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Which of these would you recommend watching? +BQs?
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Default Which of these would you recommend watching? +BQs?

Okay so I'm on Netflix and there are some good WWE documentaries on it and I want to watch one but I don't know which one to watch.

Here is the list:

The Big Show (A Giant's World)

The Rise and Fall of WCW

Breaking the Code (Chris Jericho)

John Cena Experience

Please tell me the one that you found really enjoyable.

BQ: Have you ever liked John Cena as a superstar?

BQ2: Do you wish that at WM27 Stone Cold and Rock will settle some unfinished business?

BQ3: Do you think Sheamus (c) vs Evan Bourne vs Daniel Bryan vs Zack Ryder is a good match for WM27?
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ok out of those Id definately say Chris Jericho's breaking the code, it is really good, although the match selections arent the best, but its still really good, and theres quite a few really good matches, but the documentary (disc 1) is the best!!!

then the john cena experience second

(because i havent seen big shows or wcw yet)

, but with John cena's dvd, even though for one night only i put on the cena armbands and went back to liking him,lol, the documentary bored the hell out of me, due to 90% of it being about sports which i dont watch, and only a little bit about john cena and the wwe, his 2006 dvd (john cena my life), was way better, even though he himself hardly talked in it (his friends, dad and other wrestlers talked about him)

but anyway at least theres a few pretty good matches in the john cena experience dvd with triple h, shawn michaels, and edge, and a few more i cant remember since i only watched it once so far last year.

BQ: I used to like him, but now not as much, because hes just so ovverrated sometimes, e.g. elimating all of nexus from the royal rumble?!?! WTF!!! but he's still an ok wrestler and sometimes has pretty good matches, and i will admit that raw was kind of boring when he wasnt there in 2010, and it was cool when he returned

BQ2: HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BQ3: That would be an awesome match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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John cena exp. Yes JC is a great Superstar. Yes. Yes
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If i was to watch one it would be The John Cena Experience but that is because im a fan of his and hey if you dont like him and you watch it you might get some repsect for him or start liking him! plus maybe you could learn a little about the real him out of wwe! Plus in the dvd theres a part where he is singing cody rhodes theme song! but thats just me! i really want to see the experience dvd! I hear alot of good things about the John Cena Experience DVD! I know of a few people who didnt like him before they saw it and watched it and they actually became a fan! BUT if you dont watch the John Cena one then i would recomend either Jerichos or Big shows! but the reason i recomend john cenas the most is because theres a mix of everything theres comody things theres some battle raps theres just alot of things out of his whole career and i would recomend it to any one!

BQ:yea i have always liked him (ill probablly get alot off thumbs down from cena haters)

BQ2: i dont really care what the rock does i just dont want ANYONE to interfear in John Cena vs Miz

BQ3:yea that match sounds REALLY good! PPV style!
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Try the Rise and Fall of WCW. Unless you already know a lot about the WWE and the WCW, a little sports entertainment history won't hurt. You'll get to understand more about WWE's biggest rival in the 90s. Other than that, try Chris Jericho's DVD. I haven't seen it, but I bet that anything Y2J is a lot of fun.

BQ: I'm kind of neutral when it comes to him. I don't really hate him, but I'm also not a fan. However, I respect him for all the hard work he's done, his dedication to his work, and his love for the fans.

BQ2: As much as I would love to see that, I don't think those two would ever wrestle again. Maybe they can settle unfinished business verbally?

BQ3: Sure, I guess so. As long as I see the younger superstars prove themselves at WM27, I'm happy.
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I have watched all of the choices that you have mentioned and I would say that the Rise and Fall of WCW and Breaking the Code docs are the best of the 4'

BQ: I'm also neutral when it comes to Cena I don't hate him or anything, but I'm not a huge fan him either

BQ2: I wish they would cause that would the most hyped match if that happend

BQ3: I think it would be nice if all 4 of those guys would get a push
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