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Live NWA discussion
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 06:30 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Live NWA discussion

well since i am apparently not doing it elsewhere for god knows what reason i'll do it here

show is starting off with goldielocks singing god bless america and I have to say this....the woman can't carry a tune to save her life, I know it is the thought that counts, but come on

now we're going back to clips from last weeks show
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 06:35 PM   #2 (permalink)
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aj sytles comes down to the ring with a chainsaw in hand and is now going to the S.E.E. locker room

styles is yelling at gilbirdie for costing him the match, and threatens to cut his head off, calls them scum and says they all suck

styles challenges gilbirdie to a match and wants to saw his body parts off, then calls him a faggot

siaki is laughing at gilbirdie

sanders says gilbirdie was challenged not the rest of s.e.e. and gilbirdie says he has no gear so he sends mike sanders out to the ring to face styles
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 06:45 PM   #3 (permalink)
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styles charges sander and now sanders takes down styles with a head scissors

styles rolls up sanders for a two count

sanders throws styles into the ropes but nothing comes of it, styles is now outside of the ring on his back after being thrown over the top rope

styles sends sanders back first into the ring,....looks like sanders has dyed his hair jet black

raven won't be at the show this week they're saying

back to the match styles throws sanders in the ..two..

sanders takes styles down with what looked like a screwed up chokeslam, sanders lays several kicks to the back of styles head who does a kip up but gets hit in the head with a front kick by sanders


sanders hits an elbow over the throat of styles, sanders working on the back of styles who is face down in the bottem turnbuckle

styles counters with lefts and rights with a few uppercuts, sanders goes behind with a belly to back suplex

one.....two...kick out by styles

one..two...another kick out by styles

sanders locks a sleeper on styles with both men laying on the mat, now both en are up styles gets yanked down by his hair

styles with more lefts and rights, takes sanders down with a clothesline, ref starts to count as both men are down

sanders misses with a clothesline gets taken down with a spinning heel kick then a clothesline, dropkick by styles

one...two...kick out by sanders

backdrop by styles, kick to the back of sanders head, several snap kicks,

styles sets up for the styles clash...sanders reaches for the ropes and gets the bottem rope

styles misses with a roundhouse kick...sanders looks good tonight

one...two...after a take down by sanders....styles with a gutwrench suplex

both men are down, and the ref starts the ten kicks out

sanders kicks styles, takes him down with a gut buster, goes for a neckbreaker but styles hits a superkick on the jaw

styles on the top turnbuckle but here comes siaki who pushes styles off, siaki holds styles but gets superkicked by sanders on accident

styles with the rollup

one..two...gilbiride with a chain

styles rolls up sanders one...two....three

aj styles wins the match

gilbirdie comes into the ring and argues with styles...sanders gets up and here omes siaki back into the ring

siaki asking what happened and now shoves sanders...gilbirdie shoves sanders and sanders shoves back..siaki in the middle of both men

sanders leaves the ring
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 06:46 PM   #4 (permalink)
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clips of the konnan vs lynn feud are being shown now

good god i'm so sick and tired of seeing luchas vs lynn week in and week out
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 06:52 PM   #5 (permalink)
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Good Job Ice...I got home to late to order it, I thought i did it yesterday...I linked your fans from your old home here though...
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 06:55 PM   #6 (permalink)
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konnan comes down to the ring first and grabs the mic

asking where his white trash, redneck and imbred people are at, starts bagging on mariah carreyand says it's bad enough the americans stole the mexicans land and that a lucha 70 years in the making is going to reclaim it

here comes jerry lynn sliding into the ring

konnan on the attack with kicks and punches, lynn backed into the corner as konnan is laying an ass whipping on him

konnan with a leg scissors choke hold on lynn with the arm bent back for submission, lynn gets thrown outside of the ring, konnan rips off his shirt and goes outside the ring now

konnan goes back first into the guard rails, lynn jumps off the ring steps but gets caught by konnan who powerbombs lynn outside of the ring

lynn goes head first into the ring steps, now both men are back into the ring ..both men firing lefts and rights, lynn being pummeled in the corner with headbutts and kicks to the chest

konnan slams lynn onto the mat and jumps up onto the second turnbuckle, lynn comes up with a chokeslam , but konnan gets the pin...


lynn lifts up a foot and konnan gets it in the face, lynn with a dropkick and grabs konan, sending him int the ropes, crucifix rollup by lynn


lynn starts kicking konnan and whips him into the ropes, konnan with the roll ..two....

