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If CM Punk wins John Cena at MITB and other questions?
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Default If CM Punk wins John Cena at MITB and other questions?

If CM Punk wins John Cena at MITB and takes the WWE Championship with him does that mean that WWE is setting up for a unification of the world heavy weight championship and the new WWE championship or no?

BQ: How do you think Punk would win Cena if he does at MITB?

my guess is that R- Truth would help Punk beat Cena cause Punk helped him that other time on Raw because the New Nexus would be banned from ringside for that match.

BQ2: If they do unify the WWE championship and World HeavyWeight championship , who would hold it? Orton or Cena?

BQ3: Who wants Batista, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle back on WWE?

BQ4: What would you like back on the WWE SvR games for the future?
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No. I truly believe they are just gonna give Punk a massive sendoff, and he will help Christian beat Orton, make sure Mysterio does not win the Raw MiTB, and will just get Nexus to beat the crap out of Cena with the gimmick that if Punk is leaving then Cena is coming with him as he locks in an anaconda vice for a couple of minutes.

Whoever wins the Raw Mitb-(most likely The Miz) will come out and cash it in, Miz will become champ, before Punk and Nexus beat the crap out of him afterwards as well for stealing their spotlight. Meaning that both Cena and Miz have to be stretchered out.

Earlier on Orton and Mysterio have to be stretchered out in their respective matches as well.
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I think that they won't.

I don't think he is going to leave with the title. I do believe he is going to win, but just not leave with the title. He has done the same thing at Ring of Honor, before. He said that he was going to leave, and then he got a title shot against Austin Aires, and beat him for the title and stayed for a while. It might be the same turning point in this situation. I wouldn't be surpised if it was. I think that they are going to keep the WWE Championship and Heavyweight Championship just two titles, on different brands, like they always have had it as.

BQ: GTS is the only way I can think that he could beat Cena, cleanly. I think that R-Truth might make an interference, as long as it is still him and John Cena that are feuding. Then, Truth would probably think that since he helped Punk beat Cena by interference, he would deserve the title, when Punk does, and it could continue R-Truth's storyline.

BQ2: If Cena looses it at Money in the Bank, and then CM Punk won and takes the WWE Championship with them (which I doubt) it would be Orton. Cena lost the title, while Orton still has his. It wouldn't make sense to give it to Cena, when he obviously lost it, if he does at Money in the Bank.

BQ3: It would be great to see Batista and Angle back on the WWE. I don't think that they would hire Hardy after what he did. The WWE is very strict on who they hire, in order to keep a good image for there children viewers, and just there company in general. They didn't hire back a lot of people and they fired a lot of people for stupid reasons, and never took them back due to what they did in the past, or what happened. I don't think they would hire back Hardy, but the other two, definitely.

BQ4: I don't play video games.
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no,the title cannot be taken by someone who leaves,he must leave it vacant

punk will win after a distraction from r-truth or the Nexus,i know the Nexus are banned,but they may play their music only so cena will be distracted,and Punk will hit the G.T.S to pin him

again,the WWE title will remain in the company but vacant

Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle are probably coming to WWE.but Batista doesn't want to come back at least now

burried alive match and bra and panties
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I don't think that WWE will unify the titles and I don't want them to! There are too many talented WWE superstars who just spell SUCCESS and cannot fit for one title only! Plus, it would really decrease tha ratings of the show that has no Title!! If both Shows have the title, not both brands can be involoved in Title contentions and therefore will also decrease tha ratings of the show that has no one competing for the Title


-I think that Alberto Del Rio will win the Raw MiTB

-CM Punk will defeat Cena after distraction from Mason Ryan

-Mason Ryan turns on CM Punk after the match and beat him UP BADLY which turns PunkFace

-Alberto Del Rio will cash in on PUNK!

-CM Punk appears at Raw after MITB and claims that he will not leave before teaching Ryan a leson

-Punk challenges Ryan at Summerlslam

-Ryan accepts

-Punk defeats Ryan at Summerslam

-He says Goodbye to everyone backstage and promises the Fans that he'll be back soon!!

BQ2: I would have to say John Cena! Remember, John Cena is on RAW, and WWE really needs RAW for the high ratings and without a title on RAW, that will decrease the RAW Ratings while the SD! ratings will just stay the same! So OVERALL, WWE will loose ratings if they gave the title to a SD! superstar


-Batista: I miss the guy! He did bring us intriguing and awesome storylines wether performing as a Face or a Heel!!! I hope he comes back soon!!

-Jeff Hardy: I think its too late for Jeff! WWE is currently filled with veteran Main Eventers ( Cena, Orton, Punk, Christian, Sheamus) and are also filled with potential new comers ( Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, Alberto Del Rio, Jinder Mahal, Miz, Morrison, Ziggler...)! I just can't find a good spot for Hardy as a main eventer in WWE!!!!! However, if he hadn't left in the 1st place, he could have become the veteran main eventer of the WWE!

-Kurt Angle: I want him back 100%! He brought good entertainment wether performing as a Heel or Face and brought us one of the best matches in History! U see, people like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are one of the best wrestlers in the world! Kurt Angle isn't one of the best, because he is simply THE BEST!!


-GM Mode

-WWE Season 24/7 ( Not Like WWE Universe Mode)

-Hardcore Match

-Buried Alive Match

+ I would like these stuff to be added:

-NXT Season ( U pick any 7 rookies who had been in any season and create one for urself and try to become the WWE's next breakout star)

-8-Man Tag Team Match

-Traditional Elimination 10-Man Tag Team Match

-8-Man Money In The Bank Match!!

-More than 6 superstars can be present in the ring in the Royal Rumble Match!!
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