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What is missing from Randy Orton's run as the guy?
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Default What is missing from Randy Orton's run as the guy?

This is something I just don't get. Orton is clearly one of, if not the, single most popular stars the WWE has right now. The crowd goes absolutely ballistic for him whenever his music hits and he seems to be riding an incredible why are Smackdown's ratings and WWE's PPV buy rates through the floor with him as the main guy on SD? I don't understand.

This has happened before with Orton when he was the leading heel a couple of years ago. Personally, my opinion on Orton has changed. I'm really enjoying his current run as world champion, and from the crowd reactions I'm not alone in that regard, so what's the deal with the ratings?
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It's not Randy Orton, it's the WWE. The WWE has become to stale and boring to a lot of viewers, but it is still watched a lot by millions.
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There is many factors why WWE's Ratings isn't really as high as expected to be, here is alot of factors

-Orton don't have alot of mic skills and charisma, and therefore it not going to appeal the IWC in a way

-Not alot of Faces, you have Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan, but they aren't in the Main Event

-You also have to look it out from the Non-WWE Stand-Point. There was the recent NBA Finals, and it Summer, it means alot of people don't want to watch WWE because they want to hang out with their friends

-Maybe they need a big feud besides Christian/Orton to help SD's Ratings. Perhaps someone that moves to SmackDown as a Main Eventer, feud with another Main Eventer as well

-Story-Lines isn't really attracting the casual fans

So it maybe not just because of Orton and WWE, but also what goes on out of WWE
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the wwe is just boring
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Orton is lacking charisma add that to his resume and he be even better. WWE needs to change SD back to thursdays i mean its summer time and all not alot of people are gonna tune in to watch wrestling on a hot summer friday night, this is the main reason why i never watch sd on friday cuz im never usually home.
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A lot people wrestling fanatics hate on this guy because he ended Christian's World

Heavyweight Championship title reign on Smackdown very suddenly. Randy Orton's

only flaw is that people sometimes compare him to a robot similar to how some of

the other generic wrestlers have been in the past this is Randy Orton's second World

Heavyweight title reign in the WWE he's really matured since being crowned back in

2004 the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history in addition to that Randy

Orton has 6 WWE Championship reigns under his belt. The only thing he is missing

is some decent competition, Smackdown just can't keep on matching Randy up over

and over again with Christian all year and that's what's missing on that Smackdown's

roster good potential World title contenders that would look good on a pay per view's.

Sheamus has been written off already he got punted away so, he's out of the picture

there's Wade Barrett he might be next in line, Wwe needs to bring back Chris Jericho

and send him to Smackdown, send Alberto Del Rio to Smackdown and send a RAW

wrestler like John Morrison to Smackdown. RAW has all of the top Superstars on the

premier brand and Smackdown really doesn't have any good top world title contenders.
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There are two things you MUST have to be over enough to carry a mainstream wrestling TV show. Well, at least one or the other. Rock-solid believability, or if you're playing an exaggerated cartoon gimmick you better be damn entertaining. It's pretty rare that the guy has both (Stone Cold, Undertaker, The Rock, Mick Foley as Cactus Jack, and Jericho as Y2J are a few examples); most are one or the other. Hulkamania Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior are prime examples of purely overly-exaggerated cartoon characters that were so over-the-top entertaining that it didn't matter that they were not believable. Roddy Piper and John Cena are at the other end of the spectrum. This has nothing to do with wrestling skills because that really doesn't matter in the WWE. Piper and Cena are believable people, not cartoon characters. Showmen and entertainers to be sure, but not cartoons.

A big part of being a showman, an entertainer in the WWE (especially at the top) is being able to command everybody's attention through charisma and promos. The only way out of that is to be a freak of some sort. Yokozuna, for example. Believable? Damn straight. Cartoon character? No. He fit the gimmick (based on a real-life, uh, occupation) to a tee. Charisma and mic skills? Nope; he didn't have either. But he was a 600-pound giant of a man who was athletic and that's what the fans wanted to see, that enormous man move around the ring with surprising grace, quickness, and agility. He didn't need charisma and mic skills. Kane is another example. How many years did he stalk around the WWF/E, as over as anybody, without saying a single word? He didn't need to speak; he's a 7 foot tall giant based on sadistic slasher-movie monsters. Batista is another. A 300-pound mountain of muscle and intensity. Promos were the weakest part of his game. Didn't matter; he was a 300-pound man with the cliched body of a Greek God.

Some can get over without much in the way of charisma and mic skills because of their exceptional wrestling skills. Bret Hart and Chris Benoit, for example. We didn't watch them to hear them do promos, we watched them to see them put on clinics and tie their opponents into knots. Their actions did the talking.

Everybody else has to talk a helluva game and be damn entertaining about it if they are to carry any TV wrestling show. The WWE has a long list of performers who could/can talk the talk. Look at who has carried WWE TV shows in the past. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, JBL, Edge, Cena, Stone Cold, The Rock. Every one of them masters on the mic with truckloads of charisma. Then look at Orton.

Orton has a great look, and always has. His wrestling skills, while nobody will ever confuse him for Bret Hart or Ricky Steamboat, are good enough for the WWE upper echelon where wrestling skills matter less than they do at mid-card. His feelings about his two famous gimmicks are well-documented...but not shared by everybody. Both of his gimmicks are purely cartoon but acceptable to most fans to the point that he is indeed quite popular.

What's missing from Randy Orton, that keeps him from being the guy that carries a show without ratings dropping and complaints rising is, he's boring. According to a lot of fans, Cena sucks as a wrestler but put a mic in his hand and he can entertain any- and everybody (whether they cheer or boo doesn't matter). Edge hasn't wrestled much the past few years; injuries and age have slowed him down, grounded him, and turned him into just another generic punch and kick brawler with an exaggerated and oversold finisher. Didn't matter much at all. Put a mic in Edge's hand and everybody listens. Triple H and JBL, same thing. These guys all have loads of charisma and can entertain everybody just by talking. Orton can't. Even some Orton-lovers admit that Orton is boring on the mic. Nicknames such as Orbot, Randy Robot, Randy Boreton, Blandy Boreton etc abound all over the internet. He's strictly a robotic cartoon villain that doesn't work as a face.

RAW and Smackdown are presented as sort of party atmospheres and the top guys are supposed to lead and influence the party, being the life of the party themselves. Cena is, Edge was, Triple H and HBK were, JBL was, Austin and The Rock certainly were. Orton doesn't have the charisma, attitude, and mic skills to be the life of the party. He's just one-dimensional and boring.
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