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who else is excited TNA Bound of Glory series?
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Default who else is excited TNA Bound of Glory series?

Who else is excited about TNA Bound for Glory series?? To me Bound for Glory series seem to be very entertaining and exciting, with all those different stipulations and points. If you still don't know the participants for the series, here they are :

Rob Van Dam

AJ Styles


Bully Ray


James Storm

Matt Morgan


Scott Steiner

The Pope

Bobby Roode

Samoa Joe

So what are your opinions on it and are you exciting???

BQ What are your opinions on upcoming match tomorrow of Bound for Glory Series : Bully Ray vs Scott Steiner?? I am excited especially its heel vs heel match which is really exciting and two characters are very well similar which makes it even more exciting! But what are your opinions on it?

BQ 2 Sounds like Austin Aeries is not going to be in Bound for Glory series, does it mean that he will be in X-DiVision? Do you think its a good decision to strengthen up X-Division by bringing up Austin Aeries? Could he beat up Abyss for X-Division title....?

BQ 3 IT sounds like from the list Sting is also not a participant of Bound for Glory series, so what do you think he will be doing then??

BQ 4 Who do you think will be the winner of Bound for Glory Series?? Who do you want to win? Why? Do you think the winner will be battling Mr. Anderson for world heavy weight title or somebody else, if someone else who might it be?

BQ 5 TV Championship Division doesn't seem to be very competitive, do you think TNA should bring more wrestlers into it to make a more competetive and exciting division?

Most detailed and criticized answer = BA 10 points!
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Based on the list of participants you know that it will definitely be great!

BQ: Heel verses Heel's are a match that you rarely ever see in most companies. Since, the characters are very similar, we should look forward to an exciting and great match. Both of them, are very agressive in the ring, so it would be interesting to see how they would fight together. You can tell just on there characters that they are very agressive, and not afraid of actually hurting there competators in the ring, so it should be very good.

BQ2: It would definitely be a good set-up for the X-Division by putting him in there, if they do. He would do great in Bound for Glory, though. It would have been a great way to get him known throughtout iMPACT! It could start a feud between him and Abyss, but I don't believe that they are going to push him towards a title, that fast. Especially, since he just got a contract last week, against the other Indy wreslters. Let him compete in that division for a little while, and then once he has been in the division for a while, give him the title push.

BQ3: I think he will be on his way to retirement. I know, that it seems like he is starting to have a small feud with Hogan, but it should be his time to go very shortly. He hasn't been doing as good in the ring lately, and he is getting very old. I wouldn't be surpised if he did retire, very soon. It seems like he will though, because Mr. Anderson is already feuding with Gunner, so someone is already feuding for the title already.

BQ4: I see Rob Van Dam or AJ Styles winning it. I really want Styles to win it, though. He is the face of iMPACT! and deserves to fight for the title. I think that they will have a feud sometime for the heavy weight title. They should have the chance to fight for it though, it would honestly be good for them, because they fought all of those wrestlers, and did very good. It would be the right thing to do, and it would be a great award for them.

BQ5: I think that they should drop the division all together. A lot of people don't usually pay attention to it. If they did drop the division, if would help make the X-Division much more exciting and have a lot more wrestlers involved, making it a better division. It would also save iMPACT! a lot of money, which they have been lacking in these days. I think that they should drop it. If they don't drop it, then they should bring more wrestlers in, but I don't think that they can afford having a lot of new wrestlers hired, at the state that they are in right now.
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Buildup for a match that happens in 5 months. Good job. Hopefully the ones who aren't eliminated won't get injured.
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I think it's a great idea. It makes every match the next few months important.

BQ: I hope Steiner kicks Bully's ass.

BQ2: Aries is a great talent. It's unclear if he's in TNA for good or just until Destination X. No he can't beat up Abyss, but he can beat Abyss. There is a differnce.

BQ3: Unfortunately it looks like he's heading into a feud with Hogan.

BQ4: I think AJ will win and I want AJ to win. No Anderson won't be Champion then.

BQ5: Sure, why not.
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