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Is TNA trying to attract WWE Viewers by this?
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Default Is TNA trying to attract WWE Viewers by this?

If you haven't really noticed TNA has changed there name, colors, and everything else.

If you watch iMPACT! Wrestling, you notice commericals for there company and even on any other channel, they have the commericals. If you have payed attention in the commericial, they have, Wrestling Matters Here in there commericals, motto, and everything that you see that has something to do with iMPACT! they have that in there commerical, or pictures.

What I'm thinking is that, if you put some thought into this, now that the WWE is going all full-on entertainment, which means, it will be considered entertainment, and promos, with still some wrestling, but not as extreme, and Vince made it clear about that. Do you think that the iMPACT! creators saw this, and realized that the WWE isn't full-on wrestling anymore, so they wanted viewers to know that they are all wrestling and that's what matters?

If you think about it, it makes sense. iMPACT! is struggling with viewers, while the WWE has them, and now that the WWE doesn't stand for all of wrestling anymore, then iMPACT! saw how disappointed the fans were and decided to let them know that they were all wrestling, all the time, and try and attract viewers? What are your thoughts?

BQ: Do you think that the Wade vs. Ezekial feud is getting old?

BQ2: Are you suprised that Morrison or Sheamus didn't interfer?

BQ3: Who do you want to see get a shot at the WWE Title/WHC Title next?

 -- Here is there website. If you scroll and browse around, there are pictures and ads saying that Wrestling Matters Here!

If you scroll all the way down, and look to the right, there is an ad saying, AllWrestling with a cool design.
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When TNA drops Hogan, Bischoff, and the 4 sided ring I will watch again.
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Yeah I have to agree with u, all of iMPACT slogans are all about wrestling.

Bq1- Yes

Bq2- I thought Morrison would of screwed Rtruth

Bq3 - WWE Champion would be Punk or Truth again and WHC maybe Rhodes or Sheamus
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iMPACT is definitely taking a jab at the WWE. Obviously, they pay attention to the company (hence the repeated storylines) and they probably know that Vince doesn't use the term wrestling or wrestlers anymore. If they pay attention to the blogging sites, they know many fans are not happy, that's why they probably put Wrestling Matters Here! in their promos to let other people know that they aren't like the WWE and they aren't going to stop calling it wrestling, because it IS wrestling. So, I definitely think they are trying to attract WWE viewers, and if not WWE viewers, old fans of the WWE.

BQ: Yes, definitely. No offense to Ezekiel, but I think he will be a boring champion.

BQ2: I'm definitely surprised John Morrison didn't interfere.

BQ3: WWE Title - John Morrison

WHC Title - Cody Rhodes
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This is definitely a shot at the WWE with Wrestling Matters. But, the blame ain't on iMPACT! Wrestling. I put the blame on the WWE fans for continuing to watch even tho they can't stand it? How does that make sense? You miss WCW and ECW so damn much? Yet, u continue to watch and support the Company that whipped them out? TNA's got Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff running things. TNA's got hardcore and X-Division, like WCW had the Cruiserweights and ECW had the hardcore. TNA's the closest thing to WCW/ECW that we have right now! Yet, ppl still complain about the WWE and TNA? I guess some ppl are just never satisfied with anything. I bet if everyone in that building for 'Capitol Punishment tonight seen a TNA commercial playing during the show, they would tune-in this Thursday night, and BAM! The WWE just lost over half their viewers to Hulk Hogan and iMPACT! Wrestling.
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Seems that way. This is TNA's last resort when it comes to gaining more viewers, especially WWE fans. Too bad its not working, because they still bring in low ratings and they still have those long, pointless segments.
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Yes...that's the technique their using to attract more viewers, but the question is: Does it really matter there? People are still seeing the same amount of wrestling each week. So what does this Wrestling Matters Here motto actually mean? That we will see more wrestling or does it mean that we will see high quality matches?

I think that at the end of the day, TNA won't accomplish much with this because let's be honest, fans aren't just looking for wrestling, they or we look for a combination of entertainment and wrestling. We aren't looking for a show that is more entertainment than wrestling BUT we aren't looking for a show that is more wrestling than entertainment either, we are looking for a combination of it.

WWE knows how to give us great entertainment when they want to and they even know how to give us great wrestling when they really want it (example HBK vs Taker) but they are really lazy and childish these days. TNA knows how to give us great matches but i don't think they know how to give us great entertainment. Their storylines kinda suck and the promos aren't good either.

I think TNA should just try to beat WWE in every of those areas instead of just trying to be the complete opposite or worse yet, copy WWE like they have done sometimes in the past.

BQ: I'm sure the feud is now over because The Corre broke up and Barrett won't continue in a feud with Big Zeke alone.

BQ2: I'm not surprised because Morrison is still injured and Sheamus is just waiting for his next doesn't matter to him who wins.

BQ3: I want to see CM Punk get a shot at the WWE Title next and I wanna see Cody Rhodes get a shot at the World Title next.
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Yes that was the main idea TNA was going for when they made the move to iMPACT! Wrestling They were trying to capitalize on WWE rebranding their company into a more focused entertainment company than wrestling. After word went out on that TNA simply used the opportunity to market themselves as a legit wrestling company rather than sports entertainment. That's why they started using Where Wrestling Matters Again as its slogan. They were implying that wrestling matters to them, such as a shot to the WWE going sole on entertainment and abandoning their acknowledge to wrestling.

BQ: Definitely. But luckily based on what transpired from the Capitol Punishment PPV with Ezekiel's promo, it looks like the feud finally came to and end. I see Barrett now moving onto the Main Event scene on Smackdown now and hopefully a possible feud over the World Title. For Jackson I could seeing him feuding with someone new over the Intercontinental title, most likely Cody Rhodes I'm assuming.

BQ2: For the WWE Championship yes I was surprised Morrison didn't interfere. I though it would have made much more sense in having Morrison return tonight and costing R Truth the match because of what happened on last Monday's Raw. But unfortunately the WWE had other plans in finishing the WWE title match. I'm not surpised about Sheamus though because he just was Punted out of action by Orton two night earlier on Smackdown and usually it takes more time in storyline for someone to recover from the punt kick.

BQ3: For the World HEavyweight Championship, personally I'd like to see Cody Rhodes step up and finally Main Event / Challenge against Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title. It would makes the perfect sense in former Legacy teammates feuding. Rhodes in my opinion is the fastest rising midcarder on the Smackdown roster and I think it's about time he's given a chance at the Main Event scene. I think Ted Dibiase factoring in this someway would make for and even more interesting storyline. For the WWE Championship, the next superstar I'd like to see challenge for the WWE title would be either Alberto Del Rio or CM Punk since their the other heels on Raw that hasn't received a fair shot at the WWE title yet.
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Sure, but just because WWE says they are now entertainment, they still put on wrestling matches, their superstars are still wrestlers, WWE can call it whatever they want to for marketing purposes, haven't watched TNA or Impact or whatever they are calling themselves in a while, from what I seen though, TNA isn't any different from WWE, they are an entertainment company too, they do the promos, storylines, have the same kind of drama, it just is TV-14 instead of PG so their company is a lot more relaxed on the use of language, blood, and sexual content, and everything TNA is doing, from the name change, to the new slogan, is all for marketing purposes, to lure people who don't like the WWE's Entertainment label, but it is just that labels!

BQ: Don't know, don't watch SD!

BQ2: No, they are selling their injuries!

BQ3: I got a feeling it will be R-truth and Christian again, why not, the rivalries haven't been played out yet, and don't feel stale yet!
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