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My Official Top Ten Superstars of All Time : Thoughts?
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Default My Official Top Ten Superstars of All Time : Thoughts?

Honorable mentions:Chris Jericho,Randy Savage,Edge,The Ultimate Warrior,Rey Mysterio,Kurt Angle

10.John Cena-This was the HARDEST spot on the list, it ultimatley came down to Chris Jericho and Cena, In the end i chose cena because of his passion, abilty to get EVERYONE in the arena into him (boos or cheers) and star power.

9.Sting-Perhaps the best of all time to not wrestle for WWE, Imagine what he couldve done if he worked for vince mcmahon

8.Ric Flair-WOOOOOO!! Six-Teen. Thats all i gotta say

7.Bret Hart-Amazing in ring performer, in his prime he was an absolute athlete

6.Triple H-So much aggresion and love for the buisness, 13x world champion and well earned

5.The Rock-this mans career could have been better if hed not left for hollywood, the most electrifying man in WWE History, amazing wrestler as well. Top 5 but his acting career held him back

4.Hulk Hogan-Like it or not, hes the father or WWE, Hulkamania, if i would have made this list in the 80s, hed be number one.

3.The Undertaker-19-0, do i need to say more, amazing performer and entertainer, the greatest big man wrestler or all time

2.Stone Cold Steve Austin-In my eyes the KING of the ATTITUDE ERA, So much passion and emotion into his matches, hes an easy top 2 superstar

1.Shawn Michaels-I shouldnt even have to explain, simply the greatest ever. Mr Wrestlemania. Its just THAT simple
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that's awesome

btw join this http
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7 out of 10
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Just like mine except I would switch Savage for Hogan and Bret Hart for Jericho. My order is a little different too.
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The Rock in the top 10 , yet Angle isn't ? 5/10
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Those are probably the top 10, but I'm not sure about the order you have them in.
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Cool, different to my list but everyones opinion would be different. My list would look like this.

Hulk Hogan wouldn't make it as I feel there were a lot of people who could have taken his place and done the same thing(or better) He made a big impact, but I don't feel it was because of who he was.

People who just miss this list are Chris Jericho, Edge, Kurt Angle and Ricky Steamboat.

10-John Cena-No one can deny the impact he has had on wrestling, he's leading the current generation and doing it well, I think his ring skills are very underrated, he can pull off some great matches, even with people that he shouldn't have been able to have good matches with(Umaga at the 2007 Royal Rumble) He has great charisma and gets a reaction out of everyone in the crowd.

9-Rey Mysterio-Another wrestler people seem to hate on a lot, but has done so much for wrestling, he rarely ever has a bad match and that still goes today despite all his knee problems, he brought the cruiserweight style to american promotions, which changed wrestling forever, and he wasn't all about spots, he could tell a great story in the ring too and bring most opponents to a great match.

8-Bret Hart- Bret brought a brand new style to the main events of WWF's wrestling, when it was use to big men facing off Hart changed all that for the better, he would steal the show against many different opponents and made a big impact on wrestling as a whole and made it more about the technical side of it.

7-Triple H-People don't give him enough credit for what he can do in the ring, he's often hated on for who he is married to and people forget who he is in the ring, he has greatpsychologyy and performs so well, he has had classic matches with Shawn Michaels, Cactus Jack, The Rock, Steve Austin and so many more, he tore his quads and still finished the match, that shows his love for wrestling as well as his great talent, very underrated in my opinion.

6-The Rock-Probably could have been higher on this list if he stuck around for longer, but in the short time he was around he made a big impact, and became one of the biggest names of his generation, he wasn't the best wrestler in the world but he could make you believe that he was.Not that he ws bad in the ring, but he had that amazing charisma to come with it.

5-The Undertaker-For over 20 years Undertaker has got by on a gimmick that shouldn't have lasted, it was one of those characters that would turn up but soon leave because it was awful in reality. But Undertaker made it work, and made it his own, and throughout his career he evolved his character and improved in the ring, the Undertaker who showed up in 1990 would never have made this list but he improved so much that it would be impossible not to include him, the things he can do at his size are amazing and his commitment to wrestling is great. He can put on great matches even with all his injuries.

4-Ric Flair-While Hulk Hogan was leading the WWF Flair was pulling out hour long matches every night as NWA champion, Flair seems to lose respect for sticking around in wrestling past his time, but he is still a legend, He could make anyone look good in the ring, his matches with Ricky Steamboat are legendary and was the biggest star of the NWA. Flairs matches were very slow paced(everyone's was back then) but they still didn't get boring, not even after 60 minutes.

3-Eddie Guerrero- He is my all time favourite wrestler, the only people higher on him on this list are there because of the impact they made. Eddie was a great all round wrestler, he put his all into all his matches and everything he did he did amazingly. Itrulyy believe that he deserves to be this high on the list, had his life not been cut short he could have made it to #1 by now, the two people higher on the list I don't believe are better than Eddie, but made more of an impact on wrestling as a whole.

2-Shawn Michaels-Most people think of him as the greatest performer of all time, he didn't know how to put on a bad match and gave 100% every night, he even fought a full match at Wrestlemania with a severe back injury that cost him four years of his career, but those years saw him get his life back on track and arguably came back better than ever.

1-Stone Cold Steve Austin-Made a huge impact on the business, people argue that he was the one reason that WWE won the monday night wars, the crowd were really behind everything he did, so much that when he turned heel they just didn't want to boo him. One of the most popular wrestlers of all time.
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