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Who is the biggest draw in wrestling history?
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Default Who is the biggest draw in wrestling history?

Who do you think are the biggest draws in history? I can't find anything in the way of actual statistics that would show who actually was, and I'm not even sure if that sort of proof exists. So how would you rank the biggest draws of all time? I would assume the list has to start with Hogan and I would think Stone Cold would be high on the list along with guys like HBK, Undertaker, and The Rock.
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Hulk Hogan

Ric Flair

Stone Cold

The Rock
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hogan(even though i hate him)



stone cold


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Hulk Hogan
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Well, the only real candidates I can think of are Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and The Rock. Maybe Ric Flair, but I would doubt it.

You'd be hard-pressed to find legitimate statistics (even though it would be very, very interesting to see them if they exist somewhere), but just from the incredible amount of mainstream popularity that those three generated (and in The Rock's case, continue to generate), I can't think of anyone who even really comes close to them. The difference between those three and everyone else is that Hogan, Austin and The Rock all transcended wrestling. The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, who I see have garnered their own cases in answers above mine, are both two of the best wrestlers the WWE has ever employed, but even the most ardent fan of both of them (and I'm a pretty big fan of both guys) can admit that they never truly caught fire outside of the traditional wrestling fan like Hogan, Austin and The Rock did.

In terms of strictly inside wrestling, I would say that Hogan is the biggest all time draw. From 1983 until 1999 or 2000, he was THE MAN in wrestling. Hell, he was the guy who really put professional wrestling on the map. Hogan, first in the WWF and later in WCW, made it cool to be a wrestling fan. He was the face of the franchise when Vince was expanding like crazy and sending his business onto frontiers it had never dreamed off before, like MTV. The 1980's were the breakthrough years for the WWF and pro wrestling, and Hulk Hogan was the reason why. When the WWF was launching itself onto the national television landscape for the first time, Hogan was the guy who they had lead the way and he smashed everyone's wildest expectations. Hogan was the reason why Wrestlemania was so successful 27 years ago, and why it's the institution it is today. Without Hulk Hogan, none of that even happens. He caught the imagination of the average guy, unlike anyone before or since, and the WWE as we know it today was established because of that. That's pretty huge.

I can see an argument for Steve Austin, but remember, Austin became huge in 1997 and faded out a bit in 2003. That's still six years, but Hogan was a mega force for way longer. When you're talking about pure dollars over such a long period of time, no one even approaches Hogan.

However, when you step outside the boundaries of wrestling, then I would say that The Rock is the biggest draw of all time. He was able to leverage his incredible popularity from the WWE, when wrestling was the height of cool in the mainstream eyes, and translate that into a multi-million dollar film career that is still going strong, even years after Austin and Hogan have faded from the public consciousness. The Rock's wrestling popularity drew millions (and millions...) of people to his movies, and he's a major action movie star now because of that. That's something that no one else in wrestling history has been able to do (or at least not to the degree that The Rock has).
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I would say Undertaker is the biggest draw in wrestling history.Everytime Undertaker is heading down to the ring, making his entrance, standing on the steps, standing in the ring, or wrestling a match, the fans are always on their feet.When Undertaker gets a mic, the audience are listening to every word Undertaker has to say, from start to finish, with few or no interruptions.When he is in a match, we always talk about it, we always enjoy it.He always delivers in those matches, even when and if he is wrestling while injured.Undertaker is a hard working wrestler, there isn't any other superstar that works harder than Undertaker, to send all of the fans home happy.The thing is, Undertaker isn't there just for the money, cause if that was the case, Undertaker would have left the professional wrestling business a very long time ago.Due to all that Undertaker has accomplished, from his many championship reigns to what Undertaker is actually in the business for, that makes Undertaker the biggest draw in wrestling history.You know thats true, since every year, WWE seems to make Wrestlemania revolve just around Undertaker.Even all the other superstars think and know that Undertaker is the best.When all your other peers and co-workers think that you are the best, that must actually mean that you are the best, and that is with no exception to the Undertaker!
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