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Why do you think the WWE Diva/Tag Team division sucks?
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Default Why do you think the WWE Diva/Tag Team division sucks?

The diva division is god awful. Each week they get one match that lasts about 2 minutes. Now with all the good divas gone or off TV, (Mickie, Melina, Trish, Torrie, Stacy, Lita, Michelle, Maria, etc...) the Diva's Championship looks like something a two year old could create. And thanks to Lay-Cool (Beautiful People ripoff) the only good title (Women's Title) is gone. Why do you think it sucks. (PS. Smackdown was originally supposed to be a brand for Diva's)

Now the Tag-team division. It's awful. The good tag teams (Brothers of Destruction, DX, Evolution, Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz, etc...) are now gone. Most kids under the age of 10 don't realize that DX was not just HHH and Shawn Michaels. It was Chyna, X-Pac, etc.. Today all the tag teams are sloppily thrown together, and then break up in a matter of weeks. Anyone agree with me?
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Because Vince doesn't really care about it. He has a few good female wrestlers on the roster and

still fails to put them in decent matches. Not to mention he has a Diva in FCW named Naomi Night whose better than most of the Divas in the division. The same could be said for the tag team division. He gas some pretty good tag teams there and they still haven't made it onto the main roster.
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Vince doesn't care to do anything about both the divisions. The divas actually get longer matches at house shows and they are actually really good then what they show on Raw or Smackdown. It doesn't suck entirely, a lot of the divas are improving or are already good. Nearly all the divas have SOME type of talent in them except for Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes, the two divas WWE seems to be pushing the most. They are pushing the talent on all the divas who aren't the best. Kelly Kelly has been in every diva's match since the draft, and we need to see more of a variety then having Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella week after week. I understand they are putting Brie Bella and her sister to have matches more, but that's because she's Diva's Champion. The WWE writers need to give the diva's more time in their matches and you'll definitely see improvement.

I agree. WWE needs to form more tag teams that actually FIT! I'm glad Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes seems to be forming Priceless again, because that could help out the division. They barely have any tag teams on Raw, so who is going to fight for the titles against Nexus? Smackdown's tag team division is far more better than Raw's and they need to change that. Back in the day it used to be tag team after tag team, and it all fit so well! Now these tag teams are just thrown together randomly. (Especially Big Show and Kane) WWE should put a story behind it to how they were fixed together. Like, maybe one person helped the other person out in a match and started feuding with other wrestlers. Something like that! They barely have any tag teams right now, and if they form more, I think it can help save the Tag Team Division.
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cos there is only like 11 divas.
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It really does kind of suck. It would be better if Melina and Gail Kim came back on tv. Also if he got those divas you mentioned back, Mickie, Torrie, Tiffany, Lita, Michelle, Maria, Candice Michelle, etc. I also think he should sign Maxine and Naomi from NXT Season 3 a WWE contract. The diva's division would be so much improved with them on the roster. And the same divas compete in the same matches against the same people every week! It's getting really old now, such as Tamina, Alicia, and Rosa. Their always in a match with Kaitlyn, AJ, and Natalya. I mean seriously?!

As for the tag team division, I totally agree! The good tag teams were those you mention. As of now, all we have are the Usos I'm guessing. The Corre was a stable and they broke up so fast! The tag teams actually are sloppily thrown together. They always end of arguing and ending, and then break up..and the members feud with each other. The Corre ended all because Wade said that there is no leader of the group, but then he says that the group would be nothing without him! It all started with Ezekiel leaving. It doesn't make sense. Yes the diva and tag team division sucks. They need more divas on the roster! And maybe some that are a bit more talented. The tag teams really need some help, I think Primo and Zack Ryder should become one. These divisions do need some help. There's basically one tag team right now; if more were put together with some interesting superstars joining would definetly improve.
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WWE creative team isn't very creative

For Tag Teams Divas to come back

1. Bring back old school managers/promos/vigs NEW gimmicks

2. Bring back Paul Heyman

I'd let some Divas be managers maybe?
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