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Do you prefer Large Stables or Small Stables?
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Default Do you prefer Large Stables or Small Stables?

Large Stables are usually 5 or more members while Small Stables are usually 3 or 4.

BQ- What's the difference between WWE being PG in the Golden Era and PG now?

BQ2- How to do you Unlock The Hurricane on SvR 2011?

BQ3- Do you prefer Rosa Mendas's Legs or booty?
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bg lame cool


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It really depends on their power and strength, but I usually prefer small stable. If a group of only 3 or 4 guys can make a big impact, that's impressive and awesome. Big ones are cool too but it gets a bit sloppy sometimes.

BQ; There were different, better storylines. Personally, I don't see how PG can make that huge a difference. People who make a big deal over it don't see the elements PG could posess.

BQ2; That, I don't know. Sorry. Google it.

BQ3; Legs? I'm a girl. I don't know.
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Let's see who was successful:

1. Four Horsemen had around 5 members if you count JJ Dillion acting as the advisor/manager

2. Hart Foundation started as a tag team then grew to include Owen, Bulldog, Pillman


NWO had half of the damn promotion and eventually had splinter groups changing colors every few got so much out of hand that its confusion eventually killed WCW.

Ministry had 20 or so members and the only person over was the leader

Dungeon of Doom had alot of mid card jabronies

Spirit Squad did nothing but job out to known survivors....Nicky had to hide out for years to reinvent himself

Nexus did nothing but job out to Cena.....only Wade Barrett is over
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To me it really depends. Evolution worked as a four-man stable, but if it's more like taking over a brand/company, it needs to be 5 or over

BQ1 - The fans expect more now than they did then. Back in the Golden Era, people was happy with chain wrestling matches, now people would leave the room or change the channel. People want more edgy and realistic WWE now, while then people were satisfied with the gimmicks because that's all they had. They didn't have competition with edgier TV and better matches, and all around better divisions than the WWE does now (There's no way you can deny TNA outdoing WWE in both Tag and Women's divisions at least)

BQ2 - You can't. WWE told THQ to make it where you can't unlock him. You might be able to hack it and get him though

BQ3 - My Diva focus on SmackDown is on Kaitlyn, sorry.
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4-5 is perfect

That way they have

-- a Tag team

-- a Mid Card Contender/Champ

-- a Main event Contender/Champ

-- w/ 5 either a Manager who can bump or a 'blocker' (the mid card guy who would be a main event contender. if he weren't the Champ's Henchman)

B1: the TV 14 attitude in between showing what could be... and the PG box in the corner Telling people that it is PG.

B2: You Don't. he's a non playable... supposedly he was viable in beta, but they locked the code-- the only way to play as him now is to hack the system -- or find a CAW

B3: More of a Navel man myself... and her skits have been random/comedy as of late, which I tune out despite her hotness
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