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Agree or Disagree: Mostly, WWE Screw-Up a Monster Heel?
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Default Agree or Disagree: Mostly, WWE Screw-Up a Monster Heel?

Would you say that most of the time WWE screw up their monster heels, in the short or long run?

What about Kharma, most recently? She had her big break in WWE, she destroyed face and heel divas, then she starts crying and blubbering in the ring. Or, another notable monster heel, Kane, who was withstood 3 Tombstones gets pinned from simple finishing manoeuvres, and is far more 'emotional' that in the 90s?

What other major examples are there? Do you think that WWE screw up monster heels more than they succeed with them?
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The Steel Panther is on a distinguished road

The problem with monster heels, is that when they start out, they are unbeatable, unstoppable bad arses. Once they get beaten, they become a push over because they loose the image of being unstoppable.
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WWE, HBK, Taker Admirer (R.I.P) is on a distinguished road

Yes, in the long run. Fortunately, The Undertaker turns face soon after suffering his 1st loss to Hogan. If not, he would also get screwed up. Same, with Brock Lesnar who also turns face after suffering his 1st loss to Big Show.

Major Examples :

- Big Show. When he debuted in 1999, he was a really great monster heel. Yet, now, he isn't even half of the man he was in 1999. He's just a fat mid carder.

- Kane. Ever since he removed his mask, he started to get involved in ridilicious storylines such as falling in love with Lita. He also no longer a monster, instead he became jobber to the monsters.

- The Great Khali. He was suppossed to be a dominant monster heel, even beat The Undertaker cleanly. Unfortunately, he was screwed up when he got moved to ECW. He got his push back after winning World Heavyweight Title on Smackdown, but soon after he lost it, he became a jobber to the stars, even feuding with midget Hornswoggle.

- Vladimir Koslov. He headlined his first ever PPV with WWE Champion Triple H. But, after losing his undefeated streak to Shawn Michaels, later got destroyed by The Undertaker, he's just a mid carder who even feud with Santino Marella.

- Umaga. He was about to be The SAMOA JOE of WWE. He was such an undefeated monster heel. Yet, after losing his undefeated streak to John Cena, his losing streak continues and eventually getting released.

- Sheamus. After becoming the fastest man to win WWE Championship and beating John Cena cleanly, he was such a monster heel. But, in the end he just fell short and even had a losing streak that eventually ended when he won WWE United States Title. But, he's no longer a main eventer, he's just a mid carder now.
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Personal experiences was being scared of Undertaker when I was 8,9, or 10. But, then when I turned 12, I realized he's just a normal person.

Kane scared me just as much. Then the stunts he pulls just to get a point across, like when he acused Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger of taking out Undertaker, he threw them into the Gulf. I know not to mess with him. LoL

Kharma, she has some work. So obviously, WWE tries to make heels to be a scary type. Its like a theme at a time : friends, scare, plain mean, hero( we're at hero stage)

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Undertaker Toot is on a distinguished road

You're right. They screwed them big time! Kane was one of them.
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Archman is on a distinguished road

Yes, I agree completely. They screwed up Big Show, Kane, Karma and the biggest fail has to be The Great Khali. Mark Henry isn't truly working out right now either. Ezekiel Jackson could've been a powerhouse heel but they turned him face too.
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Chicago Knight is on a distinguished road

Several monsters come to mind that WWE ruined.

1.The Missing Link

2.Papa Shango

3.Kamala (which they turned into a joke)

4.Khali (kiss cam)

5.Mark Henry (World's Strongest Jobber)

6.Viscera (World's Largest Love Machine)

7.Giant Gonzales (nice p.j's)

8.Bam Bam Bigelow (beaten by a football player)

9.Bertha Faye (turned Monster Ripper into trailer trash)

10.The Warlord (from Power of Pain to the guy who was in the Rumble for 2 seconds)
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Nemanja Cradic_ is on a distinguished road

-Kane: He was involved in one of the most fascinating and intriguing storylines back in 1997 and 1998 with Undertaker, now became nothing but a Mid-Carder!! I think WWE started misusing him after his feud with Edge and Lita!!

-Mark Henry: He went from the guy who pinned Mysterio and injured Batista, to this Teddy Bear who dances with The Great Khali!! Even though they turned him heel now, they will never be able to rebuild his character!!

