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Rate the Diva's on looks skill (Plus BQ's)?
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?The Bio-Haza?d?? D-Bry The Diva is on a distinguished road
Default Rate the Diva's on looks skill (Plus BQ's)?

I hate asking questions that straight women cant answer, so this is for boys girls

Males: Rate the Diva's on Looks Skill

- Michelle McCool

- Layla

- Alicia Fox

- Tamina

- Beth Phoenix

- Naomi Night

Females: (same as males)

- The Miz

- Wade Barrett

- Dolph Ziggler

- Kofi Kingston

- Daniel Bryan

- Ezekiel Jackson

BQ1: What wrestlers who have never held a championship would you like to see as World Champ on both RAW SmackDown!?

BQ2: Since WWE keeps creating weird couples, what 3 couples would you create?

BQ3: Do you like CM Punks new look? Or should he grow his hair back out?

BQ4: Natalya as Blonde or Red Head?

BQ5: Who is in need of a heel turn most? Big Show or The Great Khali?
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RKOwns is on a distinguished road

- Michelle McCool - Looks-wise she is GORGEOUS. Beautiful face, beautiful slim body and long legs. She's also probably one of the best women wrestlers right now...but that isn't saying much at all.

- Layla - Very pretty/hot. Skill...about the same as McCool.

- Alicia Fox - Looks are alright, but TERRIBLE in the ring. She's like the botch queen.

- Tamina - Looks...ehhhh....ring skills...ehhhhh...

- Beth Phoenix - Looks *vomit* .... ring skills YES. Very distinct. POWER women's wrestler.

- Naomi Night - who?

BQ1: Raw - R-Truth. This guy has needed a push for a long time now, but with his gimmick, I don't see it happening. He's just a mid-carder fill-in type guy, and I'm afraid he will be until he's finished with the company.

SD - Alberto Del Rio. Amazing heel, and would be amazing world champ.

BQ2: Wade Barrett Melina

BQ3: I actually don't mind the short hair. I like it.

BQ4: Blonde.

BQ5: Neither, but if they had to turn 1 heel, then Big Show.
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Mick is on a distinguished road

- Michelle McCool - 8

- Layla - 7

- Alicia Fox - 6

- Tamina - 4

- Beth Phoenix - 6

- Naomi Night - tough. I didn't watch NXT S3. She looks great, and seems athletic, but the people she's facing are SOOOOO bad, that it's hard to tell how good she is.

BQ1: Any championship, or just a major one? I don't think such a wrestler exists in WWE ATM, and nearly anyone worth a damn gets a TT, IC, or US title after a couple years. If you just mean brand HWC belts, then I'd have to say Morrison.

BQ2: Pass. FFS, pass.

BQ3: Yeah. I think should grow his hair back out though is he's gonna stay a heel. He looks more sinister that way.

BQ4: I'll take Natty anyway I could get her.

BQ5: Big Show sucks as a heel, because it's hard for someone that big to come off as menacing and somehow not automatically win. Khali doesn't need anything to do with heels, the man needs new knees.
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MICHAEL COLE BOTCHED LINES is on a distinguished road

- Michelle McCool looks 8 skills 8.5

- Layla looks 9 skills 8

- Alicia Fox looks 6 skills 7.5

- Tamina looks 4 skills 6

- Beth Phoenix looks 8 skills 9

- Naomi Night looks 7.5 skills 5

BQ1: Raw Wade Barret ... Smack Down Alberto del Rio

BQ2: Kozlov beth, Sheamus Mc cool,Big show Rosa Mendez

BQ3: Should grow back his hair and make a new SES Team

BQ4: Blonde

BQ5: Khali.. hes sucks as a face
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red tiger bomb is on a distinguished road

michelle mccool she is hot and a great wrestler

layla same as mitchelle mccool

alicia fox she is horrible.wwe prolly keeping for cheapest diva ever

tamina she is more of power women skill

beth same as tamina

naomi night she is hot,got chrisma and mic skill pretty good.i think she can make it to the top

the miz he is awsome as he says in wrestling and mic skill. micskill most

wade barret is a great wrestler and great mic skill. he is never boring to see

doplh ziggler current best champion wwe have. his matches are fun to watch

kofi kingston- to be honest he should go to TNA cuz wwe isnt giving him enough push that he deserve. he is kinda like jobber. soon u will see him getting beat by every wrestler.

daniel bryan- awsome wrestling skill.has lots of experience but wwe need to change his gimmick

ezekiel jackson- should make new dominate wrestler like brock lesner

BQ1.John morrison

BQ2.The Miz and Maryse betraying TED may be. kaitlyn and dolph ziggler.Cody rhodes and kaitlyn

BQ3.long hair is better. either way he still the best

BQ4.hmmmm RED HEad

BQ5.plz the GReat KHali
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