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Are you expecting a Chris Jericho return?
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Default Are you expecting a Chris Jericho return?

Decided to re-post since the last one had a few errors and glitched out a bit.

I'm sure most people are, I am but I still have little doubt that he will. He's now in his 40s which is sad to say, in great shape still but he's a writer and in a rock band. Last time he took a break it was for two years, will that happen again? He could be retired right now and nobody knows it, he did announce he was going to return, but when? I think it will either be in late 2011 or early 2012. If he doesn't return I will be disappointed of course but a well respected decision, he's been wrestling since he was 19, traveled the world and lived his dream as intercontinental champion. Not just once, but 9 times. Beat The Rock and Stone cold in the same night for the undisputed championship. To me, and him that's a bigger accomplishment then any title in WWE history. Chris Jericho for future hall of fame

Yes Jericho did say he wanted to be dragged out as a heel and to never be seen in the WWE ring again, he was dead serious and I hope that's how he leaves, he was an incredible heel and its what he enjoys doing and what he does best. Kinda funny that the hero doesn't want a hero's goodbye isn't it?
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Ever since Chris Jericho walked away from WWE four months ago, people have been wondering when he will be returning to the wrestling company.

Not just wondering either -- besieging him with comments saying that they want him back in the ring sooner rather than later. It's something that fans have been through before with Jericho as he left wrestling in 2005 and took a two-year hiatus before returning to WWE.

He has openly said that he's not sure when or even if he will be back in wrestling. But Jericho also admits that he considers a return right now.I consider it always because it's not like it was in 2005 where I was sick of wrestling. Jericho told FanHouse. Sick of it is maybe a harsh word. Disenchanted, I guess, is a better word. I wasn't disenchanted when I left in September. It was just my contract was up. That was it. And there were other things just waiting to come through. Even if I was coming back, I always would have taken those four months, three months off to do the Fozzy tours. Then other things have kind of popped up to delay my return.

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Even if he doesn't return full time, i'm sure we'll see him in the near future.
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I don't expect him to return anytime soon.he did say already he has other things going on,and he's not planning on returning anytime soon.but I definitely think he'll return in the future.
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Jericho said himself he was coming back after he was done on Dancing With The Stars, which i thought ended ages ago, anyway, maybe for now, hes just taking a break and when no one expects it, BOOM! Jericho return
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He's only mentioned a rough time once back when he first left when he said It could be as late as summer 2011, the fact that he said 'as late as' suggests that it wouldn't be much longer than that but of course it was months ago that he said that, things could have changed.

I'm about 99% sure that he hasn't retired for good, even if he only comes back for one more storyline. He pretty much said that he wants to leave as a heel and be dragged out of the arena screaming (even more so than in 05), I very much doubt whether he was joking or not that he wants his last ever night to be a loss against Randy Orton followed by a punt that wasn't even at a PayPerView.
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Yeah I'm definitely expecting a Chris Jericho return, especially considering WWE is now looking to bring back establish stars to help get their younger talent today over. Chris Jericho has also stated that he's currently on a hiatus and is looking to come back repackaged. Jericho should be returning back to the WWE soon, a time-able estimate right now would have to be around the early next year as reported.

I think it was a good idea for him to take time off professional wrestling, to tour with his band Fozzy because that makes fans anticipated for his return and it's good for his comeback to be bigger than ever. When Chris Jericho returns, I would like to see him on the Blue Brand, Friday Night Smackdown. Hopefully he can save us from the current Age Of Boredom. Before he left the WWE back in September, he was punted out of action by the hands of Randy Orton. So it only makes sense that his comeback is him looking for retribution against Randy Orton in some sort of fashion.

I feel Chris Jericho going to Smackdown will also help the Main Even division which is currently looking weak. He open the doors for many new interesting new feuds of Smackdown. His character could also work for the Brand because he adds in the entertainment factor Smackdown desperately needs in the Main Event, he can hopefully level out Smackdown top stars to Raws with his amount of star power being on the show. A Main Event program with him and Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 28 sounds fantastic.
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