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How would you book the ending to The Miz vs. John Cena (with Rock involved) at WrestleMania 27?
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Default How would you book the ending to The Miz vs. John Cena (with Rock involved) at WrestleMania 27?

Book the ending to The Miz vs. John Cena (presumably with The Rock involved) at WrestleMania 27.

-- Your scenario could be how you think WWE will book the ending or how you would book the ending to Miz-Cena.
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I would have the Miz beat John Cena cleanely or with the help of Micheal Cole to stop having him being pushed more than he already has.
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The rock will be in the match and will win his 8th wwe title.
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I guess how I book it would be restricted by what the Rock will and will not do. I'm assuming he wants no match, but will be involved in a beat down. I would also want to put over either Cena or Miz since Rock is leaving soon and I'm also assuming he won't be back for a match. With those as my assumptions I would book something like this...

Raw next week. Rock comes out at the end and calls Cena out. Cena comes out and is jumped by the Miz on the ramp. No Rock Cena confrontation as Miz ruins it and gets more heat and stares down the Rock from the entrance ramp before leaving.

WM - this is tough. I guess I'll do the old ref bumb and out comes the Rock. Miz is out and this gives Cena and the Rock their moment together. Stare down. They thrash talk, maybe Rock does a you can't see me and Cena decks him. They fight and Cena gets the best of Rock for awhile and hits the you can't see me then Rock hits Cena with an attitude era low blow to stop the attitude adjustment and then hits a rock bottom and people's elbow.

Rock then turns to the Miz who is getting up and does the Rock Bottom posture and as the Rock grabs the Miz he reverses it and hits a face crushing finale and then he goes and pins Cena as the ref gets up to retain the title and thus begins the era of Miz being taken seriously. Miz gets the rub and Cena gets a moment with the Rock and is not beaten cleanly. And the Rock has come back to put over the new talent to show he still loves pro wrestling so everyone wins.

Cena and the Miz could continue to feud and of course Cena does eventually win the title because like it or not he is the top face in the WWE.
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my scenario: the match turns to a triple threat X-tream rulez match A-riley will interfere then gets hit by a rock bottom/AA on a table/chair then THE MIZ will do a skull crushing finally on a chair/wwe championship/A-Rile's briefcase because of the distraction that alex did

(i know A-Rile is fired)

WWE scenario: the referee will get knocked out then THE ROCK gives a double rock bottom to both of them then he will put miz's hand on cena's chest then THE MIZ will win
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The match has gone on for 17 minutes and with The Miz in control, he goes for his SCF but Cena back elbows Miz in the face where Cena hits his flying shoulder barge, Miz is back up and we get the same routine move set by Cena as he hits his duck under powerbomb and raises his hand in the air ready to do his old you can't see me taunt. Rock's music hits Cena turns his attention to The Rock who walks down and joins commentary booth. The Miz recovers and Cena's attention is diverted. Cena turns round to be kicked in the solar plexes by The Miz Miz attempts an inside cradle for a 2 count. Cena tries to concentrate on the match but with The Rock standing on the announce table talking smack about Cena, Cena loses it and leaves the ring to approach The Rock who stares him out. Miz pushes Cena from behind onto the table and The Rock steps down. Miz stares at The Rock as he sets up Cena for a Rock Bottom through the table. Miz talks smack to The Rock as he sets him up. Cena fights out of it and they both brawl on the table until Miz pushes Cena into The Rock. By all rights ref should be counting but instead is outside too trying to restore order. Meanwhile Cena shoves Rock into the Colemine and Miz goes after Cena as they both brawl whilst ref tells em to get back into the ring. Cena manages to roll back in as Miz follows and match continues.

Miz hits his SCF and signals for the AWESOME elbow but Cena gets up and cuts him off and quickly lands his attitude adjustment. The Rock jumps on ring side and Cena goes to attack Rock. Cena turns around Miz Rock Bottoms Cena and hits the Awesome elbow. Rock trips Miz who gets back up and the 2 trash talk. Cena goes for Miz but Miz moves and Cena hits Rock. Miz hits his SCF and covers him for the 3 count. Rock and Cena brawl and Miz attacks em both with his title.
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The Rock will end up being the special ref for the match and will screw Cena out of winning the championship. After the Miz retains the title , The Rock wastes no time to give him a Rock bottom. And as soon as he's done with the Miz , Cena gets back to his feet and confronts the Rock. The crowd builds tension as Cena (who is FURIOUS) stares at the Rock. And as the Rock tries to give Cena a Rock bottom , The Miz returns to the ring to hit the Rock from behind with the title belt. Then Cena quickly gives The Miz an Attitude Adjustment and then the STF. After security and referees try to get Cena off of the Miz , Cena eventually lets go and gets out of the ring. He grabs a mic from the announcer outside of the ring and starts to say So The Miz really thinks he is the NEW face of the WWE.... Then he goes back into the ring with the mic and starts to fight security to get them out of the way to attack the Miz again. And as Cena continues to talk , he then says : I'm tired of all this B.S!! , MY TIME IS NOW!!! And then he walks away from the ring while the miz is bruised and battered in the ring.

Then the next night on Raw , John Cena comes down to the Ring without his purple T-shirt and cuts a promo about how he feels betrayed by his so-called fans. For years , I had to put up with hearing 'Cena sucks' chants , and I have HUSTLED , been LOYAL , and definitely RESPECTED everything about this business. But what do I get back in return??!!....CENA SUCKS!!?? I worked my a** off for this company and I get betrayed for a man who left the business years ago and makes constant false promises. So now it's NO MORE Mr nice guy , Miz....Rock....whoever comes in my way , you're TIME WILL BE UP!!....cause MY TIME.....IS NOW!!! Then his new theme song plays and he walks away from the ring avoiding to shake hands with anyone from the crowd and stands on the stage to shake his head at everyone in the arena.

This will hopefully be the epic moment Cena makes his HEEL turn.
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I agree with KENTA'S booking and hoping that would happen. Tho I imagined a chair shot, a low blow is fine by me
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i say give kenta the best answer on this lol
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