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Has anyone read the interview with Shawn Michaels?
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Default Has anyone read the interview with Shawn Michaels?

He stated that the PG era started as a result of his and Chris Jerico's matches being so bloody - big name sponsors were pulling the plug because of it and Vince McMahon made the decision to go PG then.

He also spoke about John Cena being the face of the WWE. He said I think John is doing a great job. It is gonna be impossible for me not to be partial to John because I like him and I like him because he is a good guy. He is the hardest working guy in that company - there isn't ANYONE that puts in more time than John Cena. The ONLY thing that works against John is that the hardcore fans just decided to dislike him

Guess what cena sucks? Sponsors aren't hardcore fans and without sponsors the WWE goes out of business!! Also, I am far from being a kid - I am certainly older than you and I really don't give your responses any credence whatsoever due to the HATE you constantly spew on this site (one only needs to look at your last question to know that you can't be taken seriously)
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He sickens me! He is the biggest poison in Pro Wrestling history, he just never quits the spotlight! Yet he is returning next week on RAW and bury the talent? That redneck disgusts me.
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Nobody cares why do we have to like him just because you do everyone has there opinion GROW UP KID
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Cena Sucks is on a distinguished road

Listen Kid the truth is Cena Sucks !!

We do respect him as a human being !!

But like HBK said hardcore fans perhaps you should see ECW One Night Stand 2006 !

Cena Sucks !! He is the worst wrestler ever !!! maybe he's better than Hogan
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John Cena is my favorite actor. I like most him. Good day.
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@Bone thugs 4 life: Why would you answer the question if you dont like dumb@ss? This question is mainly for us cena fans, you're wastin your time and no ones little kids in here, we would'nt be here if were kids. Grow up idiot.
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Well, I love the showstopper, Mr. Sweet Chin Music, Mr. Sexy Boy, H-b-k Shawn Michaels, but I have

To disagree with him; giving John Cena props. But Only because I had stopped liking Cena, back three-

Four years ago in 2008; when he returned to Raw after his match with Chris Jericho; when he brought

The Chain Gang (His fans) with him to the arena; after Jericho kept on ranting about him. I like and

Respect John Cena; but I don't love him. For more reason why I don't love him. Let me list:

1.He is always judging his opponents for not living up to his standard of morality.

2. Always twisting the facts about his opponents change of attitude; by accusing them

Of judging the W-W-E Universe; when that is not so.

3.Every opponent that ever went up against him can never get a clean win over him; without

Him making them back down or lose.

4. He loves to throw it someone face that he loves who he is and is not changing for no one;

Plus, that stupid salute to the troops; We love the troops, but enough is enough with that!

5.If he is constantly booed and We say that he sucks, he should have already turned heel.

6. He has this false sense of truth, he gets booed and cheered and east that crap up; like

Bad piece of cheese; and I don't even eat cheese anymore. He isn't fit for his role as a face.

I watch on how he humiliated Chris Jericho, just because he spoke

His mind on how Cena feeds off of false sense of self-worth and value.

Then, on Smackdown on Feb. 2009 The retired; then-still-heel former W-W-E-Champion Edge

Interviewed him on cutting edge and he mocked Edge for saying that he ruined his life; Cena

Did back in 2006; he wanted to win that match against; but of course Cena had to win it.

Everything always has to go his way; no one can never be center of attention; except Cena.

The PG-Era wasn't caused by John, it was Vince McMahon's decision, to get parents to buy

Superstars merchandise and let their kids watch the product (Program). PG just has bad writing is

All, so I've read. Plus, when Carlito came out and told Cena that he was the reason why things were

Going in w-w-e the way there were because of him; and how the guys in the back wanted to beat

Him up, they were tired of him stealing the spotlight all the time; he's the cross-between A young

Hulk Hogan in the early 80's and 90's before his heel turn in w-c-w bash at beach in '96 and The

Rock when he was in there. Two more here: John Cena talked to Jericho like a kid; when they had

To team up against Nexus during the invasion-like angle, the other CM Punk told Cena he was a bully for not accepting his win against Wade Barrett at TLC last year; without injuring him more;

Why did Cena have to do that? For attention!

Those all the right reasons for me, to spit in his face; even at the way he spoke to The Rock; when

They met up in the ring with The Miz and Alex Riley; Telling him that he can't judge him and stuff

Like that, when he went on TV and spoke harshly about Dwayne leaving the company for Movies,

Was the Rock supposed to keep getting pedigrees Triple H? Last Thing, he is for the kids; who

Believe in fantasies; one day it is time to grow up and face reality.
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No I haven't, I always assumed the reason was to please sponsors, but I thought it was because of Chris Benoit putting them in a negative light. that's interesting to hear.

But all the fans on here wouldn't listen to that anyway. Cena started the pg rating and nothing can change that...(despite the fact up until 2007 the man used the catchphrase go f*** yourself and had a t shirt with that written on it, and also does not have control over a whole worldwide Company)
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