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Agree OR Disagree: WWE Won't Give Chavo a Push?
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Default Agree OR Disagree: WWE Won't Give Chavo a Push?

BQ- Who Misses Promos Like These and Should WWE bring them Back since it Can Help with the Ratings?

BQ2- Do You Agree that Dawn Marie Could Have Won the Womens Championship in WWE?
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I totally agree. It is so unfair as Chavo could of been one of the all time greats if he had of been pushed.

BQ1-I really miss them. If they broughtthem back, it would relly boost their ratings.
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Chavo doesn't want a push, he's not interested.

He loves his role, entertaining the fans.

He once said on twitter, working with Hornswoggle is fun, nobody would want to see me beat up a dwarf.

He gets paid very well to work low profile matches with no pressure, no chance of injury, and enjoying entertaining the fans cos that's what he does best.

He's comfortable.

BQ. I can't view youtube but I'm pretty sure that promo clip you linked would be more of the adlib style where they're told what to get over but say it in their own words. If it is, then yes. Totally.

BQ2. Dawn Marie would have been a good womens champion because there was nothing wrestling related she couldn't do, wrestle, carry storylines look great doing it.

It seemed back then Raw was the wrestling divas division and SD! was the beauty contests divas division and Dawn Marie should definately have been on the Raw side of things.
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Eric J is on a distinguished road

I have to Disagree.

I agree with Broken Dreams about Chavo Guerrero not wanting to be receving a Push in WWE. Chavo is a Good Wrestler and if he's pleased with not being Pushed then that's okay since some or maybe even most Wrestlers don't want to be Pushed and just want to have some Fun.

BQ: Those Segments were Hot and Great.

BQ2: Dawn Marie had what it took to be the Womens Champion.
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It is pretty much obvious Chavo Guerrero hasn't gotten a push and I personally believe that he won't go any higher in his career in the WWE. He has been the jobber of Smackdown for quite a while. When I was younger and saw Chavo change his name to Kerwin White and had a new gimmick, I thought he was going to get some kind of push in the WWE. As much as I hate to say it, Rey Mysterio used Eddie Guerrero's death to his advantage and eventually won the Royal Rumble and won the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania against Kurt Angle and Randy Orton. I was happy for Mysterio because it was his first championship reign ever and he was pretty exciting to watch, popping up from his entrance, the high flying moves and the way he can use the ring to his advantage. It is pretty sad Mysterio is still one of the main eventers for Smackdown while Chavo is in the Jack Swagger Eagle mascot.

I don't know why the real reason that Chavo wasn't pushed but he deserves a championship reign at least. It is almost impossible for Chavo to get any push at this point of the WWE. Putting him in the main event isn't even an idea, I wouldn't either, he wouldn't be able to compete for the Intercontinental Championship with talents such as Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston and even Ezekiel Jackson coming to the brand soon. Over the past few years, the WWE has focused more on fewer superstars and left the rest out. Back then, they focus on every division whether it was the diva's division or even the cruiserweights. Another problem is the joint PPVs, it features only a few certain number of matches, which leaves a lot of lower card wrestlers out of the event. I am sure it draws more viewers, but it doesn't help out the rest of the roster who doesn't get a chance to get the spotlight that night. There just isn't any room for Chavo to compete anymore unless they bring back a couple of championships or make the PPV exclusive.

BQ: Yeah, those were the days on Smackdown and Raw. I still remember back then, there was a reason to watch the diva's division. I know now that the WWE can't do all that stripping or even the Bra and Panties match because of the PG rating so I guess there isn't much we can see now. I don't know if it would attract too many viewers, but many parents probably wouldn't allow their kids to watch grown women stripping into barely any clothes so the ratings might not change much going higher or lower.

BQ2: Yeah, she should have. She should have been giving one reign as champion. The same goes with Torrie Wilson. The problem was that the Women's Championship was exclusive to Raw and it was very rare to see a Smackdown superstar compete on Raw or vice versa. I mean, we have never seen Cena on Smackdown until nearly 2 years after he left. Dawn spent her entire WWE career on the Smackdown brand and Torrie didn't go to Raw until quite late before she was drafted back over to Smackdown. It was kinda late now since the Diva's Championship is a pretty new championship. If they had the Diva's Championship back then, I am sure both Torrie and Dawn would have fought over it and could have been the main divas feud over on Smackdown along with Stephanie and Sable.
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They should but they won't.
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i agree...
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