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Do you think REAL wrestling is way less respected by people than scripted wrestling...?
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Default Do you think REAL wrestling is way less respected by people than scripted wrestling...?

This section is quite dead so I decided to bring it back hopefully!

Scripted wrestling is always overrated by people, you hear people talking about scripted companies such as WWE, TNA, ROH etc. all the time, you hear them saying that they are the best wrestling' companies in the world, that they got the best wrestlers in the world. Majority of people always act like wrestling really started in 1952, when WWE was founded. When there are questions about wrestling in 1970s, 1980s etc. people always start to tell history of WWE etc.

When asking why are you watching WWE not a Real Wrestling. The answer is always this that Real Wrestling is boring, its lame, its not entertaining, rules are limited, and it just sucks to watch.

Don't people need to realize that WWE is started because OF REAL WRESTLING, the reason WWE exists is because we have such a sport called Wrestling which basically is the reason why companies such as TNA, WWE were founded. If wrestling wouldn't exist 60 years back then obviously there would be no such a company as WWE,if any one would even come up with this scripted idea then we would have WWE as a scripted boxing, scripted martial arts and etc. Think even about the wrestlers, if REAL wrestling wouldn't exist then there would never be superstars such as Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan etc. they would likely be complete movie superstars or even people like us that wouldn't well known around..

When even asking people which WRESTLING COMPANY IS THE BEST. The answer is always the same its WWE, when people even don't even really know what they are talking about as there thousands or maybe millions of REAL wrestling companies around out there where some of them are even better than WWE and better to watch, if WWE is the biggest company it doesn't mean its the best!

I can't even consider half or more than half of WWE fans as Wrestling fans' as the reason they watch WWE is Entertainment period , and thats the reason they think WWE is the best and they still call themselves wrestling fans even without caring much about REAL wrestling.

So do you agree with me that REAL wrestling is way more underrated than Scripted Wrestling by People???

So what are your opinions on my question and discussion?

BQ What do you think of Superstars in Scripted Wrestling? Do you consider majority of them as wrestlers? Do you think wrestlers come to the Scripted Wrestling companies such as WWE really for wrestling or what is another reason do you think?

BQ 2 If you were to make 10 list of wrestlers from WWE, TNA, Roh, etc. the scripted wrestling companies, that you consider REAL Wrestlers, who would they be? Short Description for each one of them please.

The most critical answerer will get BA
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I think your real question is if wrestling is gay or not.

BQ: I think they fap backstage.

BQ2: See the Top 10 WS Users.
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Bring it back? Good luck, it's been dead for the better part of 2011.

I think that real wrestling is MORE respected than pro-wrestling, or 'scripted wrestling' because it's a real sport. Pro-wrestling, notably WWE, isn't classified as a sport. It's classified as special interest or entertainment... in WWE's case it's now known as Action soap opera.

Real Olympic wrestling has all the characteristics of what defines a sport, so does pro-wrestling except the outcome is predetermined.


An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment; the occupation of athletes who compete for pay

Let's compare WWE and Olympic wrestling.

Olympic wrestling involves people using physical strength and skill against an individual for entertainment. They are competing for a gold medal, or any medal, and pay and the winner is NOT predetermined. Now, let's see pro-wrestling.

Pro-wrestling involves 2 or more people using physical skill and high fitness levels to compete for entertainment and money. They use their skill of 'pro-wrestling' against and with other individuals. The outcomes ARE predetermined.

There is only 1 difference there, the outcomes are predetermined. Olympic wrestling is respected because the wrestlers are wrestling for their country, they represent the nation and such. Pro-wrestling isn't, and is more of a hobby for a fan. With real wrestling it's more of a supportive case, you watch it to support your nation.

While real wrestling is often seen as 'gay' because of the positions, such as when they start, or when they roll around on each other, pro-wrestling is seen as 'gayer' because they're half naked, buffed up guys with oil on. Olympic wrestlers wear oil as well. The thing is, the lighting isn't blasting so it's not as prominent. Real wrestlers wear leotards, or something similar, and are more up close and 'touchy feely' with their opponent than pro-wrestlers are. The reason that WWE is 'gay' and 'gayer' than real wrestling is because they're not actually inflicting pain on each other so they're just grabbing the opponent.

WQ: Absolutely, and if you see my definition of sport you see that a pro-wrestler fits the criteria of it. They're displaying physical strength, skill and competing for money.

WQ2: I'll start off with some actual wrestlers.

-Kurt Angle - self explanatory, he was, and is training for the 2012 Olympics to be a real wrestler.

-Jack Swagger - An amateur college wrestler.

-Rob Van Dam: Unorthodox offence and is very swift.

-Undertaker: Mainly because of his vast submission range (compared to other wrestlers) and ability to grapple well, such as his match with Kurt Angle and Edge. Both great wrestling matches.

-Kofi Kingston: Although this seems silly, it's the same as the case with RVD. And he nearly/successfully defeated Swagger in his amateur open challenges.

-A.J. Styles: His skill could easily be applied, but so could many others on this list.

-Alberto Del Rio: This guy has impressed me so far with his wrestling skill. Could be applied well.

-Daniel Bryan: How can you not include this guy? He is a great pro-wrestler.

-Chris Benoit: Although he's dead, if I could use him, I would. He is the greatest pro-wrestler I've ever seen.

-CM Punk: The same case as Daniel Bryan.

Sorry, I don't watch ROH so I couldn't include anyone from there.
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Greco Roman wrestling sucks.
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Our 'sports entertainment' genre started when Roderick McMahon saw a REAL wrestling match, and said 'This bullshit is awful!', so he started, Capitol Wrestling Corporation, a boxing company, Roderick's son, did not like boxing, so he bought out the company, founded his own company and merged them to make the WWF.

True, our wrestling was made because of REAL wrestling, but not in a good way. A wise man realized that real wrestling is NOT entertaining, that's why Vince McMahon focuses a lot on promos. You won't see two state wrestlers, bashing each other on the mic.
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I signed up for EWE, do u have to approve me first or what?
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Wrestling? it's Sports Entertainment!

BQ: ?

BQ2: ?
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okay scripted wrestling is NOT sport and is gay and is what is wrong with america

REAL wrestling is a skill and a sport
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1. CM Punk - MMA Style

2. Colt Cabana - best comedy worker today who has fundamental skills but prefers to have fun in the ring

3. Samoa Joe - MMA style

4. Kurt Angle - Olympics style

5. Jack Swagger - College style

6. Benjamin Shelton - College style went to the same University as Brock Lesnar

7. SAWA - Shoot style wrestler from Japan worked in BattleARTS and EVOLVE

8. Bryan Daniel - old school shooter

9. Austin Aries - has a nice all around game be it submission or high flying

10. Davey Richards - just like Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries but more intense and crazy with his suicide dives

The foundation of pro wrestling has been and will always be technical old school style which is MORE IMPORTANT than talking on the mic or cutting a promo.
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