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Is it a smart idea to have two heel champions at the same time?
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Default Is it a smart idea to have two heel champions at the same time?

So, I know there have been two heel champions before, but is it really a smart idea? This is not a spoiler, but just a rumor that Miz and Alberto Del Rio will switch brands tonight. With that being said, Alberto Del Rio would likely win the WHC and make it RAW Property, while Miz retains the WWE Title, making it SD! Property.

So, if they do switch brands, do you think that Miz will turn face?

BQ: If Morrison/Miz go to SD!, do you see Morrison winning the WWE Title at Xtreme Rules?

BQ2: If ADR does go to Raw, what happens with Christian?

BQ3: Your predictions for the draft?
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It won't be too bad to have two heel champions as it's always a bit better to have the face chasing after the title IMO. Current plans call for Miz to eventually turn face and be the top face on SD.

BQ: Morrison isn't winning it.

BQ2: He moves on, possibly challenge Miz.

BQ3: To RAW: ADR( With WHC), Drew, KaneBig Show, Kofi, Barrett (With IC Title) and a few other mid-carders

To SmackDown: Orton, Miz (With WWE Title), Sheamus (With US), Bryan, Ryder, Sin Cara and a few other mid-carders.
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Yes. It is really smart. I like that idea alot. If you notice heels bring in the ratins, because people stay tuned to watch to see what face is going to win the titles from these jerks.

If The Miz switch brands, he has alot of people to feud with. All he has to do is open his mouth, piss someone off. Then a face will come out, tell him to shut up. Then wham! A feud.

If Miz and Morrison goes to smack down. I can see Morrison winning the title. Because Cena won't go to Smack Down. So it is gaurenteed he won't win. Plus it give Morrison and The Miz a reason to feud the right way.

My predictions. Stuff will happen.
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Two faces, two heels, one of each, etc. wouldn't matter if they kept everyone on their own show. If they want separate rosters, they need to make the shows independent of each other again, therefore making each title's story independent of another.

BQ and BQ2: These will be easier to answer after seeing who gets drafted. The matches at ER will remain, but I think it's safe to say the titles are likely switching brands.

BQ3: I predict a big main eventer will go to SD. They're running out of main eventers over there.
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Yeah, Miz will turn face soon I am pretty sure and if he does go to SD then he will turn face there. If Miz goes to SD then the only way I see him turning face is after he would have a match against Morrison for WWE title ( It might happen at Extreme Rules or at Over the Limit) , R-Truth will come out will start kicking Morrison and taking a chair start kicking him again, Miz will be watching it and I think Miz will turn face at that time, he will save Morrison from R-Truth and might create a tag team again.

BQ No, I don't see him winning that Extreme Rules. I am pretty sure that R-Truth will screw up Morrison by not letting him out of the cage, if Miz does lose to Morrison then I would rather see it at Summer slam, at a bigger PPV and it would be good match which will attract people to watch it.

BQ 2 Well if Alberto Del Rio does become World Heavy Weight Champion then surely we will have Christian going crazy and turning heel. Even when Edge was world heavy weight champion, it drove Christian crazy, so there is no doubt Christian turning heel if Del Rio wins World heavy weight title.

BQ 3 To Raw :

-Alberto Del Rio

- Drew McIntyre

- Rey Mysterio

- Gabriel

- Slater

- Jack Swagger

- Layla

- Beoth Phoenix

- Kelly

To Smack Down

- Daniel Bryan

- Ted DiBiase

- The Miz

- All members of New Nexus except for CM Punk

- R-Truth

- Sin Cara


- Vladimir Kozlov

- Gail Kim

- Bella Twins

- Eve Torres
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No, he will remain a heel for at least one year because it was a rumor that The Miz will turn face

BQ: No, Miz will retain and goes to Smackdown and brings the title with him or Morrison loses and possibly challenges Del Rio for his title.

BQ 2: He will fued with The Miz for the WWE title and will have a regular match at WWE Over The Limit.

BQ 3: Del Rio, Kofi (who will win the IC title at WWE Xtreme Rules), Beth, Michelle, McIntyre,Tyler Reks and Undertaker to RAW and The Miz, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder and Melina to Smackdown.
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