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WS: how gullible are we?
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Default WS: how gullible are we?

ok, so I know wrestling is scripted and all, but I must confess with a bit of shame that I JUST found out Zack Gowen's misused storyline was just a fluke, I always thought Vince and Lesnar went TOO FAR with that storyline and the kid was damaged for real. Now it turns out everything was planned (even the part when Lesnar throws him off the stairs. That was a stunt actor, not Gowen) I'm very relieved to know this. And I have the balls to admit it: I fell for it. Now is your turn: We all know wrestling is staged and all. But still, there ARE real feelings and emotions atached to it. Is there any WWE moment that you think it went beyond the storyline? Did you liked it? Why or why not.

please don't put wrestler deaths. That answer is way too obvious.
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Yeah, the Edge/Lita/Matt Hardy storyline. It was actually real. No I did not like it because when you watch the interview you can see the looks of pain and anger, and they're real. It was hard to watch
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Jerry you let your mother down


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I thought what TNA had Abyss do to RVD back last year was way over the storyline.
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When Randy Orton plays heel. I know it scripted and all but I sometimes I just can't help but hate him.
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i agree with two people here,

1. The Edge, Lite Hardy story line was real because lita and matt just broke up and they did that story line

2. the angle/karen and jarret story line is way to far and even bring in the children is ridiculous

3. there was also the hhh and steph getting married which turned to 2 be real but they got married over a drive through thing
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Keep kayfabe alive, brother.
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Well first off Black Tiger II good to see you back in the yahoo wrestling section.

Now onto your question. Perhaps. I wouldn't call all of the fans gullible though. I

know and a lot of the other good users in this section know that wrestling is just

scripted and see these story lines unfold on television. In the past we have seen

the WWE turn into a real life soap opera when some of the wrestlers have air the

dirty laundry in public for example, that Edge-M.Hardy-Lita bizarre love triangle.

You bring up the Zach Gowen-Brock Lesnar rivalry in 2003. Back then WWE on

Smackdown was in the 'Ruthless Aggression' era this wasn't the PG era that we

see today. I will admit that Brock Lesnar could of gone easier on Zack Gowen in

those matches being that he was legitimately handicap he basically did wrestle

on one leg. No one could ever question the heart of this kid wrestler Zach Gowen

even though he was really handicap Zach did have the heart to go out and perform

and compete in matches even if he was wrestling on one leg. Zach did make the

best of his opportunity in World Wrestling Entertainment even if he only lasted a

year he did go on to compete in other independent wrestling promotions such as

Ring of Honor Zach Gowen was a member of The Age of The Fall in ROH with

members Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, Delirious, Lacey and MsChif. There was a

few wrestling story lines that WWE did go beyond the storyline a good example

of this is the Undertaker-Brock Lesnar feud, rivalry storyline in 2002. Now both of

these wrestlers had some personal animosity towards each other. The Undertaker

and Brock Lesnar really hated each other and they had a very competitive rivalry.

Matter of fact it was the Undertaker last year at Brock Lesnar's UFC 121 fight with

Cain Velasquez. Brock Lesnar lost his fight that night and his UFC World Title at

the UFC 121 pay per view event. Brock Lesnar blamed the Undertaker for the loss

and Lesnar claimed that the Undertaker's a Black Cloud that caused him to lose

that match. The Undertaker was there to publicly call out Brock Lesnar and so he

could challenge him to a match this year at Wrestlemania 27. To this day he still

claims that Undertaker has some unresolved issues with Brock Lesnar. And they

both did all they could to make this match happen for this year however, Triple H

was selected for Undertaker's opponent because Dana White and the UFC could

agree to making terms for a Wrestlemania 27 match involving UFC's Brock Lesnar.

The internet wrestling community are the most spirited and enthusiastic fans in all

of professional wrestling. The internet wrestling fans are some of the most difficult

to please because they expect a lot from the wrestlers in these matches. They do

expect for the wrestlers to perform at the highest level at every wrestling show. So,

that's why the IWC expect so much from their favorite wrestlers and the favorite pro

wrestling promotions. I don't really care too much for the story lines themselves I do

care about the wrestling quality of the matches and the wrestling performance given.
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