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What happen tonight on WWE Smackdown (06/17/11) tonight from 9:00 pm -10:00 pm EST and
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Default What happen tonight on WWE Smackdown (06/17/11) tonight from 9:00 pm -10:00 pm EST and

who won their matches? I could not watch from 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST tonight (06/17/11). What happen tonight on WWE Smackdown (06/17/11) tonight from 9:00 pm -10:00 pm EST and who won their matches?
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Default go to Smackdown.
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The Show opened up with Randy Orton cutting a promo. Later came out Christian, Sheamus and Teddy Long. Long says Orton can not compete tonight due to his concussion so Sheamus will take on Christian and if Sheamus wins, he will also be a part of the World Title match at Capitol Punishment.

- Ezekiel Jackson, Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara defeat Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes when Bryan pinned DiBiase in what looked like a botched finish.

- Jinder Mahal defeated Vladimir Kozlov via pin fall.

- Big Show came out to the ring and was interrupted by Teddy Long. Long tells Show to stay away from Alberto Del Rio but makes the following match.

- Big Show vs. Mark Henry never really happened as Show used the knock out punch to put Henry down before the match actually started, which led to Henry being carried from the ring in a stretcher.

- Tamina, Alicia Fox and Rosa defeat AJ, Natalya and Kaitliyn via pin fall when Tamina pinned AJ.

- Johnny Curtis cut a promo from backstage warning his debut is coming.

- The Uso?s (Jay and Jimmy) defeat Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

- Alberto Del Rio came to the ring and talked about becoming WWE Champion and not fearing Big Show. Show hit the ring, Del Rio bails and Show proceeded to destroy the ringside area.

- Christian defeated Sheamus via pin fall, thus Sheamus will not be inserted into the World Title match on Sunday. Randy Orton then hits the ring, Christian bails, so Orton punts Sheamus in the head.
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Tamina, Alicia Fox, and ???(Dont really pay attention to the diva matches) def. AJ, Natalya, and Kaitlyn by pinfall after AJ tried to hop onto Tamina's back to get a pin, but Tamina reversed it into a Samoan Drop for the Pin.

Johnny Curtis cuts a Promo about his SmackDown debut. He says that people were wondering if he was cut out for the WWE. He says yes, because he has One of theseA and he pulls an Ace card out of a Golf Hole.

The Capitol Punishment Promo hits, where President Obama answers Christian's question about if Obama won the election, and he had to run again five days later, would he consider that fair? Obama does not answer. Then Cody Rhodes asks if it is possible for Congress to pass a Law that says no American citizen can leave their home without a paper bag over their heads. Then Sheamus asks if he can run for president if he has a certificate that says he was born in America, but he was born in Cleveland. Can he run for president? Obama just laughs. Hornswoggle's question is unrepeatable, because it was in his language. Obama seems to understand, though, and says that they support that.

Jimmy and Jey Uso def. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater by pinfall. Jimmy did a Superkick to Heath while Jey climbed the top rope and hit a Superfly Splash onto Justin for the win. Josh Mathews notes that the Usos have a Tag Title match this Sunday at Capitol Punishment.

An R-Truth Promo cuts, where R-Truth is shown taking out John Morrison, yelling at the fans, criticizing John Cena merchandise, splashing a fan in the face, apologizing to the fans in his Confederate uniform, and the old R-Truth on Smackdown.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and cuts a promo of Monday, where Del Rio tries to break the arm of Kane, and Big Show comes out knocking out Del Rio, and almost killing Roberto Rodriguez by socking him in the face numerous times. Del Rio says what the Big Show did was wrong. He says if the Big Show were standing right in front of him, he would spit in his face. Then Show comes out and goes after Del Rio, accidentally breaking the ring post in the process of sliding into the ring. Del Rio runs and gets away, and Show thinks about how he could have been fired if he had laid a hand on Del Rio. Del Rio teases Show, and does the Wink at him. Show then goes on a rampage, knocking over the announce table, taking a chair and throwing it, taking the protective padding off the barrier next to the announce table where the workers are and tossing the rail, and finally taking off his coat and standing in the ring watching Del Rio. This is all caused by Show returning last Monday and getting a match against Del Rio Sunday at Capitol Punishment.

Christian and Sheamus come out for their match. Randy comes out to watch. He briefly revels at the tipped over announce table.

Christian def. Sheamus by Pinfall. Christian kept going for the Killswitch, but couldn't pull it off. Finally, when both were on the turnbuckle, Christian pulled Sheamus' head down onto the steel post for the win. After the match, Orton goes for Captain Charisma(Christian) but can't catch him. Finally, Orton settles for Punting Sheamus in the Skull. We go off the air as Randy holds up the World title as Christian watches.

Hope I helped!!
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