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What do you guys think about my suggestions on how to improve TNA?
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Default What do you guys think about my suggestions on how to improve TNA?

Ok im a longtime wwe fan have been so for a long time grew up watching the attitude era and i still watch the wwe. If TNA wants to complete with the wwe on Monday Nights then they need some improvements. First off TNA needs to take action to Jeff Hardy i bet you if Jeff pulled that stunt in the wwe he wouldve been fired right on the spot!!!!!!!!! TNA are too damn soft on their superstars they need to be strict like the wwe where is their drug policy? Fire Hogan and Bischoff they are both old washed up has beens. Hogan especially need to be fired and enjoy his vacation. Ric Flair needs to retire i cant believe he sold himself to the devil amd Dixie Carter need s to take back control. I felt sorry for those people who were in attendence at the ppv they wasted their money for a 5 minute match!!!! TNA will never be like the WWE if they keep this sh!t up what do you guys think?
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I like your suggestions but I think I have some more. Before competing with Raw, compete with Smackdown.
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Free beer and boobs it will sell anything
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Ric Flair is actually doing GOOD...he's not even wrestling he's just making the superstars looks better by managing them, AJ Styles mic skills improved cause of Ric and Ric is working on Matt right now

and Jeff is probably suspended right now
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The way things have been in TNA for the last yee ar or so, I'm not sure that Dixie ever was in control....she needs to be more ruthless to succeed. Like you said, Jeff Hardy should've been fired on the spot. I've also said this before, but TNA also needs it's own identitiy...that is, not blatently copying off WWE ideas within a week or two (like the whole 2/21/11 - 3/3/11 thing), and not even make any mention or reference of WWE on their shows. If you watch WWE broadcasts, TNA is NEVER mentioned or referenced, on TNA it's like they feel they HAVE to keep making sly digs in order to stir up controversy of some never worked for WCW (remember things like Tony Schiavone spoiling the result of a Raw title match involving Mankind, and Raw's viewing figures actually going UP because of it) and it certainly won't work for TNA. And for God's sake, they need to make use of the great home grown talent they've got instead of burying them underneath WWE washouts all the time....I'd much rather see, say, Samoa Joe be murdering Mr Anderson than Mr Anderson be a title contender and Samoa Joe stuck in mid card matches with a Japanese guy running around after him like Kato. :/
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You seem to be blaming everything on Hogan and Bischoff, and your picking on stuff like Jeff Hardy instead of focusing on the major problems of TNA which are their creative team and Dixie Carter. This is what i suggest TNA do to improve.

1. Dixie Carter should take more of a backseat and her twitter account should be deleted. She has no idea about the wrestling business and she doesn't know what she is doing. She has constantly annoyed fans with her announcements of a 'MAJOR SURPRISE' on impact on twitter only for it to disappoint again and again. Dixie shouldn't be involved in the creative process at all.

2. Limit TV time for Bischoff and Hogan. TNA is revolving around Bischoff and Hogan too much. Bischoff seems to get more TV time than anyone else and they constantly mention Hogan. For a man who has health problems like Hogan(recent back surgery) TNA shouldn't rely on him so much. They shouldn't be fired though. Used well they can do TNA good.

3. Stability. The main thing TNA needs is stability, no constantly bringing in new designs for belts, The main stability problem however is the constant heel and face turns. Decide what someone is going to be and keep him that way for a year or two. Turns lose the shock value when they are happening week in week out. Another instability factor is constantly changing Champions. I question why Sting came in and straight away won the title and i suspect it was a way of trying to keep him off WWE paws. The Immortal thing had something going with the rivalry between Jeff and RVD and Anderson for the Title and then sting has come in, taken the belt and has messed up the whole thing. Sting being champion hasn't advanced the angle or anything or led onto other things, it just seems to be an inconvenience at the moment. A title reign that leads nowhere should not happen. TNA should have learnt that from RVDs first TNA title reign.

4. Utilize Samoa Joe better. He is being criminally underused. He is probably the 3rd best thing in TNA right now, just behind Styles and Angle. He was really starting to blow up before and now they have totally killed his momentum.

5. Run with angles and feuds better. Its no good dropping angles or feuds after one PPV match and then moving on. Build up the angle and sell if for months. TNA need to invest more time in building up feuds and angles,

6. Disband Fortune and Immortal. Immortal is a problem because TNA have this fascination with heel stables that are rip offs of the nWo. They had it long before Hogan and Bischoff came with the main even mafia. Immortal is now just like nWo with so many unnecessary members and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, does anyone have a idea where TNA are taking this immortal angle? Fortune should go because its another stable that doesn't need to be there, AJ styles should be in the main event fighting for the TNA world title. For that to happen he most drop fortune and the focus should be on him not the stable, a heel champion in a stable works with the stable helping him retain the title but a face star is always better when on his own. Beer Money should turn heel, its where they are at their best and the same probably for Kazarian. Fortune now means nothing with Ric Flair not associated with it so it should be gone.

7. Invest more time and effort in the X division. A main problem with the WWE is that apart from the main event it seems like they don't give a damn about anything else. TNA shouldn't make the same mistake.
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The thing is many people complain about TNA TO NEVER BE LIKE THE WWE, but everytime people make complaints about TNA, they say TNA will never be like the WWE.

I agree about the Jeff Hardy bits tho. I don't mind the others.

I think the only problem with TNA is that they listen to the fans. I mean fans can't seem to make up their mind about certain things. So TNA has to change their original plan every week just to give what the fan wants.
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Yeah, you don't say anything i don;t agree with.

The funny thing is, just before Hogan, Bischoff et al came on board, TNA was successful and turning a profit, so they do have a blueprint for success. The reason it doesn't just now is that the salaries are too high to certain people.

Have ONE PERSON at the top. Everyone else is expendable. That's Hogan, Bischoff, Flair basically. Have Don West brought back into the booking.

Bring back the 6 sided ring. Change the TNA logo. Develop the roster - the fans haven't increased with guys like Matt Hardy, so rebuild the roster with up and comers, and create a few more unique characters.

Sell TNA on its strengths - its not PG, it has the x division, there can be blood and profanity, the wrestling quality is generally better. Make sure more time is spent on matches each week and promise better action than wwe.

Next, readjust the audience. For a month or so, run very straight - no swerve turns, singles matches and tag matches only, clean finishes, no ridiculous claims that will 'change the face of TNA forever'.

Sell more ppv's: The world championship can only be defended at a PPV. Every PPV could have an ultimate x match. Proclaim the top tag team to be the 'Best in the World' and use contacts with NJPW to get their tag teams involved as an 'international challenge'.
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