-Chris Masters: He was the most talked of guy back in 2004, where he wasonly 21 yrs old ( believe it or not)! He had the masterlock challenge, that after 3 yrs of trial, was finally broken by Lashley, and he had an awesome match against Cena and Angle in a 3-way submission match and now he's barely appearing on Superstars!! He's now 28 yrs old, so he might still have a future!!

-The Great Khali: Just like Mark Henry, the WWE will not be able to rebuild his characterr!!!

-William Regal: Not necessarly monstrous, but he is, was, and shall ever will be the best HEEL in the history of WWE! He has this accent that just says Bad Guy!! He went from King Of The Ring to feuding with Hornswoggle and Santino Marella!!

-The Boogeyman: He should've been a Heel, and should have been in more matches and shoul've feuded with Kane Taker and Maineventers!!

-Mike Knox: After elonging his beard, he created an awesome new gimmick!! He started off well being in the Elimimnation Chamber for the WHC back in 2008, but then got de-pushed where JTG was able to beat him once!!

-Muhammad Hassan: Again not very monstrous, but he had a great gimmick of being an UN-AMERICAN guy just like Regal!! Was on the right road feuding with The Undertaker, but eventually got released!!

-Vladimir Kozlov: He was undefeated for almost a year, got a huge main event push, almost won the WWE Title, but I think the biggest mistake was when they drafted him to ECW!! If not,he would have been something big in this company!!

-Monaco ( I'm not so sure that was his name): I am not sure if u remember him, but he really used to freak me out!! He was in SD! in 2004, he used to wear all white, dominated SD! until he lost to rey mysterio and was never seen again

-Kenzo Suzuki: That Chinese guy who used to come with a woman!! Donnow what happened to him but he really was a cool mysterious character

-Big Daddy V (Viscers): Was great as Viscera, had a great dark character but was then turned into that weirdo who had a crush on Lilian Garcia! Then he turned into Big Daddy V, which I really liked, had a match for the WHC in an Elimination Chamber, but again was misused!!

-Tatanka: Had a cool gimmick, and turned on Lashley and got in an interesting feud,but was never seen again!!

-Tyson Tomko: Went from Christian's body guard,to this monstrous Big Heel, who survived nine german suplexes from Chris Benoit, but was misused and then followed Christian to Total Nonstop Action!!

-Heindenreich: Went from an AWESOME feud with The Undertaker, to a FACE who needs a FRIEND!!! I really hope that he can comeback to WWE

-Matt Morgan: Again, went from the guy who destroyed Big Show to the guy who got beat up by the trio of Mexicools and eventually went to Total Nonstop Action!!

-Snitsky: He went from the guy who destroyed Kane, to the frightening guy with yellow teeth who devastated everyone on ECW, to a JOBBER and eventually was released

-Kevin Thorn: To tell u the truthi donnow that guy a lot, but I know that he was misused on ECW as he had the valle ( Ariel I think) and they used to kick A$$!!

-Sylvester Turkay: He had Elijah Burke as his manager, was starting a good career on SD!, was transferred to ECW and evenntually got released! He was a really big guy who had the potential to be in great feuds but WWE simply misused him!!

-Manu: Was 1st part of Orton's grp called Legacy, he resembled a lot to Umaga but then wound up getting released! I think If Legacy didn't turn on Manu, he could've been big in WWE!!

To the previous answer, I don't think Umaga and Sheamus were misused, in fact Sheamus dropped to the mid-card level on Raw, but now on SD!, he's back on top!! And unfrotunately, I think Ezekiel Jackson will be misused just like those people on the list!!

I agree with u, as the list of misused wrestlers in WWE goes on and on, but remember not every single wrestler can be pushed to the main event, as there have to be mid-carders, and Maineventers!
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i feel that monster heels shouldn't be heel or face i think if hey are ''monsters then wwe should just them beat up any one no tag teams no wifes just demolition...wwe definatly screwed up their monster division and bring undertaker back wwe
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No, I don't agree, a monster heel just naturally goes that way. If they become completely unbeatable then it eventually gets boring, there will be one who beats them, and then once one person has lots of people will too because otherwise they would end up buried. Monster heels rarely last long, but I disagree that the WWE screw them up.
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