rave. Jacobs got his first pin with a shirunai on Ryan while running up Rave. Rave then got a submission on Ryan in one of the greatest chain sequences I have seen in a while. He hit an STO into a backbreaker which he immediately chained into a Nagata Lock III into an armbar. He then rolled from the armbar into a pin attempt into the crossface for the tap out. Awesome. Ryan then attempted to sunset flip Rave but Jimmy rolled through and hit the shining wizard for his second pinfall/submission. Rave spent the last minute avoiding pinfalls including !
two in the last ten seconds by Ryan. Really good match. ***

Match #5
CZW Jr. Heavyweight Match
Sonjay Dutt (Champ) vs. Grim Reefer.
Good match with some cool moves. Reefer jumped Dutt before he got more than two feet past the curtain. They brawled back to the ring. Dutt hit a springboard body press to the outside. Reefer came back and hit a frog splash from the apron to the floor. He took Dutt back in the ring and hit tilt-a-whirl into a tombstone on Dutt for a 2 count. He then hit a really cool TKO variation for another two count. Dutt mounted a comeback and hit a slingshot flip into a rana and went up top but Reefer met him up there and hit a top rope sidewalk slam on Sonjay for the two count. Dutt made another comeback and finally hit the Dragon Rana for the pin. After the match Dutt could not find his belt. ***


After intermission Zandig came out and said he forgot about one award and it was for bump of the year. It was for him and Sick Nick Mondo from Tournament of Death 2. Zandig started to say something about Mondo not retiring and not being there when Mondo's music hit and there was a huge pop for the man CZW fans never really had a chance to say goodbye to. Mondo cut a cool speech putting over Zandig and then they surprised Zandig with a really nice video package. Zandig looked sort of touched. He then thanked Mondo and surprised him with a video package and induction into the CZW hall of fame. Mondo cut a really awesome speech about retiring and moving on. He said as much as he loved wrestling he knew when he started he could only wrestle a couple of years and he accepted that. He said he knows nobody really retires but he really can't see himself doing it anymore. He said toning down his style was not an option because he could not trust himself in the ring to not wrestle his original style.

Match #6
Ruckus/Sabian vs. Chri$ Ca$h/Joker
Match was almost all Ca$h being beaten on and Joker not doing very much. There were a couple of cool moves in the match but overall a little disappointing. There did not seem to be any fire or emotion to the match. Ruckus got the win pinning Ca$h. After the match Joker turned and Ca$h and the three put the boots to him. Dutt and Jacobs made the save. Dutt also accused Ruckus of stealing his belt. Ruckus denied it saying that it was his belt and Dutt had stolen it from him. **

Match #7
Extreme Strong Style Tournament
B-Boy vs. Excalibur
This was Excalibur's debut in CZW. B-Boy on the other hand is firmly entrenched as a CZW mainstay. B-Boy is so awesome. This match was just two guys pounding the crap out of each other with B-Boy winning with a shining wizard while holding a chair. Great finish. ***

Match #8
Homicide/Maff vs. H8 Club
Good match, shitty finish. The tried to the double pin finish with Gage getting his shoulder up at the last second. Homicide hit Gage with a bridging back suplex but both shoulders were down and ref Brian Logan counted with both hands. He said that Gage got his shoulder at the last second. Good match that saw Homicide work sick. After the match Homicide & Maff wanted to shake The H8 Club's hands but Homicide slapped Gage at the last minute and then walked out. Probably setting up a rematch. **3/4

Match #9
Fans bring the weapons match (Started at 12:40)
Necro Butcher vs. Mad Man Pondo vs. New Jack
None of these wrestlers were advertised so I guess CZW feels like the gave the fans an added bonus. Anyway before the match Zandig jibber jabbered for like ten minutes before the match finally started with Pondo killing Butcher twice with Stop sign shots. The match saw thumb tacks, a bucket of those brown prickly round pine cone thingees and a keyboard used. Pondo also threw Butcher from the top rope to the floor. No table, no chairs, just straight to the floor. Pondo also hit butcher directly in the face with standing electric fan that shattered. Absolutely brutal. Finally New Jacks theme hit and he came out. He forked the hell out of everybody. Butcher finally pinned Pondo with a powerbomb on some forks. Jack then took Butcher to the announcing balcony, put him on a table on the floor and jumped from the balcony to the floor and pinned Butcher. The crowd went apeshit for the match which was really, to quote Steve Austin, "Was nothing but a bunch a violent crap".!

Overall an O.K. show. Certainly not what you would expect from a company's 5th anniversary but CZW did have a bunch of shit happen in the week leading up to the show that did affect the show's quality. The intentional false advertising, I really do not think you can dispute that, left a really bad taste in my mouth.

All around good show imo, a shame about Messiahs family, William Welch has had one tragic incident after the other over the last few years.

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