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Greatest Wreslting Manager of all time?
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Default Greatest Wreslting Manager of all time?




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Straight ?dge eniGma is on a distinguished road

Bobby Heenan
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Wrestling Madness is on a distinguished road

Manager : Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan

Announcer : Lillin Garcia

Commentator : Jim Ross

Booker : Vince Mcmahon

Heel : 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase

Face : Hulk Hogan
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Greg Lambert

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Great Wrestling Manager of all time: Bobby The Brain Heenan

Announcer - Justin Roberts and Howard Finkle

Booker - Vince Mcmahon

Heel - Stone Cold Steve Austin, Classy Freddie Blassie, Vince McMahon, Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan are all masters of the heel persons and could be classed as the best of all time

Face - John Cena
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Manger - Ms.Elizabeth

Announcer -Lillian Garcia

Worst Booker - Russo

Heel - Cole

Face - Hogan
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Mr. Fuji actually made a difference, other than standing there and looking 'pretty'.
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Manager: There are great Wrestling managers, of them:

-Bobby The Brain Heenan is one of the greatest of all time. almost every wrestler he managed has won a championship and made an impact. He talked the talk and managed the manage!! He proved that any wrestler can use someone to help boost them to the top and paved the way for other greats.

-Jimmy The mouth of the South Hart done everything to be heard from yelling in a megaphone, to popping his tongue in promos. He managed a full list of very successful wrestlers and made an impact on the business of managing today.

Announcer: There are only few announcers that i enjoy herring, of them:

-Lillian Garcia has a rich and eccentric voice that could make you love herring someones name being called. She had that Latina twist and made every word sound sexy, or maybe it was cause she was sexy? Along with that she could belt a note high and sing like an angel, making her the greatest female ring announcer ever.

-Howard Finkle The Fink has that announcer voice and every wrestlemania would be write without herring him announce it. He has something special about his voice that makes him a big part of wrestling. And his every time you here him announce you know its him cause he has that distinction from everyone else.

-Tony Chimmel also has a nice powerful announcer voice.

Commentator: this one is hard cause there are so many greats, but of them:

-Good Ol' Jr. Jim Ross is one if not the greatest commentator of all time. He has called some of the greatest matches ever and has made some powerful, impact quotes, like his famous Its a Slobber Knocker!! He has a great sense of action and makes every match better when he commentates on it.

-Jerry The King Lawler is another great commentator. He has that great comedic route to commentating and makes every match more enjoyable when he throws in a wise crack. Along side JR., they are a due not to be messed with. Probably the next greatest pair, alongside Gorilla and The Brain.

-Mick Foley The Hardcore Legend is one of my personal favorites, because i love the twist he adds to commentating. He has been in the business long and can add a sense of understanding or knowledge behind every match. He also goes the comedic route, and personally he has a wide rang of vocabulary. Although Mrs. Foley's baby boy only commentated for a short period he did make a impact in my eyes.

Heel: In wrestling history there are some great heels, among them:

-Randy The Viper Orton has made his name by making people hate him. His master work is not with the mic, but the action that he does by taring a person apart psychically. He destroys his opponents to the core, then makes fun of them in their face, setting the crowd in hate mood. He feed off their hate, and became stronger and more irritating.

-The Rated R Superstar Edge made an impact on the fans by stealing his way into victory. He was hated for taking wat he wanted and doing any manipulative thing possible to get wat he wanted. From cheating his way to the WWE title, to marrying Vicki Guerrero to get to the top. He done wat possible and it made the crowd go nuts and boo him like a ghost at midnight.

-Chris Jericho, one of my personal favorites, has to be one of the greatest heels ever. He knew how to rant and rad and used the mic to his advantage. He has such great mic skills, that with the use of one very big vocabulary word, he would get under the skin of every member of the audience. Y2J was a self loving, cocky, intelligent, mastermind and used the reaction of the crowd to get what he wanted. His brains brought him glory and his mic skills brought him hate.

Face: So many wrestler where great face, but of them:

-Hulk The Hulkster Hogan is one, if not the greatest, faces of all time. He could make a crowd react so greatly by swaying a US flag in the air, and saying Hulkamania 12 thousand times. He had such power and so many fans, that he was the top wrestler of his time. The fans loved him so much that he had his own cereal, ice cream, and TV show. He paved the way for so many and made a big impact on faces today.

-Rey The master of the 619 Mysterio is one of the crowds favorite people. The kids love him and react to him greatly. He knows how to persuade a crowd and the way he treats the kids makes him a superstar. When his music plays and he walks down the ramp and touches heads with each kid he gets so much love. and his performances in the ring bring him to greater distances than others.

-John The Chain Gang Soldier Cena is today's top face. Everywhere you look in a crowd you see tons of his shirt and merch. Everybody seems to love him. He puts on great shows and has great mic skills which makes the crowd go wild for him. He is so grateful for the fans and has proven that he is the man on top and has them to back him up on that.

There is my favorites!!

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Jeremiah is on a distinguished road


Vince McMahon

Ric Flair

Hulk Hogan
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Maybe not goat but these guys deserve recognition

Manager - Jim Cornet, this guy definitely deserves some props

Announcer - Joey Styles - he didn't need a foil and had a tremendous knowledge of wrestling

Booker - Jeff/Jerry Jarrett TNA! TNA!

Heel - Hulk Hogan, greatest heel turn ever ! and seriously at this point NO ONE likes the guy

Face - The Ultimate Warrior, so what if he couldn't wrestle ,he cut the greatest promos in the business,had an unmatched intensity and the kids loved him
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