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GCW Results in Depth.......
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Default GCW Results in Depth.......

GCW TV Report 1/17/04

GCW television is on the air! On the air with some slight audio issues, granted, but those get worked out fairly quickly. Your hosts are The Grand Poobah and...well, Tommy Jeans is apparently "on assignment", but here comes Coach Chuck Farley to fill in. Coach explains that Tommy apparently got hooked up with Paris Hilton, so he's filling in(in return for Tommy hooking HIM up with some of East St. Louis' finest ladies). With our color commentary position thus decided, let's hit the ring.

Ian Storm vs. Kevin Sharp(w/ Shawn Almighty)

Sharp was instrumental in the breakup of Double Negative, and now Storm has a shot at revenge. Coach observes that all the split needed to be classic was Ian getting send through a plate glass window.

At any rate, Sharp isn't getting paid by the hour and he shows it by jumping Ian right from the get-go. He sends Ian into the ropes, looking for a hiptoss on the rebound, but Ian blocks that, fights out of the predicament, and snaps off a flying neckbreaker for the show's first two-count. Ian tries the Irish whip thing, but Sharp will have none of that, reversing things and planting him with a spinebuster on the rebound., chokehold. That's not very nice.

Sharp hits a fistdrop and then takes Storm for a ride via running powerslam. Cover...for two. Sharp stomps him down and whips Storm into the corner, but takes waaaaay too much time before charging in and hits only turnbuckles. Ian sets up for the John Wu Dropkick, but Sharp sidesteps and the dropkick hits nothing but air. Then Sharp dusts off a truly classic move: The Garvin Stomp! Haven't seen that one in a while. Sharp pulls him up to his feet...BAM, Makeover. Cover...and Sharp pulls him up. Not a smart move.

Sharp sets up for Makeover #2, wanting to make an example out of "The Tool", but suddenly Ian elbows out of the setup and turns it around into a Thunderstorm attempt! He hits the backbreaker part of it, but before he can finish the move Almighty decides to jump on the ring apron to protest the match's officiating. The referee tries to keep him out of the action and Storm is distracted, but when he turns back to his scheduled opponent, he gets punted right in the, ahem, "lower abdomen". The second Makeover hits this time, and that's the ballgame.

WINNER: Kevin Sharp

The post-match beatdown begins in earnest, but OuTtKaSt hits the ring and the heels bail. Looks like that issue between OuTtKaSt and Sharp from a few weeks back on TV isn't settled just yet.

Plug for the next show, at Aggies' on South Broadway in St. Louis on Friday, January 23rd.

The Grand Poobah brings Kory Twist out for an interview, insinuating that the title match on the previous edition of GCW TV didn't quite go his way. Yeah, I guess you could say that. Twist says that Nikki's been trying to recruit him, not because he likes him or "sees something in him", but because he's afraid of him(a comment that earns some laughs from the Disciples Of Hate in attendance). Twist says that no matter how much Strychnine runs and hides, sooner or later "fate will find you!"

DINGO vs. MsChif(w/ Delirious)

Recently Diamond Back Dingo has been referred to as simply "DINGO", which I guess is along the lines of Kenta Kobashi becoming just "KENTA"...either way, DINGO was Local Wrestler Of The Year a couple of years ago, while MsChif has been voted Female Local Wrestler Of The Year for a couple of years now.

Anywho, they tie it up to start, with DINGO taking MsChif down to the mat early on. MsChif knees him in the gut a few times to get out of the predicament, then comes off the ropes to catch DINGO in the Darkness Embrace(modified Octopus). DINGO tries to fight out, then finds the turnbuckles will do nicely to assist his escape. The two try to outmaneuver each other, with DINGO getting the better of that by springing over MsChif in the corner and getting a rolling reverse cradle...for two. MsChif attempts her own rolling reverse cradle only to get blocked, but she drop toeholds DINGO to the mat and flattens him with a standing moonsault!

DINGO returns fire by snapmaring MsChif and hooking an anklelock, and while Delirious tries to push the ropes toward MsChif to assist her escape, DINGO can't get the tapout and relinquishes the hold. Belly-to-belly suplex and Dingo signals that he's going to the top rope. MsChif tries to pull herself up on the referee, and when Dingo attempts his moonsault-ish leap from the top, it's the referee that gets nailed. Delirious takes the opportunity to interject himself, coming off the top with a high-impact missile dropkick to DINGO's back! MsChif hooks DINGO in a small package and the referee manages to log the three-count!


More upcoming show hype: "All-ages" show at Aggies' on the 23rd, DeSoto at the Knights Of Columbus Hall on Saturday the 24th.

