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Rate my Summerslam card. *I USE CURRENT ROSTER*?
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Default Rate my Summerslam card. *I USE CURRENT ROSTER*?

(dark match)

Yoshi Tatsu vs Curt Hawkins

Intercontinental Championship

Sheamus vs Ezekiel Jackson(c)

Big Show vs Mark Henry

Alex Reily,Santino,Kozlov vs William Regal,Tyler ReeksBrodus Clay

Ted Dibiase vs Cody Rhodes

United States Championship Fatal 4 Way Elimination match

Dolph Ziggler(c) vs Drew McIntyre vs Chris Masters vs Zack Ryder

No DQ Elimination Tag Team Championship

Kofi KingstonDaniel Bryan vs New Nexus(c) vs Jindred MahalKahli

World Heavyweight Championship

Christian(c) vs Randy Orton vs Kane vs Chris Jericho

WWE Championship - If Punk Loses, He Leaves WWE

John Cena vs CM Punk(c) vs The Miz
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My winners



Big show

Regal reks clay

Ted dibiase

Chris masters

Kofi and bryan


Miz because cm punk is leaving its not a storyline
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I'm a pretty tough critic admittedly. There is a very low chance of most of this happening by the way. I'll just judge on my opinions of how good the matches would be.

Sheamus vs Ezekiel would not make much sense and be a bad match. Sheamus is above the IC title and I hope Ezekiel loses his title to Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes or Daniel Bryan as soon as possible. 4/10

Big Show vs Henry. Makes sense but obviously a bad match. I'd give it a stipulation to not make it as boring. 4.5/10

Tag Match- Just seems like a thrown together match. It wouldn't make any sense at all. Its bad, no offense. 2.5/10

Ted Dibiase vs Cody Rhodes- Nice choice and apparently WWE plans on turning Ted face. I think this would be a good match I would like to see. 8/10

United States Championship Fatal 4 Way Elimination match

Dolph Ziggler(c) vs Drew McIntyre vs Chris Masters vs Zack Ryder- I would like for this to happen but its very unlikely. Match quality would be good though and I'd like to see this. 7.5/10

No DQ Tag match- Pretty good although I'm not sure how Kingston and Bryan would team up seeing as they are on different shows. Would be pretty good. 7/10

World title- Excellent match. Kane feels a bit out of place though but I'll give this a 9/10. Take Kane out and its a 10/10 match!! Awesome!

WWE Title- A very good choice of a match which I would like to see. 9.5/10

Overall: 6.5/10.

Your main events are excellent and some other matches are quite good yet there are a few matches which I don't like which brings down the mark a bit. I'm being 100% honest and I'm not sure some other users are. While they might say its a 10/10 card it isn't and they are only saying it to suck up. Where is Alberto Del Rio on this card though?

Nice card creation
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Firstly the dark match is good Tatsu would be the winner and Sheamus and Jackson for the IC title would also be a great match don't know who would win probably cheer Jackson. I think the Mark Henry vs Big show feud would end at money in the bank not really worth continuing and I don't see how the six man tag match fits in though I agree with Reks and Regal getting getting some more show time but it just doesn't fit in the Dibiase vs Rhodes match may not be that possible but would be good to watch, the US title match has two main competitors the champion Ziggler and Kofi Kingston but get rid of Ryder and Masters their talented well Ryder is at least but WWE won't give them a sudden push and a title match with good reason to put Ziggler vs Kingston maybe add a stipulation(ladder match?) as for the no DQ tag championship match it sound great but not really possible but the Nexus need to do something with the titles I guess. The WHC match us okay but I don't think Christian should get 3 chances in a row and adding Kane and Jericho to the mix won't help maybe Orton vs Kane? And for the final match Punk sad he was leaving WWE after MITB with the WWE title though I don't think he will so the final match is pretty realistic and entertaining with a good stipulation but I would put Del Rio maybe instead if the Miz or maybe add him to maje a fatal four way considering The WHC match be singles overall the Card is entertaining yet average when it comes to be realistic so 6 maybe 7.
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1.Curt Hawkins


3.Big Show

4. it should be Santino and Kozlov vs Davide Otunga and Michael Mcgillicutty vs The Uso's for the tag titles no Alex Reily. Having Uso's win

5.Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase ( doesn't make since there a team right now. it should be Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase . )

6.Zack Ryder WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT!! ( it should be Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingsto vs Zack Ryder)

there should be No DQ Elimination match just stick with number 4

7.Chris Jericho ( instead just Chris Jericho vs Randy Ortan. The back and forth wrestling with Christian and Randy is getting boring. I think it's because smackdown has only got those two major superstars right now and making them battle back and forth. Or it could be a triple threat if Jericho returns to money in the bank and cost Ortan the title building the hype to summerslam for the triple threat match of Ortan vs Christian vs Jericho for the world title)

8.Well the last match doesn't make since punk is leaving at money in the bank. it should be a championship scramble for the wwe title it would be John Cena vs Alberto del Rio vs R truth vs Miz vs Alex Reily and having Alberto del Rio win and finally complete his destiny.

this would be one hell of a summerslam. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKA
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