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Wrestlers to come back and get Raw ratings back?
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Default Wrestlers to come back and get Raw ratings back?

Should WWE start to hire back Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash, Batista, Triple H, Undertaker?
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Undertaker: He's currently on Smackdown! but is on a break resting with his wife, who recently had to quit the WWE to spend time with her husband, and create a family. I don't think he will be coming back to RAW, due to the lack of main-eventers on Smackdown. He probably will return sometime next year, because he always takes a break for at least one year after Wrestlemania.

Triple H: He is currently working back-stage as apart of the Creative Team. He is hiring new talents, and in charge of putting them into FCW, and then bringing talent up. I do not think Vince is going to bring him back to RAW to ge the ratings back up, because he is doing a good job at hiring new talents. There are already rumors that he hired a two sibling boy and girl pairing to be apart of the rosters. He also got in touch with Kharma and is the reason why she came to the WWE. I think that Vince notices he is doing a fairly good job at being apart of it, so I don't think Vince would mess that up.

Chris Jericho: He would be fantastic to bring back to RAW. I think that he might be returning soon. He said that after being on Dancing with the Stars he was going to take a little break, so I think the break was fairly long. I believe that they might be setting up something for his return. CM Punk was sounding a lot like Jericho last night on his monumental speech on RAW. I think they are going to use that to make him return on Money in the Bank and make it a triple threat match for the WWE Championship. He could return earlier then that to build up the feud. It makes sense to me, because CM Punk is a heel, and Chris Jericho wanted to return as something new and different then what he used to be. So, returning as a face to feud against CM Punk, and possibly John Cena for the WWE Title, would be great and make complete sense.

Kevin Nash: He is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, so I don't think they would make him return to be in the ring full-time. He already had his run with the WWE, so I don't think they would bring him back. Yes, they should bring him back to be a guest-host, but not wrestle full-time. He is fifty-one, which would be pretty old to wrestle, and would take a lot of harm in his body due to his age. He recently is battling with his alcohol addiction, so I do not think they would bring him back, maybe to be a guest host, but definitely not wrestler since he already wrestled with the WWE before back in 2002-2003.
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HHH and taker are retired i think, or at least almost retired.

But the others, yes. No question. Batista worked well as both heel and face, and Chris Jericho... well... he is the best in the world at what he does. :P
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triple h is the person looking for new wrestlers undertaker is still here but will not return until around wresltmania and chris jericho said he will return soon but will not be a heel (bad guy)
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They need to focus on their new stars and find ways to make them exciting.

They did it with R-Truth
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Chris Jericho - If he came back, it would cause a buzz, but that's it. Jericho isn't 20 or anything, 40 isn't old, but in wrestling standards, he's nearing the end of his career. They should bring him back before he retires though. He's currently on hiatus.

Kevin Nash - He's signed to WWE on a Legends contract, and hasn't done anything. I don't think Nash would appeal to the younger crowd.

Batista - His MMA deal fell through, so he might sign back. When he left, he said he wasn't happy with how the company was going.

Triple H - Working behind scenes, and will probably succeed Vince McMahon, cause he's married to Stephanie and all.

Undertaker - He has another match, he dies, or ends up in a wheelchair. The guy has been wrestling FARRR to long.

Like somebody else said, they shouldn't be relying on old guys, that are over 40+, they need younger guys. I mean, they did wonders for R-Truth, but R-Truth is hitting 40, himself. They need to push young guys, I mean, they practically buried Miz, someone who they spent a while pushing, for Riley.
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