lynn gets up and hits a dropkick on konnan, lynn with a few punches leap frog, rolling thunder into a clothesline by konnan


lynn on the top turnbukcle but konnan blocks the tornado ddt, but lynn hits a regular ddt on the mat

one...two.....kick out

lynn with a cradle piledriver but konnan reverses it, roll up by lynn


here comes someone in yellow and attacks lynn, just kickng lynns ass and runs out....dressed in all yellow and konnan doesn't have a clue who that was
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 07:00 PM   #7 (permalink)
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sit down interview with jeff jarrett

jarrett has a charity event that is preventing him from showing up for the ppv

jarrett says that the nwa title is the most coveted

styles: phenomenal athlete with a black heart as jarrett is answering

raven: a guy who came in and took over tna for a few weeks, raven has worked his ass off and earned his title shot, ravens best days might be gone

ron killings: used to have respect for ron but doesn't know what he thinks now. Jarrett says let him stay gone if killings wants to be a cry baby

d'lo brown: shrewd negotiater....always been a talented in ring preformer, on his game here and will get his title shot

erik watts: doesn't have time for mind games, erik watts isn't a legitemet challenger and is a joke

jarrett then says in this business nobody has had success that doesn't have personal issue after personal issue, russo says you have the title you have all the power you need

david flair: shouldn't be walking around with the nwa world title and only three men have one...dusty rhodes, ric flair ..and david flair touching the nwa title is a joke....doesn't say who owns the last one

talks about russo being gone: jarrett looks like he's going to cry and the interview is over
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 07:01 PM   #8 (permalink)
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now it's time for a raven package and clips of raven and his journy to the world title
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 07:03 PM   #9 (permalink)
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Damn i have a feeling this is going to be a good cared...Shit
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 07:09 PM   #10 (permalink)
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now it's time for the new church and their partners vs XXX and the harris twins

here comes slash, brian lee and father mitchell to the ring *god im such a mark for these guys*

all three men in the ring looking sadistic as usual and father mitchell grabs the mic

the members of S.E.E. have made a grave mistake in tonights S&M match *sadistic madness*

there are no rules but one

the referee can't count a wrestler out, or make the three count unless that wrestler is bleeding. so that's very good for the new church but bad for s.e.x.

the average wrestler becomes weak and disoriented when they begin to bleed but the new church aren't ordinary because they're like sharks when they taste blood they become invinseable

the new church is going to turn the tna asylum into a slaugherhouse

here comes XXX and the harris twins now with some 70's funk music

face off with XXX and the harris twins against lee and slash but daniels has a mic now

daniels says that s.e.x. is a better religion because the followers outnumber his 2 to 1

father mitchell laughs and daniels says they accepted the challenge, but father mitchell must not mind if they bleed because XXX doesn't either

daniels says they can bleed right now

all 5 men go at it in the ring now as father mitchell leaves

here comes sandman with his cane and starts hitting away

total chaos in the ring taking place as it's 5 on 3 ...the lights go out now

SATURN!!!!!!!!!!!! PERRY SATURN is in NWA TNA!!!!!!

saturn cleaning house and kicking ass and the fans are going wild now, with t bone suplex after t bone suplex

lee, slash, saturn with tattoos all over his head and down the back of his neck...WOW!!!!!

holy shit!!! that's all i can say
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 07:11 PM   #11 (permalink)
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goldie locks talking to dusty rhodes earlier today

dusty says he's an old bull left in the pin...scared up and hes putting in shovels, and barbed wire into a wheelbarrel

dusty loves the future and unknown but he respects the past, lawler, flair and watts doesn't

dusty says when flair earns his respect that he should've been taught

dusty vs david flair in an old bunkhouse match tonight and has a cowbell with rope now and dusty says he's going to take the nwa title back
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 07:13 PM   #12 (permalink)
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clips are now being shown of sonny siaki and atheena from last week where siaki attacked her and hit with the sitdown piledriver and david young came to make the save
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 07:22 PM   #13 (permalink)
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david young is in the ring and said siaki tried to make a name by hitting a woman and his friend

atheena comes out in a neckbrace and says siaki stepped in shit last week and this week young is going to feed it to him so bring his punk ass out now

david young vs sonny siaki now FINALLY he's on tna again and not wrestling on xplosion

david young going after siaki with stiff punches, gut buster and atomic drop and again by young

one...two...clothesline that damn near took off siakis head

young just kicking siakis ass....young on the top turnbuckle with a flying cross body block


young with an enziguri kick and again


david young is impressive....siaki with a foot to the face....belly to belly suplex by david young, siaki rolls out onto the arena floor

young comes out and goes for a hurricanranna but siaki catches him and drives him head first into the ring steps...both men are down as siaki slowly gets to his feet

siaki takes off his belt now, tosses young back into the ring..

