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4/4 suvivor serious who would win?
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Default 4/4 suvivor serious who would win?

who would elminate who

team wwe


john cena

the undertaker

randy orton

triple h

Team Tna


Aj Styles



Kurt Angle
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LOL team TNA!
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Team WWE will win.

John Cena will eliminate Kurt Angle via Attitude Adjustment

AJ Styles will eliminate Randy Orton via Styles Clash

Sting will eliminate Triple H via Scorpion Deathlock.

Undertaker will eliminate AJ Styles via Tombstone Piledriver.

Sting will eliminate John Cena via two Scorpion DeathDrop

Undertaker will eliminate Sting via three Tombstone Piledriver.

Winner: Team WWE. I loved your question.
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I am not going to follow the logic of WWE Creative Team Having John Cena being the last man standing.Team WWE will be heels and Team TNA are faces. But here how it would go:

AJ Styles vs John Cena starts off first. The referee rings the bell. John Cena starts signing some rap to AJ Styles which would say he will beat him and he is better than AJ, AJ answers back Well Show Me what You Have got. Cena goes for a punch to AJ's face but AJ is too fast for Cena and goes right under between Cena's legs, Cena turns to AJ's side suddenly AJ does Pele Kick on Cena, Cena falls down. AJ overlaps on Cena, Referee says: One!,TWO! THR.....! Cena still in. AJ climbs now for the top corner of the rope, he is about to make a spring board but here RKO comes out of nowhere, referee doesn't see it, now AJ is lying down while Cena climbs to the top of the rope but out of nowhere RVD comes and does monkey flip on Cena, Cena flies high into the air and is lying down.

About 2 minutes ago two wake up, both start to run from one side of rope to another Cena is running like a bull, but AJ is faster than Cena he does Pele kick again on Cena! Cena is lying down still kinda of moving, AJ is deciding to finish Cena off for good, he climbs to the top of the rope, and Cena with his head kicks AJ right into the stomach, Cena climbs to the top of the rope to flip back wards with AJ, he grabs AJ he starts to flip back wards, but AJ stays still one the rope, so Cena is flying back wards him self AJ uses the moment grabs his two legs and does style clash on him. AJ overlaps on Cena, referee calls ONE! TWO! THREE!!! JOHN CENA IS ELIMINATED BY AJ STYLES!

Randy Orton now comes to the ring, RVD says AJ I got it , AJ changes places with RVD. Randy starts off punching RVD, Orton goes to the left sided rope to speed up and hit RVD very hard, but RVD out of nowhere does his monkey flip on Orton, Orton flies out of the ring, Orton is in the big pain he seems to have a series injury on the back right now, Referee calls: ONE! TWO!THREE!FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TE.....! but Triple H grabs referee and hits him, referee doesn't understand what Triple H is doing, so they start arguing, RVD watches this argument while Taker grabs him into the corner and starts choking him down. RVD is down. Taker throws him to the center of the ring, Orton finally comes in the same time as referee. RVD wakes up doesn't understand what he is doing, Orton throws him to the ground very fast again, he starts to hearing voices RVD wakes up in a minute does backflip, Orton some how does RKO on RVD's leg, now RVD's leg is in real pain. Orton does Angle's ankle lock on RVD, RVD has no chance but to tap out!

Orton with still a hard back injury comes out of the ring changes places with Triple H. Kurt Angle is about to come on the ring, but Sting whispers to Angle that he knows the secret of beating Triple H as he watched WM 27 match between him and Taker! So its Sting vs Triple H, Triple H starts of to punch Sting to the corner, he makes Sting fly around the ring. Now he thinks he needs to finish off old Sting fast goes grabs the hammer goes on the ring, Sting pretends to be dead, Triple H is about to hit him with a hammer, but Sting suddenly rolls away, he grabs Triple H's legs where quick, Triple H doesn't understand what Sting is doing and now Sting does Scorpion on Triple H, now Triple H understands and is forced to tap out as his legs are in a h e l l of pain!

Sting goes to change places with Kurt but forgets about The Dead Man! Taker suddenly grabs Sting does Tombstone Piledrive, Sting didn't have any plans for Dead Man and he is forced to tap out. Undertaker wakes up proudly forgeting about Kurt Angle and AJ Styles, Kurt without thinking comes out from Taker's back, grabs him around Taker's hips and throws him back and now he does his OWN ORIGINAL ANKLE LOCK! Taker can't do anything about it neither he taps out!

Kurt Angle is looking proudly at the stadium but wait, did he forget about RKO! Thats right he turns his around and Orton, RKO's him Referee: ONE! TWO! THREE!Kurt is eliminated. So thats AJ and Orton left. But Orton forgot about AJ, while Orton seemed to celebrate AJ does his springboard 450 on Orton, then goes to the top rope and wait Cena hits him with his chain on the back but the rest of TNA team now is fighting with the rest of WWE team! Orton climbs to the top of the rope to do his RKO there, AJ grabs suddenly his hands flips him so Orton's leg at the top, about to do Styles Clash, but remembers that Orton has a back injury so turns him so back faces ground does Styles Clash. Referee: ONE! TWO! THREE!!!

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Team wwe.
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