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So how long till Tna put a real scare to the wwe ?
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Default So how long till Tna put a real scare to the wwe ?

What do they have to do to put in a real scare that Vince says crap it's wcw all over again
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At the rate it's going maybe 3 years.

Vince already has notice, but, for all I know this Impact Wrestling thing could be just a bull and not a bear.

Watch for it. It may pop a tire.
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If there is any truth to the CM Punk thing, him going to TNA would be a huge step for TNA. If John Cena ever gets hurt or takes a movie break that would open a door for them. They would also need a huge name like Jericho or Batista to help viewers switch shows.
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They'd have to get rid of their current writing staff, get rid of Bischoff and Hogan and let the younger talent shine. No more of Matt Hardy, Bubba Ray, who ever else, make way for guys like aj styles. and one thing too, they need to stop taking shots at WWE. You dont see WWE take very many shots at TNA and look how successful they are. TNA needs to focus on their own product and NOT what the other guys are doing. Its hurting them
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They have more money, Dixie's dad does anyway . . .

they do not know what to do with said money.

There image is redneck, wannabe reality tv

WWE is a global company and staple and has been around longer.

TNA is getting better, trying to balance what kept them around for a decade while also working with

Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.

TNA is an indie show televised.
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Let's look at the facts...

WWE has been around for 60 plus years. They arent going anywhere. WWE made a living off of stealing talent from other companies and from copying the huge Starrcade show and starting their own version of Starrcade called Wrestlemania. WWE once was worth 1 billion dollars in 2001. IN 2011 the WWE is worth less than 450 million. That is not a good sign. Vince McMahon is getting older. Soon the board will replace Vince with new leadership. There is also the chance that WWE may get merge with a larger media company which would remove the Mcmahons from power all together (yes this can happen, it has been proven and is what happend to Ted Turner when AOL merged with Time Warner and Turner was forced out even though he had controlling interest in Time Warner)

TNA is run by the Carters. The Carters are richer than the McMahons (it's true, they are worth much more than today's McMahons).

TNA was bought by the carters for 250 thousand dollars. Today TNA is worth 60 million dollars. That is amazing progress. Many WWE die hard fans and smarks want fans to think TNA is dying and is not making money when in fact they are doing very well. How could that be possible given their crappy house show attendance? Good question... Fact is TNA makes enough just off the UK market alone to make a profit. TNA is huge over seas. Much bigger than they are currently in the states. TNA is much more of a threat to the WWE over seas now than they are in the states. TNA's operating costs are so small because they are able to tape a months worth of TV for what it costs WWE to tape just 1 episode of RAW. That is a fact.

However, TNA is planning on taking IMPACT on the road in AUG twice a month. This will ehlp build their house show attendance as this is a proven and effective way of achieving that goal and getting larger as company. WWE did it and so did WCW. Both companies started taping their shows from a studio or hall.

TNA which is being rebranded to IMPACT WRESTLING will take years before they are even equals with the WWE le talone beat them.

However, if WWE continues their downslide and TNA continues to improve and ROH also improves with thier new owners...we could see some major changes.

I would also like to point out that the old jokes of TNA not pushing the youth is dumb and needs to end. The average age of TNA's roster is 5 years younger than the average age of WWE's roster. YES, 5 YEARS younger. TNA does push it's youth.

The oldest stars in TNA Hogan and Flair...dont wrestle. However, in WWE Jerry Lawler who is in his 60's recently wrestled the MIZ for the WORLD TITLE....If that's not crazy i dont know what is.
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