Poobah now brings out Daizee Haze for an interview, asking her to respond to Pete Madden's recent sexist comments about women in general and herself in particular. Daizee responds by mocking Pete's alleged advanced age, saying that he used to be hardcore but now the only things "hard" about him are his arteries and prostate gland. Ouch. Poobah says that she should be careful with regards to Madden, and she agrees: One could pass out from the nursing home smell that he has about him.

This brings out The Human Wrecking Ball himself for counterpoint. He tells "Lara Flynn Boyle Drug Airplane" that first, she needs to eat a sandwich, and second, she needs to go make HIM a sandwich. He says that if they ever fought in the ring, he'd rip out her pancreas and turn it into jerky. Um, yeah. He calls out Commissioner Keith Smith to settle things, and Keith makes the match for next week on GCW TV. Keith's money is on Daizee, apparently...

Non-Title: Super Castaldi II vs. Nikki Strychnine(w/ Sindy)

Once thought departed, Castaldi II has made a shocking return in this match against the GCW Heavyweight & Light Heavyweight Champion...I don't like his chances though.

Strychnine sees no need to waste time and goes on the attack right away, starting off somewhat clean with a hiptoss, suplex, and powerbomb. However, Nikki then follows up with his trademark Toxic Shock, and just to make sure he got it right, he does it two more times. I don't think we'll be seeing any second-generation Castaldis after that. Referee Jim Tennings gives Nikki a warning, which is enough provocation for Strychnine to do the Toxic Shock one more time...and that's a DQ.

WINNER(by DQ): Super Castaldi II

Nikki responds with his usual respect(or lack thereof) for law and order, giving Tennings a Toxic Shock as well. Enter Kory Twist, exit Strychnine...Nikki continues to insist that Twist should fall in line with "the rest of the Reich", but now it's pretty clear where Twist's mindset lies.

Hype for Aggies' and DeSoto upcoming.

Chaz Wesson vs. Delirious(w/ MsChif)

Delirious makes his entrance by throwing the baseball cap of a ringside you know how much it costs to get those cleaned?...I've heard. Delirious was voted Best Local Wrestler for the past two years here in the St. Louis area and has made his name in places like NWA Wildside and IWA Mid-South, as Poobah informs us.

Coach comments on how well he knows Chaz Wesson(having once managed him) and how he could have helped Delirious in this match...then later comments that despite their past issues, he wouldn't mind "getting the band back together" as it relates to the Old School Warriors. Hmm...

Anywho, wrestling and all that. Lockup to start with Chaz overpowering Delirious and backing him into the corner, but breaking clean. Lockup again and Wesson gets a waistlock, turning it into a quick rollup for two. Delirious tries for a single-leg dive but Chaz blocks that and takes him over in a headlock for another two-count. Nice gutwrench suplex by Chaz, straight into an armbar. Delirious reverses things, though Chaz has his wits about him enough to kick at MsChif as she gets a little too close to the action outside the ring. Delirious takes him down to the mat and gets his own two-count.

Lockup again and Chaz whips Delirious into the ropes, then hits a big clothesline after a criss-cross. Delirious bails to the outside to buy himself some time, then re-enters with the Greco-Roman thumb to the eye to gain the edge. Delirious decides to try to chop Chaz, and myself and Coach both agree that that's not a very good idea. Wesson reverses a whip into the corner, clubs away at the masked man, then shows him just how you throw a CHOP. Ouch.

Delirious goes to the eyes again and it turns into an exchange of chops that echo through the friendly confines of Aggies'! Chaz ends that abruptly with a quick small package...for two. Delirious comes up with a fast schoolboy rollup...for two. Delirious tries a suplex, but Chaz reverses it into a modified Falcon Arrow slam! Cover...for two.

Chaz momentarily decides to go for Delirious' mask, but the ref warns him against it, so he goes back to the CHOPS. Whip and Dropkick O' Death...for two. MsChif decides to get involved in the match and jumps up on the apron, but hops back down when Chaz goes after her...except that DINGO is right behind her. A fight erupts on the floor, but back in the ring Delirious connects with a missile dropkick off the top...for 2 1/2. Whip into the ropes, but Chaz reverses in desperation and hits the Mullet Cutter(military press dropped into a Diamond Cutter)!

Chaz tries to finish things by setting Delirious up on the turnbuckles and hooking him up as if to deliver a top-rope Pedigree. Delirious fights out of that, perches on the top turnbuckle, and leaps off for a rana attempt...but Chaz blocks at the last second, powers him up, and powerbombs him to the mat!!

WINNER: Chaz Wesson

* Credit Patrick Brandmeyer

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Thank you Dre, i'm a huge GCW fan and it's hard for me to find the results at times. One of my fav. indy feds that i've missed a lot.
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