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What are your opinions on the following wrestlers?
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Default What are your opinions on the following wrestlers?

Do you like him/her,what are your opinions on their wrestling skills?Please explain your answers

1-Dolph Ziggler


3-CM Punk

4-Daniel Bryan

5-Triple H


7-The Undertaker


9-Mickie James


BQ-Where do you want Wrestlemania 28 to be?

BQ2- Howard Finkel or Lillian Garcia?IYO,who is better?

BQ3- Do you like RAW announcer Justin Roberts?
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Rassling Fundamentals is on a distinguished road

I like them all but Chyna.



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Chicago Knight is on a distinguished road

1.Cheap imitation of Mr.Perfect and named after a fictional character from an old movie.

2.Jean Claude's clone.

3.Underused and misused.

4.Same as Punk.

5.The luckiest guy in pro wrestling.

6.The illegitimate son of Mick Foley and Dennis Knight.

7.Is quickly becoming the corpse he's been portraying for years.

8.She came,she saw,she posed for playboy and left.

9.Too wild for wrestling.

10.Missed opportunity


BQ2:The Fink

BQ3:Not really
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?i?? ? h??????l is on a distinguished road

Dolph Ziggler- Good wrestler who with work on his mic skills could possibly be world champion in the future.

Rob Van Dam- I always like his moveset Rob Van Dam has had some good matches in his career.

I haven't been a big fan of his but he was always fun to watch in the original ECW and some of his time in the WWE.

CM Punk- Punk is another good wrestler who is beast on the mic and probably has the best gimmick in pro wrestling today. I am a big time fan of CM Punk and I think that he can be the face of the WWE some day.

Daniel Bryan- Good wrestlers his matches are amazing ( based on Indies), he just needs work on his mic skills. Other then that how could you not like Daniel Bryan. He just needs work on the mic and he should be big in the WWE.

Triple H- I never really was a fan of his, I always thought that Triple H played the heel character very good. He has had some good matches in the past and I enjoyed his time while he was in Generation X.

Abyss- For a big guy Abyss has pretty good mic skills. He isn't the best skilled wrestler he is more of a hardcore wrestler who has spot fest. He has had some good matches in the past in TNA, I guess I am a fan of Abyss. I don't hate him just not a big fan of his work.

The Undertaker- I have never really been a fan of him I respect everything he has done for the wrestling business and the matches he has worked in. I respect him not a big fan of his.

Chyna- She is a good wrestler, I think she is overrated though.

Mickie James- She is a good wrestler, I am a fan of hers.

Jazz- Cant really give an honest opinion on her.

BQ: Arlington, TX ( Cowboys Stadium) or in anywhere in Florida

BQ2: Howard Finkel, his voice always seem to make matches alot more exciting.

BQ3: He is cool, I liked him better when Daniel Bryan had his tie around his neck.
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lotsofotherstuff is on a distinguished road

1: Most improved this year.. Great IC champion at the moment, and I really like his work.

2: Awesome worker. Not as good as he has been, but hes older now, but still really good.

3: One of the best all around workers in the buisness today.

4: The best wrestler today. He hasnt really shown what he can do in WWE yet...

5: Great worker, and absolutly a HOF canditate when he hangs it up.

6: Good guy, good wrestler, but he has been hurt by not having a set character but changing like the wind latly.

7: One of the best off all time. Maybe even the best character of all time.

8: Really good female wrestler, not really all that good looking though, but a real good worker.

9: Great in ring performer.

10: Good wrestler and hot but never was one of my favorite..

BQ: Stockholm, Sweden..

BQ2: Howard Finkel.. Lillian is really good, but the Fink is the Fink

BQ3: Does his job. Never really think about him
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Amie? is on a distinguished road

1. Dolph Ziggler - I never really been a fan of the guy but he deserves more credit for his in ring ability. In 2009 he had two easy contenders for match of the year against Rey Mysterio. He is a good talent, young and reall energetic, fun to watch. His character though is somewhat boring and without Vickie G, he is nothing. He needs to develop more to become a contender for the main event and world titles. But for now, he makes a decent champion.

2. RVD - RVD is a great talent. I loved him in WWE and ECW and he's awesome in TNA too. His ability is awesome and extreme is what he's best at.

3. CM Punk - Well, you already know my answer to this. CM Punk is my #1 fave and he's a great talent. Great in ring, great on mic. Great character base and ability to tell a story and connect with fans. A true contender to main events and world titles.

4. Daniel Bryan - I am not a huge fan of the guy because his internet marks make me dislike him. He's growing on me though because he's just a genuine guy. He's good in ring, very fun to watch. Hope he develops more as a champion.

5. Triple H - I alwasy been a fan of Triple H. He's awesome in ring and one of the best heels of all time.

6. Abyss - I like Abyss because I don't like Kane. Abyss is TNA's version of Kane almost, and I prefer Abyss' all round character. Abyss is decent in ring and pretty fun to watch.

7. The Undertaker - Never been a fan of Taker. He's a decent superstar all round, but he's majorly overrated. I don't like anything about him.

