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Fun TNA/iMPACT Wrestling questions?
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Default Fun TNA/iMPACT Wrestling questions?

If TNA/iMPACT Wrestling were to have a MITB Match, Elimination Chamber, and Hell in a Cell, which TNA superstars would you put in it.

For me, it would be:

MITB: Kazarian vs Amazing Red vs Sangriento vs Brian Kendrick vs Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin vs Suicide vs Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy

Elimination Chamber: Matt Morgan vs AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett vs Mr. Anderson vs Abyss

Hell in a Cell: Sting vs Kurt Angle
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- Money In The Bank Ladder Match -

Kazarian vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels vs Crimson vs Alex Shelly vs The Pope vs Bully Ray vs Gunner

- Elimination Chamber -

AJ Styles vs Sting vs Rob Van Dam vs Matt Morgan vs Abyss vs Jeff Jarrett

- Hell In A Cell Match -

Kurt Angle vs Mr Anderson
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Good Question!

TNA Money In The Bank:

Kazarian, Amazing Red, Mr. Anderson, Brian Kendrick, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore, Jessy Neal and Bucks

Kazarian---- He is perhaps one of the best TNA high flyers, he is definitely one of my 5 top high flyers in TNA! His high flying moves are really entertaining me in every of his matches, every week he impoves his ring skills! Seeing him in TNA Money In The Bank would be awesome as it would be just for him, the match would suit his high flying ring skills for sure!

Amazing Red---- Same goes to Amazing Red, his high flying abilites are pretty good, seeing him in the Money In The Bank match would be something sweet and interesting as I am pretty sure we would see some of his crazy athleticism

Mr. Anderson--- Well I put him here for a reason, sure he is not a high flyer wrestler but he has already participated in Money In The Bank Match PPV in WWE and he won it at Wrestlemania 23 in 2007 so it would be very interesting to see him there

Brian Kendick---- I would say he is also a good high flyer and would be very interesting to see him in a ladder match, he has also improved very much this year!

Motor City Machine Guns--- I mean do I even have to explain it? Not even they are the best tag team but they are both great high flyers, seeing them in the ladder match would be interesting as we wouldn't just see them battling singles but perhaps their great combinations using ladders!

Hardy Boyz--- Well that's pretty obvious too I think why I would add them there, the Hardy Boyz not only were they in WWE and participated in Money in The Bank PPV but they have great ring skills. Jeff is one of the craziest high flyers I have ever seen and I love his high flying schools, I don't care what people say he is druggy and stuff but his ring skills are amazing no matter what, even though Matt is not meant to be a high flyer like Jeff still he can put up a show!

Ink.Inc---- Same pretty much as MCMG, they are pretty good high flyers, seeing them in a ladder match would be interesting and perhaps seeing their great tag team work with ladders!

Bucks---- The Same as Ink.Inc and MCMG pretty much!

- Elimination Chamber: Samoa Joe, Scott Steiner, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, Abyss, Bully Ray, Rob Van Dam, Crimson

Samoa Joe--- He is one of the best and most talented TNA wrestlers right now and probably in history of the company. Regardless to his big weight Samoa Joe you can call him a great wrestler as not only he relies on his big weight but on his speed and agility too, regardless to his weight he can still pretty much jump from a high point and do some crazy move. He is also very tough on the ring so seeing him in Elimination chamber would be indeed very interesting as it wouldn't be that easy to take him off!

Scott Steiner---- Big Poppa, is really big as I like him to call genetic freak is amazing in the ring regardless his phenomenal mic skills. The guy can really beat out a crap out of anybody any way he wants to!

AJ Styles--- I would have to say that AJ is the best high flyer in TNA and for me he is the best high flyer between TNA and WWE! He knows so many high flying moves, so many tricks that you never know what to expect from him, his one of the most unexpected moves Pele kick you never when its coming, there fore AJ would be really dangerous in Elimination Chamber as he would use his fighting style really well there!

Matt Morgan--- one of the biggest guys in TNA for sure, it would be also awesome to see him there as he is really strong and really tough on the ring, he would put a great performance At Elimination Chamber!

Crimson--- I love Crimson, he is a big guy with amazing ring skills, amazing, his streak really does make him phenomenal, his feud with Abyss and Samoa Joe really proved that even though he has just made appearance to TNA you better stay away from him!

Bully Ray--- This is a bada** wrestler, loves to use his chain and act like the biggest bully in the world lol, I love his ring skills seeing him in Elimination chamber would be something to see

RVD--- pretty much the same as AJ, he is a great high flyer, he would use Elimination Chamber well I am already imagining climbing him on the top and doing crazy jumps on his opponents!

- Hell In A Cell : Sting vs Kurt Angle

I would have to go with this one. Both are outstanding ring performers, I want to really much to see them Hell In a Cell, both are really hard to beat down, both are have AMAZINg ring skills and they just can put up probably the best match in wrestling history!
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