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Does The New Generation Have a Fair Chance in The Wrestling Today?
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Default Does The New Generation Have a Fair Chance in The Wrestling Today?

Like to be honest to me the WWF Era ended when John Cena had that Long Stupid WWE Title Reign but yea

like im 21 i started watching Wrestling when i was 10yr that was when Undertaker lol kidnapped the Bosses Daughter which really scared me...


It really saddens me as I get older, not only WWE is changing, but I am changing. Part of me is fading away and it is really tough.

However, new faces in the WWE have emerged as top stars in the business, rather some of us like it or not.

Let me be very clear when I say that, my favorite wrestlers when I was growing up, will never be replaced im a WWF Guy always will be its like The PG Era is a Time for a Change in the Wrestling Business

Just Like when they Compared Chris Brown To Michael Jackson there will Never Ever be another MJ No matter how good of a Imitator you r

Shawn Michaels to John Morrison

Steve Austin to Randy Orton I'd rather have Orton be his Heel Character just like edge is

its like The New Guys are Fired right off the bat compared to the early 2000's
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no. it;s sad but true. the creative team sucks and vince cares more about size and promos then actual talent and can easily trick the young kids into liking it. so the new generation of wrestling fans won't be helping the cause either.
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I think the new generation has been getting built perfectly by the WWE through this youth movement. Guys like Sheamus and McIntyre look like they can flat out hurt you. The Miz is one of the most hated people in the WWE. Swagger and Kofi are having a feud and both should be world champions in the future. Alberto Del Rio oozes charisma and shows great in-ring ability. Guys like Orton and Cena will be around for a long time and are great on the mic and in the ring. Daniel Bryan is a phenomenal wrestler. Dolph Ziggler has been on fire recently and has had one of the best title reigns in recent memory and bringing back prestige to the IC title. John Morrison is a highly talented individual as well.

I think the WWE's future is looking pretty damn bright and the new generation looks pretty talented too me.
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Today's fans are far too hyper-critical and have little patience; they don't seem to want to see a wrestler develop and grow, they just want the familiar old faces. It is MUCH harder to get over today than in previous generations. And we can thank the internet, spoiler/rumor sites, and forums such as this one for that. We tear the boys (and girls) apart. We dissect them, often flaying them alive, without giving them a fair chance to prove themselves. Most fans claim to want new things and new faces, but when new things and new faces do pop up they turn on them and complain, wanting the old familiar faces back in the familiar old feuds and matches.

A big complaint from the internet fans is Vince never listens to us. A big reason why he doesn't is because we complain so much about everything. So Vince just pushes who HE wants, and that includes a new face now and then. He just keeps pushing. If VINCE thinks he or she is a good performer he'll keep pushing him/her whether we like it or not, and eventually we just accept that Vince knows best and we accept whoever he pushes.

The other promotions don't have that Vince has in dictating what his audience will watch. In the other promotions, if you don't get over, then you aren't making money for the company, and you will likely be cut loose fairly quick. Couple that with the fact that there are MUCH less promotions in existence now than there were in the past, and that means there are fewer spots open.

Fewer spots plus overly-critical fans means yes indeed it is much harder to make it in pro wrestling today than in the past.

I've been a fan for 43 years. I've seen a million wrestlers come and go, and dozens of promotions come and go. I get as attached to my favorites as does anybody else, and I'm saddened when they are no longer there. But there is always somebody new just around the corner to capture my attention and entertain me. Doesn't mean I miss an old favorite any less, just that I now have somebody new to follow.

The comparisons to stars of the past is just a natural human thing and is found in every form of entertainment. But sometimes we take it too far and find fault when there isn't really fault, with somebody who was compared to a legend but fails to live up to the hype of being that legend. And that wrestler gets unfairly criticized and bashed.

Every wrestler who climbs into a wrestling ring wants to establish his own identity and create his own legacy. Today's hyper-critical and impatient fans rarely give them a fair opportunity to do just that.
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