8. Chyna - Chyna is a great and she was just epic with DX. She was funny and just so powerful and dominant. She's great.

9. Mickie james - Mickie James is my second fave female wrestler. She always seemed to have the best storylines in WWE. She isn't amazing in ring but she#s energetic and has a fun moveset to watch. I prefer her in TNA now.

10. Jazz - Jazz was great, she was really dominant and I wish she was still around now cause she could own every girl in WWE today.

BQ: Wembley Stadium in London? Well they did SS there and it was a great success. I'd love for a Mania to be in my home, London, England.

BQ2: I preferred Lillian Garcia, she is my favourite announcer.

BQ3: Yes, he's awesome. My second fav announcer behind Lillian.
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Super Seed is on a distinguished road

1. Sucks

2. Totally awesome in his old ECW days; still very good today

3. Great in ROH; very good when he was on the ECW show; sucks now

4. ; sucks now

5. Awesome back in the early 2000's; still very good in later years.

6. Good during the they storyline with all his crazy rants; sucks now

7. One of the best during the old school; still going strong

8; Good back in the day

9. Good wrestling wise; sooooo sexy!

10. Didn't care for her much

BQ: Madison Square Garden

BQ2: Finkel was classic with his deep, baritone voice; Lillian is good eye candy

BQ3: No
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Farid is on a distinguished road

1:good cocky superstar.i like this guy

2:the best words for describing him is that he is a complete wrestler with ability in every category

3:really good wrestler.i like his S.E.S character

4:i should confess that he is a good technical wrestler but when you compare him with another technical wrestler like Chris Benoit,he has nothing to say.and i hate his character.Michael Cole is right.he is really a nerd

5:The king of kings.what can i say about him?

6:a great powerhouse.i really liked him when he was in WWE

7:There is nothing to say about him.i think the word Phenom is the best world to describe him.

8:She really changed my idea about a diva.i still think she`s not a woman.

9 10:two divas that i better don`t say anything about them because i don`t know them well.
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WeAreVenom! V.2 is on a distinguished road

1. Seeing him now screams potential. Didn't see it at first but definitely grew on me. Puts on good matches on his part and I hope Vickie takes him to the top.

2. Still got it. He needs to wait a while before he gets his next title opportunity in TNA though.

3. One of WWE's current Golden Childs. Has great mic skills and Wrestling skills to back it up.

4. Another Golden Child. Has both mic and wrestling skills although WWE make him appear to lack mic skills. Why? I don't know.

5. One of WWE Godfathers. Not given enough credit for putting some over and has better wrestling skills than portrayed.

6. The Doctor Stevie angle followed by the Hogan's biggest fan angle made me look at him different than before but he's a big guy that's not boring to watch and has pretty good mic kills.

7. Legendary but I think he should hang up his boots for his own sake.

8. Left too soon but made an impact during her tenure.

9. Just Awesome. She has what the top of any womens wrestling division should consist of.

10. A problem. A problem in a good way for us viewing, a problem in a bad way for her opponents.

BQ: Louisiana. They always have an alive audience yet they haven't gotten that opportunity yet.

BQ2: Hard to choose. I 'll feel bad if I name one over the other.

BQ3: Yes. No complaints with him.
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Adam Moysen is on a distinguished road

Dolph- good! suits his character well, as well as innovative moves such as the leg drop bulldog.

RVD- definitely one of the best! his kicks are brilliant!

Punk- one of my faves! suits heel and face. one of wwe best strikers! he should bring back his anaconda vise tho.

Daniel Bryan- not a huge fan. he doesn't have enough moves, has no personality, and won the title almost instantly and has hardly defended. he hasn't paid his dues in wwe.

HHH- an all time great and a hall of famer for sure! truly the king of kings!

Abyss- good at using his Power game (obviously!) but im not sure about his character. it worked when he feuded with dr stevie a while back, but now the whole mental thing is a bit weird... and i don't like janice!

Undertaker- again, an all time legend! arguably the best striker in the wwe. no-one gets a crowd going like taker. suits his deadman and american bad ass personas. works with power and submission. he's mint!

chyna- not seen her a lot, but what i have seen, i've been quite impressed. especially liked her with DX.

Mickie James- prefer her in TNA now. that thesz press off the cage...! she's really good! and... quite hot too!

Jazz- i liked her! good with power and submission which is important!

BQ- WM 28- United Kingdom so i can go and see it!


BQ3- He's ok... not much of a character like Cole (who i cant stand!) or Lawler (who is coool!)

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Mrs. Voorhees is on a distinguished road

Abyss - I like him, he's got great talent. Pretty much like a monster in some way, like Kane.

Triple H = He's The Game

Undertaker = The best.

BQ2: Howard Finkel.

BQ3: He's not bad.
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Demon Of Death Valley is on a distinguished road

1-Dolph Ziggler-Future World Champion

2-RVD-Best thing to come out of ECW

3-CM Punk-Awesome

4-Daniel Bryan-Overrated but great theme song

5-Triple H-Icon

6-Abyss-Don't watch TNA

7-The Undertaker-Greatest of all time


9-Mickie James-use to like her but lost respect for her

BQ-Yankee Stadum


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animal99990 is on a distinguished road

chyna is great. but after she got hurt and did not compete against men. she was pretty campy
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