one...two...shoulder up and rolled out of the way

siaki with a shoulder block into the corner,,,and another one

fishermans suplex


siakis pants are falling down and his black thong YUCK is sticking out

young with more fists of fury but goes down with a elevated press, snaped neck by siaki

one..two....nope young kicks out

siaki with a sleeper hold on young now in the middle of the ring, young falls down to the mat..siaki now laying on the mat with the sleeper hold applied

one....two....atheena starting a go david go chant

young and siaki on their fet now, young hits with a dropkick

one...two...kick out by siaki

one...two....kick out by siaki again

siaki with a go behind and now youg who hits a spinebuster on siaki

young looks around the ring and stands up telling atheena to come into the ring....young holds siaki and atheena slaps him, now she comes into the ring, young holding siaki but atheena kicks him in the nuts

desire comes into the ring and she's choking atheena and now david young grabs her but siaki hits the siacolypese now

desire pulls out handcuffs and they cove young to the bottem rope

atheena holding her neck as siaki grabs her by the hair....siaki kicks her and hits a siacolypse on atheena ...the officials come into the ring and siaki leaves...young is being uncuffed now
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 07:23 PM   #14 (permalink)
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goldielocks is talking with amazing red

some woman says trinity is going to understand she is notihng more then a garnish just like goldy locks

the woman says her name is screw you bitch which is alexis laurane

now here comes next generation, flair, lawler and watts
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Old 26 Mar 2003, 07:35 PM   #15 (permalink)
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watts has the mic now

says he came there to apologise to him and calls jeff a true champ and everything about him is a champion

and today jeff takes the day off for a charity event so god bless jeff but he calls watts a fake and non contender

watts says he's not here for a title shot and that he came here to talk to jarrett, it's not about the title shot, it's about getting in his head, so keep the title and watts just wants to be his friend

the lights go out and when the lights come on jeff jarrett is in the ring and nails watts with a guitar, watts is pulled out of the ring by lawler and flair

the mindgames just got his ass handed to him

jarrett calls out truth and he'll have his ass handed to him , now he says he'll chop styles ass down to size

now he's calling out s.e.x. and tells gilbirdie to bring his yankee ass to the ring

says raven is the only guy who's earned his title shot and says he's sick and tired d'lo brown interrupts jarrett and comese out in street clothes

d'lo says he's been in the back for 5 minutes listening to jeff bitch and moan and says jeff is the champion and should expect it

says he talks about styles and truth and raven who isn't even in the damn building but jeff forgot to talk about him

fans are booing d'lo now and some chanting his name, jeff nods his head and d'lo says jeff called him to come to nwa

he guarranteed d'lo a title shot and in week one the asylum goes crazy and in week two d'lo ends up watching jeffs back and tonight jeff tries to side track d'lo with chris harris

it's all about business and the business at hand is the nwa world heavyweight championship

d'lo wants to call himself world champ, jarrett nods his head and d'lo says raven isn't here so jarrett should face d'lo after his match and give him his world title shot tonight

jarrett says fine and that d'lo wants a hand out because the wee dicked him around for 7 years and jarrett says he won't roll over and drops the title on the hits and now here comes s.e.x. to the ring well gilbirdie and the harris twins

gilbirdie says time out...this isn't the wwe and they don't check their brains at the building

raven and styles had a match for the #1 contender, raven won and it's a simple concept

if there's going to be a title match it's going to be sanctioned by s.e.x. and since raven isn't there it's gilbirdies choice

chants of disco sucks takes place

gilbirdie says when you fight jeff jarrett that it's not a fair fight, because you're fighting everyone anybody that will help jeff out

when push comes to shove, jarrrett is a low down, red neck, rotten son of a bitch and rotten to the core and leaned that from vince russo

gilbirdie says d'lo will get his world title shot next week....but there is a condition

to insure that d'lo has a fair fight s.e.x. is going to represent him in his corner and if d'lo wins the title and he will win the title...instead of taking it up that ramp and march it into the locker room and become the next member of s.e.x.

d'lo gets in jeffs face and says he has one question

how will it feel next week when his ass gets down with the brown

jarrett says d'los ass got worked up and jarrett will have to put it into place

jarrett says gilbirdie will find out the meaning of don't piss me off
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