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Why did NXT go into the tank?
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Default Why did NXT go into the tank?

This is something I just understand. I mean, seasons one and two were both superb, but since then, the show has been falling off a cliff with no signs of slowing down. I can't tell if the primary issue lies with weaker wrestlers being presented or a lack of caring by the WWE, but I'd like your thoughts on why NXT, which was once such an entertaining program, is now such a joke.

BQ: Is Johnny Curtis even going to appear on regular WWE television? If so, when?
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it all started when the WWE decided to remove the air ECW, ECW while there had high levels of audience in the SyFy suddenly decides to take WWE ECW WWE air and put NXT that was good in the beginning but now it seems even a wrestling program because we have competitions, points of immunity, this guy looks like a reality show.
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They ran out of talent.

How often do new superstars debut? Maybe once a month? NXT was introducing 6-8 new superstars ever 3 months or so. And, quite frankly, a lot of them weren't ready for national TV.
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no one cared after season 2

bq when hes given more training
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Because Smackdown moved to their show to the Syfy network and the NXT Tuesday

night time slot got taken off Syfy's television lineup. NXT Season 1 was the best of all

of the seasons because of Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) he should of won the NXT

Season 1 and he should of been partnered up with William Regal not Miz. Season 2

of NXT was alright because of KAVAL who is one of the best wrestlers in the world he

won NXT Season 2 only to sign a contract to be a jobber on Smackdown he jobbed all

of his matches on Smackdown. Instead of the WWE giving KAVAL a decent push on

Smackdown like they did with Wade Barrett in NXT Season 1 they never allowed Kaval

to wrestle up to his fullest potential. And after a while KAVAL straight up went to go to

speak with WWE management he asked them point blank if he has heat with anyone

in the company? And they told him no then, he asked them what they had planned on

doing with his character KAVAL in World Wrestling Entertainment the WWE Creative

Department told Kaval they didn't have anything for him at this time on December 23,

2010 Kaval asked for his release which is granted by World Wrestling Entertainment.

Wwe really dropped the ball with releasing KAVAL and not giving Kaval a decent push

he could of been the next best little big man in the wrestling business and champion.

NXT Season 3 I watched some episodes I really didn't keep up with NXT Season 3 that

much I hoped for AJ Lee to win the NXT Season 3 competition however, Wwe decided

to go with Kaitlyn. Speaking of her wheres Kaitlyn? Kaitlyn's appeared twice since this

year on Smackdown on January 28, 2011 Kaitlyn Kelly Kelly lost to Laycool and on

March 11, 2011 she was again defeated by Lay-Cool. My question is this? Every NXT

winner is guaranteed a title match when is Kaitlyn getting her match for the Divas title?

And NXT Season 4 I didn't even watch it. All I know is that Johnny Curtis won. Season

5 Redemption Season is just a complete joke. Finlay's son is one of the pros? What

the heck is that all about? I don't watch NXT no more. I like to watch my WWE shows

on my big screen television it's kind of inconvenient to have to stream the NXT show on

my computer for that reason I don't watch NXT no more that's too much of a hassle.

@Clark W. Shepard: Would you mind dude answer these yahoo wrestling questions?

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I don't think it's due to lack of talent in the later seasons. I think it's more due to two reasons:

1. The novelty wore off. Vince promised a show that would revolutionize the business (or at least, the WWE). NXT certainly WAS different from the normal WWE fare. But I don't think it was quite what the fans expected. I think most of us were expecting a show more like Tough Enough, where we would get to watch the growth and development of new prospects as they fought to get into the WWE. What we actually got was more like a silly game show, like a combination of The Gong Show the old classic Beat The Clock from generations past. Some of the dynamics between contestants, and their relationships with their mentors were interesting, but rather than develop that to any serious degree they chose to have the contestants engage in pretty meaningless and silly game show stunts. This pretty much killed the gravity and magnitude of what the show was supposed to portray: a young wrestler getting to fulfill his dream of working in the WWE. And because pretty much every contestant from seasons 1 2 wound up on RAW or Smackdown anyway it was never a contest to begin with. The whole thing was pretty much just an elaborate angle with a bunch of performers we didn't know. The one performer we DID know (Bryan Danielson) was watered-down and made the underdog of the competition, going against what we knew of him and his reputation throughout the wrestling world, then he won (by defying his elimination and coming back anyway) season one in a rather hokey Cinderella story.

But like most, if not all, revolutionary concepts Vince puts on TV, the novelty just...wore off. Season two was pretty much more of the same, only without as much...charisma...of the season one contestants. It wasn't a real contest, there would never be just one winner, and the silly game show stunts continued.

2. Making season three all women. That, in and of itself, isn't the problem. The problem is the WWE's attitude toward female wrestlers. The Divas are presented as petty, scatter-brained, spoiled little Barbie Dolls more concerned with their hair being in place and who's hotter among the male wrestlers. They get VERY short TV matches (and rare short PPV matches) and the commentators don't take them seriously, either. Cole's recent grandstanding look at ME histrionics about the Divas is just an exaggeration of the WWE's (Vince and his crayon-wielders) true feelings about female wrestlers. As a Vince McMahon I know that what Cole spouts is coming straight from the mind and mouth of Vince McMahon; he has Cole babble this stuff so that Cole takes the heat for it, not Vince. But that's all Vince coming out of Cole's mouth.

The WWE considers the Divas comedy-relief at best. Nobody takes them seriously. A quick look around this section's Q and A's bears that out. Thus, if Vince and creative don't take the real Divas seriously, why should the WWE universe take the wannabes seriously? Answer: they don't. The ratings sank because few people cared and the wannabe Divas got taken off TV. Season three was pretty much just an experiment, I believe, to gauge fan reaction to perhaps a future all-women brand. Vince wanted to do an all-women brand in the past (Smackdown) but a little thing called the Monday Night War put that on hold; Vince needed both of his network shows full of star power to have any hope of surviving WCW's onslaught. Afterward, it was too late. Vince had done possibly irreparable harm to female wrestling. NXT season three seemed to have proved that. The casual fans didn't care for it, and didn't care about it. So it got relegated to the WWE website for the diehards who don't mind downloading (or streaming) the shows.

Season four, of course, is seen only by those willing to go through the hassle of downloading or streaming the shows, a minute fraction of the WWE universe.

NXT wasn't really quite what we were promised, the novelty wore off, the contestants wind up on RAW and Smackdown anyway, and season three was about women and the WWE doesn't care about women wrestlers, presenting their Divas as vain and petty scatter-brained Barbie Dolls; the Divas are presented as basically comedy relief and that's how most fans see them.

A quick check of who's on season five and I see that it's just past failures getting another try. Proving that nobody ever really gets eliminated after all. It's just a continuing angle with recurring players, not a real competition.

BQ: I don't know who that is. I stopped watching NXT after it was taken off TV.
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