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Is it true that ECW is the original creator of Attitude Era + BQ?
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Default Is it true that ECW is the original creator of Attitude Era + BQ?

Paul Heyman said that he was the creator of Attitude Era, but Vince McMahon stole it.

BQ : If that's true that ECW was the original creator, then how come in the end it was ECW who went out of business??? And how come Fans never realize that WWE's Attitude Era idea is stolen from ECW and thus watched ECW???
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No, WCW and ECW's competitive progress resulted in the WWE going M15+, they didn't steal any ideas, hell even if they did shouldn't of ECW done a better job if they were the brains behind it?
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First ECW was a small fish who luckily got into the ocean and eventually like all small fish got swallowed up. They were the innovators of the hardcore style of wrestling before ECW the no holds barred matches only was as good as a chair shot or hitting the ref. They brought hardcore to the level it is played at today. The best ECW was on at 230 in the AM being broadcasted on the local sports affiliates when they were still minot league. Nobody watched it when they became main stream because the product couldn't compete with the wwe hell even after it was re packaged it still couldn't keep ratings up. they helped with the attitude era not innovated it
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Not 100%, but it did pave the way for a more edgey product, that caught the 18 - 25 male demographic's attention. That combined with the crowd turning away from the Hogan type golden boys and embracing the rebel fighting the establishment, plus WCW almost running WWF out of business lead to a drastic times call for drastic measures situation where WWF through out there old ideas and got up to speed with the modern era and reflected a society fed up with walking the line.

So more than ECW, it was society and the media/entertainment business's change of landscape and a need to get from under WCW's boot that forced WWF into change.
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Paul Heyman didn't so much create the Attitude Era as he more gave a bunch of misfits who weren't good enough or didn't have the right look for the WWF and WCW, the platform to be as creative as they wanted. Heyman didn't restrict, censor, or limit his performers in any way. He let them do what THEY wanted to do. Heyman was the genius stirring the pot, leading and directing those misfits, inspiring and motivating them, giving them storylines and angles in which to be as creative as they wanted. ECW (the boys and girls, not just Heyman) created the Attitude Era. Being that Paul Heyman was the one constant throughout ECW's run (and he WAS the boss), he can rightfully be called the creator of the Attitude Era. It was HIS vision to have a wide-open unrestricted adult-oriented wrestling promotion FOR adults.

Eric Bischoff stole that attitude, brought it into WCW and used the ECW style of booking and wrestling to overtake the lead from the WWF in the TV ratings.

After getting killed in the ratings for two years straight Vince decided that the WWF had better get some attitude, too. He and Vince Russo copied the ECW style in the WWF and that saved the WWF from going bankrupt and out of business. This is real history, folks, look it up.

BQ: Simply lack of money. Heyman didn't have the money Vince had nor did he have the DEEP financial backing of Ted Turner and AOL Time Warner that Bischoff had. Because Heyman's ECW was radically different from the successful WWF and WCW, network TV wouldn't put ECW shows on the air as Heyman wanted them shown. Network TV wanted to censor, limit, and restrict ECW to the point that it would no longer BE ECW, and instead would be just a cheap copy of the WWF or WCW. Being that the WWF and WCW already had successful TV shows, ECW would not have been able to compete with them. Heyman, rightly or wrongly, didn't want his vision corrupted and watered down, and chose NOT to alter ECW to resemble the WWF or WCW just to get a better TV deal (we did see that happen when ECW got the TNN TV deal. The network-censored and -restricted ECW sucked and Heyman knew it. He begged on TV for TNN to cancel the show.). As a result, ECW was shown only on a cable channel few people could watch, very late at night on Friday or Saturday (can't remember which day exactly). There wasn't much of an internet in those days and although the wrestling magazines loved ECW and wrote about it, it was still VERY hard to actually see an ECW show, so unless you were one of the few who could get the channel, or were willing to buy videotapes of the TV shows you never got to see them. But ECW's fan base were rabid and die-hard; Eric Bischoff wanted the same type of fan for WCW, and he knew he couldn't compete with the WWF by giving the fans a WWF-type show. So he stole ECW and brought it into WCW.

Today's fans believe Vince McMahon created the heavens and earth and all the stars at night. If Vince tells them he created something, most of them believe him. The WWE is on TV every week, ECW is not. So they believe whatever Vince tells them. Most WWE fans don't care about wrestling history, and most of them don't care about anything BUT the WWE. Sad.
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Admittedly a lot of the Attitude Era's ideas came from ECW. For example, Stone Cold drinking beer on screen was inspired from The Sandman in ECW.

Fans knew what was taken, and fans did watch ECW. Unfortunately, TNN made it very difficult to watch ECW.
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