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Will the 2011 royal rumble be like this?
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Default Will the 2011 royal rumble be like this?

1 John Cena

#2 Cm Punk

Punk and cena wrestle until the next opponent comes

#3 Zack Ryder

#4 Alex riley

#5 Santino Marella

Marella and ryder have a jobber brawl near the ropes and punk eliminates them both

Cena eliminates Riley

#6 Ezekiela Jackson

Jackson Dominates both cena and punk with power moves

#7 Tyler Reks

Reks and Jackson have a brawl

#8 Kofi Kingston

Kingston eliminates both Reks and jackson when they are both near the ropes

#9 Cody Rhodes

#10 Dolph Ziggler

#11 Jack Swagger

#12 Daniel Bryan

#13 Ted Dibiase

#14 Goldust

#15 Sheamus

Sheamus Dominates everyone and eliminates Rhodes, Dibiase, Goldust

#16 Wade Barret

Barret gets attacked on the way by nexus ( Obvious isn't it?)He doesn't get into the ring

#17 Jerry Lawler

Lawler attacks sheamus but Sheamus Brogue kicks lawler and eliminates him

#18 Drew Mcintyre

Mcintyre geets a boot from sheamus as he gets in

#19 HHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HHH and Sheamus brawls until HHH hits Sheamus with a Face breaker kneesmash and eliminates Sheamus

#20 Alberto del rio

Del rio gets in and gets a pedigree from HHH and slides out under the bottom rope

HHH dominates everyone until Sheamus comes back and hits HHH with a Chairshot

Referees brings sheamus out of the ring

HHH gets up and get distracted by Sheamus. Del rio creeps behind and eliminates HHH.

#21 Evan Bourne

#22 Mark Henry

#23 R-Truth

#24 Big Show

Show eliminates Mcintyre, Ziggler and Henry

Barret somehow gets into the ring only to be eliminated by Punk

# 25 Randy Orton

Orton eliminates Swagger and Kingston

#26 Rey Mysterio

Myterio and Del rio have a brawl

#27 Tyson Kidd

#28 Christian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian eliminates Kidd, Bourne and Truth

#29 Bret Hart

Hart does some moves with the help of cena and locks a sharpshooter on Del Rio

#30 Chris Jericho!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y2J eliminates Bret hart and Daniel Bryan

Mysterio eliminates Del rio

Del rio distracts Mysterio and jericho eliminates Mysterio

Super Cena eliminates Big show

Orton and Cena have a stare down

Punk jumps in the middle only to get eliminated by cena

Nexus come in and beats up Everyone in the ring

Orton manages to eliminate Cena

Jericho and Christian double team on Orton and eliminate him

Christian eliminates Y2J to win
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That would be interesting but given the fact that Christian has been a mid-card and injured, I seriously doubt that they're going to let him win the Royal Rumble. Also, if HHH comes back for the Rumble, they're not going to do it in the middle of the match. He would be somewhere near the end as a shocking return.
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that would be freaking awesome! and definitely sounds plausible! im ok with christian winning!
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The ACC listens to FLOW is on a distinguished road

If it did happen like that, you would be a psychic. However, it is not possible, at least on a few counts.

1) I highly doubt Bret Hart could last even a minute in the Royal Rumble. You saw how slowly he was wrestling when he did get into the ring, so putting him in that enviornment again would just slow down the match to a snails pace.

2) Bourne won't be back for another 3-4 months. He stated that directly in a recent post on twitter

3) I'm not sure, but I think Fozzy's tour may be ending in February, so Y2J may not even be in the country for the Royal Rumble

Also, Nexus will probably have spots in the Battle Royal, even if it is only a few of them. From past actions of the Raw GM, whoever it is intended to be, he obviously has heelish tendencies, so he would probably want one of them to win the Royal Rumble.
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Sound pretty damn good! I reckon Beth will be in there again this year though too!
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Im cool with it and it sounds plausible. The only thing I would change is I would have Triple H just come down and eliminate both him and Sheamus and then brawl on the outside..

EDIT: I didnt see Bret Hart when I first read it.. Change Bret to Booker T
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john cena is unlikely to be in it as he has injured his hip
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christian wins
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