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do you think wrestling fans value entertainment more then the actual wrestling?
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Default do you think wrestling fans value entertainment more then the actual wrestling?

by entertainment i mean all these promos and skits and such. i hear many people bash it but yet this section which is 95% wwe are being hypocritical since that is what wwe is.

what happened to all those years ago when wrestling in the ring is what said the story. they didn't skits. seems to me people have grown to adapt to it.
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I consider the wrestling, AS entertainment. The word entertainment can mean, performance. So wouldn't by definition, the wrestling be entertainment?

IMO, the wrestling and the promos work together. The promos can help the match, it adds story, and can hype up a good match very well (Well, except that didn't work out in the Attitude Era to well).
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LEt me ask you, How did the Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Stone Cold steve austin become thie bigest name, thats right their characters' promos and charisma, not their in ring skills
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No not at all! I love the entertaining aspect and I love the wrestling
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Personally, i think you need both. I wouldn't be half as interested in a match if i didn't feel like i 'knew' the guys in it. They build the characters so people become emotionally invested in it. It's like watching a football match when you don't care who wins. Obviously a match is better with better quality wrestling but the entertainment part is what builds the characters. I agree there's more focus nowadays but the business grows with demand and people demand the entertainment factor. I'm happy with it anyway. Promo's and monologues are fine, as long as there's some good quality wrestling in there too.
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I know some wrestling fans who prefer wrestling over the entertainment and others vice-versa. I think it's basically your decision and your choice over what you like, like who doesn't like the entertainment? You got yourselves promos, interviews and also some surprising returns since the actual wrestling doesn't always provide you with surprise returns.

But then there's a downfall if you like more entertainment because then you got the actual wrestling and that's when you enjoy yourself the most really, promos are good but who doesn't like a decent wrestling match? Im pretty sure fans value the wrestling too but they just don't show it all the time cause most of the crowd are women and kids who barely know some legends or other wrestlers who've been absent for months.

Im certain wrestling fans like both entertainment and wrestling when they watch the WWE but like I said it's a personal choice over what you like.
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Do you ever watch an episode of Raw and you wonder what happened to my wrestling show? You're not alone. The word wrestling is one of those foreign terms in WWE these days. The male performers are superstars, not wrestlers. The women are divas. If a superstar or diva says the term wrestling or wrestler odds are good that they would be reprimanded by management.

In an article at, it states that a WWE publicist named Kellie Baldyga sent a stern e-mail to the author of a story about Drew Carey being in the pro wrestling hall of fame. The email demanded that the headline be corrected. Baldyga wrote in her email, ?We are no longer a wrestling company but rather a global entertainment company with a movie studio, international licensing deals, publisher of three magazines, consumer good distributor and more.?

A global entertainment company huh? This drew a lot of attention from people, myself included.

I think it's more of a marketing thing. I don't think they'd get big companies like Mattel to partner with them if they were branded as a pro wrestling company. Remember their favorite sponsor before? Castrol GTX. Not a big name sponsor.

The Global Entertainment Company name is a branding as a way to attract bigger, more respectable companies to them. That's always why they have the PG label. They are making more money in advertising than they did before even though less people are watching the product than they did a decade ago.

The money they make in advertising dollars can make up for the lesser money they make in PPV buys. It makes sense to me, but I think you're alienating a lot of fans by shying away from the term wrestling. The average person walking down the street knows WWE as the wrestling show. Most of them don't know what TNA or Ring of Honor is. Some of them probably think it's still called WWF even though it's been nine years since the name change.

On WWE's part I think they realize that they're not going to lose any viewers because of it, so they might as well keep doing it. I can see both sides. Ultimately it's not a big deal, but it is something we can joke about of course.

While I don't think WWE would ever change the name WrestleMania because it has a huge place in history, what if they did?

Like I said I don't think that would ever happen because the marketability of WrestleMania is so strong, but imagine if it did?

No thanks. I'm not going to call it a Global Entertainment Company despite what WWE tells me. I barely like the term sports entertainment. It's still wrestling to me.

Most of the time.

As one person said, the wrestling is entertainment, so US wrestling fans prefer the entertainment spectacle over the actual wrestling.

Lets face it, would you still watch WWE if it were just matches with no tension, storyline, or promos?
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