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PLEASE RATE: Friday Night Smackdown Episode #17?
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Default PLEASE RATE: Friday Night Smackdown Episode #17?


April 27, 2012

Final Match Card for Hardcore Havoc on April 29, 2012:

**Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title: Randy Orton(c) vs Dolph Ziggler

**Ultimate Submission Tag Team Match for the World Title: Edge(c) and Lita vs CM Punk and Terri Runnels

**2 out of 3 Falls No DQ Match for the US Title: Ted DiBiase(c) vs Nigel McGuinness

**Intercontinental Title on a Pole Match for the IC Title: Christian(c) vs Kofi Kingston

**I Quit Match for the Women's Title: Awesome Kong (c) vs Beth Phoenix

**Tag Team Title Cage Match: Tyler Black and Richie Steamboat(c) vs The Young Bucks

**First Blood Match: Chris Jericho vs John Morrison

**No DQ Mask vs Career Match: Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara

-Tonight on SmackDown, Kofi Kingston wrestles Wade Barrett; if Barrett wins he enters the IC Title match at Hardcore Havoc

-Rey Mysterio returns and reveals his attacker

-The Cutting Edge returns as Edge and Lita interview Terri

-In the main event, CM Punk wrestles Tyson Kidd

-Video replay of Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, and William Regal beating Christian down and joining forces

Singles Match(If Wade Barett wins he enters the IC Title Match at Hardcore Havoc):

Kofi Kingston d. Wade Barrett w/William Regal and Drew McIntyre via pinfall after the Trouble in Paradise

NOTE::: During the match, IC Champ Christian ran to the ring and attacked Regal and McIntyre which distracted Barett

Segment #1: After the match, Christian hit the KillSwitch on Barrett and Kingston hit Christian with the Trouble in Paradise. Kofi Kingston grabs the IC title, and throws it on Christian. Who will win at Hardcore Havoc?

Interview with the Tag Team Champions Tyler Black and Richie Steamboat:

Josh Matthews: Tonight, you two are not in action but you will be at Hardcore Havoc. How are you preparing?

Richie Steamboat: We're working out, practicing different moves that we can hit together, and we're trying to be as quiet as possible. The Young Bucks are talking a lot of trash, and our response will be shown in the ring at Hardcore Havoc.

Matthews: You two have never wrestled in a Cage Match, how do you prepare for that?

Tyler Black: We can't, it's an experience we have never been in but neither have the Young Bucks. We can go in there knowing that we are on an even playing field.

Matthews: Last question guys, The Young Bucks said that you two were living a dream. True or false?

Black: Definitely true, since I was young I always wanted to be a wrestler and a champion in the WWE and look at me now. This is a dream come true, and I am loving it.

Steamboat: My dad used to take me with him when he wrestled for the WWE, and I knew that this was what I wanted to do. Now, I'm here and I am a champion. My dreams and aspirations have become a reality.

Matthews: Thanks guys.

Tag Team Match:

Drew McIntyre and William Regal d. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater via pinfall after the Future Shock DDT on Slater

Segment #2: Rey Mysterio's music hits and he RUNS to the ring. He is in street clothes. He grabs a mic, ?Surprisingly, Sin Cara is not here tonight. I'm sure he's in Jacksonville, Florida by now. As you all know, at Hardcore Havoc I will be putting my career on the line. If I lose I will retire from the WWE,? The crowd boos, ?Two weeks ago I was attacked in the back before a match. I wanted to bring to light my attacker and call him out right now. Evan Bourne, I want you out here right now!? Evan Bourne's music hits and he runs to the ring in wrestling gear with the crowd booing. Bourne grabs a mic, ?Rey, I respect you and I didn't mean to injure you but I have been left off of TV for a long time. Randy Orton punted me right off television. I saw a opportunity and I took it. I knew that if I would attack you then I would be immediately put back on wrestling television. I would now like to apologize.? Evan extends his hand to Mysterio, and Mysterio shakes it. Bourne than kicks him in the head, and he runs out and grabs a chair. Evan hits Rey in the back with the chair three times, and lays the chair on top of him. Shooting Star Press on the chair on Rey Mysterio! Bourne grabs a mic, ?Good luck on your match this Sunday.?

Three on Three Tag Team Match:

Gail Kim, Tamina, and Maryse d. The Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly via submission after Kelly Kelly tapped out to the Sharpshooter

Singles Match:

Tyson Kidd d. CM Punk via pinfall after a Crucifix Pin reversal of the GTS

Note::: During the match, Edge came through the crowd singing ?Metalingus? distracting CM Punk

Segment #3: It's time for the Cutting Edge! The ring is all set up, and Edge's music hits. Edge comes to the ring with Lita like old times. Edge sits back on the sofa with Lita. Edge is in jeans and his shirt. Edge has a mic, ?Hey Lita, how are you feeling?? Lita also has a mic, ?I feel outstanding!? Edge, ?Do you feel like kicking ass and breaking someone's leg?? Lita, ?Hell yeah, I hope I can bend Terri's leg so far that it snaps in twelve places.? Edge, ?Same here, except I want to do that with CM Punk's neck. I think he can weasel out because of his greasy hair. Now, let's bring our our guest...Terri!? Terri's music hits, but she doesn't come out. Instead, she appears on the titan tron. Terri, ?Edge, you are as childish as ever and that's why Lita likes you. She looks a hundred, and dating you makes her feel fifty.? Lita jumps up and starts yelling. Terri, ?Sit your fat ass down Lita, Edge this Sunday I will help CM Punk win his third World Title and I will make you pout. The Cutti

The Cutting Edge is so boring, these people want action. Maybe, you should look behind you. I have a surprise.? Edge looks back, and CM Punk kicks him in the head. Lita jumps on CM Punk's back, and he throws her onto Edge. CM Punk grabs the World Title, and hits Edge in the head with it. CM Punk celebrates with the World Title as we fade to black...
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nice, i loled my ass off when edge started chanting metalingus, it's something edge would totally do XD
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awesome very descriptive
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Match 1-10/10

Post Match-10/10

Promo 1-10/10

Match 2-10/10

Promo 2-10/10

Match 3-9/10

Match 4-10/10

Post Match-10/10




Who are the faces/heels in the divas match?
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