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What are your opinions on CM Punk?
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Default What are your opinions on CM Punk?

Do you like him/dislike him?And explain

What are your thoughts on his:

Wrestling skills

Mic Skills

WQ- Who do you like better and why,Edge or Christian?

WQ2-Who are your top 3 favorite wrestlers in TNA?

WQ3-Who is your favorite WWE diva of all time and why?
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I like CM Punk he is a good wrestler and he has good mic skills. He could definitely be the face of the WWE. Punk is one of the best mic workers in the WWE right now his promos are really good and are only going to get better. His is a good wrestler too, WWE just needs to let him wrestle more and book him better.

BQ: Edge, he is the better wrestler and entertainer.

BQ2: AJ Styles. Desmond Wolfe, and Kurt Angle

BQ3: Lita
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No one can deny the fact that CM Punk is currently one of the best talkers in WWE. Now that The Undertaker, Triple H and Chris Jericho are gone, CM Punk is the king of the mic.

Furthermore, when it comes to wrestling skills.... meh! It's nothing special about CM Punk's in-ring abilities-- I could name a handful of other WWE wrestlers that are much better than him.

Overall CM Punk is a great WWE Superstar, one of my favorites. As most people know, entertainment is more important than wrestling in WWE. He really has an advantage when it comes to entertaining people, whether he's heel or face.

WQ: I prefer Edge more than Christain. Don't get me wrong, I like Christian and I respect him as a wrestler, but I just feel like Edge is overall a better wrestler. Just look at all his accomplishments. Christian haven't even won the WWE title.

WQ2: Sorry, I don't really watch a lot of TNA, but I can name a few I like; Kurt Angle(because I loved him in WWE), AJ Styles and Abyss. Kurt Angle is definitely one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Even tho he left WWE for TNA, I still respect him. He won a freaking Gold medal in the Olympics with a broken neck. He've had several injuries, but he still came back week after week to entertain us fans. IMO, he's the greatest overall wrestler right behind The Undertaker.

WQ3: Chyna-- 3 words: Powerful, strong and sexy.
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I like Punk. Behind Edge and Orton i think he is WWEs overall next best worker at the minute. He has all the skills he needs and there is nothing he has to improve. He is at the high point of his career. Mic skills are excellent, he can cut fantastic promo and he is a very solid in ring worker. I want to see him feud with Edge at some point but i do believe this program with Cena will be interesting.

WQ: Edge, both great wrestlers but Edge is quite frankly better.

WQ2: Angle, Styles and Joe. I dont know how anyone can say anyone else other than Kurt Angle, AJ styles and Samoa Joe. People are going to say Jeff Hardy and RVD but people are rating them on their reputation not on what they have done in TNA. Jeff Hardys in ring work has been sloppy. He isnt looking as fit and doesn't look as good or as committed in the ring as he did in WWE. RVD's in ring work also isn't up to his usual high standard. He also had one of the most boring title reigns of the year as TNA champion but i wont blame him for that, its more a booking problem for not putting him in a meaningful Program with anyone. However one person who has had a fantastic year but is overlooked is Abyss. His portrayals and the way he works his gimmick and persona is very very convincing whether he is a heel or face. His promos are similar to Kane's, he is a fantastic talent and should be used better by TNA.

WQ3: Tough question. I have to say Trish Stratus. I have always lover her, dont know why but i was a fan of trish from day one.
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i like him , he is great at each thing the wrestlers should be good at

he is very talent in the ring , very gifted , great mic skills , can cut great promos , very charsmatic , makes great champion and makes great matches

Wrestling skills : as i said very talent and very gifted in the ring and his matches on ROH Shows what i'm talking about

Mic Skills : he is one of the best wrestlers now in the mic skills and his promos and segments are awesome

WQ : Christian : i used to like Edge more but at this year i started to not enjoy watching edge as much as i did i still like him and respect him but i'm not as big of fan as i was in the last years , Christian is great and i really wish to see him getting a push when he returns

WQ2 :

1) Kurt Angle

2) AJ Styles

3) Desmond Wolfe

WQ3 : Lita the most talent diva in the ring ever , best high flying diva to ever step on the ring and had many great feuds like hers with Trish Stratus and many others
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As you may know CM Punk is my favourite wrestler. I like him for more than just his in-wrestling likability factor and all that stuff. I like him for his all round persona and his obvious zest for life. CM Punk lives the straight edge lifestyle legitimately throughout his day to day life and he is a brilliant role model for any other person. Punk cares for his own body and his own life that he will not infect it with drugs or alcohol. CM Punk is a role model and he is my hero for all of that and more.

Wrestling Skills: CM Punk is a great athlete in the ring and easily one of the best in WWE today, if not the best. His is an all rounder and a very versatile talent. He can high fly and pull it off, he can be technical and go into the submission aspect of wrestling and he can then be a vicious brawler and attacker. All of these aspects combined make CM Punk an all round wrestler and he can change his in ring actions to fit his opponent.

Mic Skills: Punk is probably again one of the best in WWE today for mic skills. His job is in a way easier because his straight edge gimmick is not a gimmick, but it's Punk's real life persona and attitude. So most things Punk says are from the heart. Obviously, Punk isn't that bad in real life, nor is he a preacher. But the basis and principle of what hes saying, he connects with it and agrees with it, because it's his real life take on things. Punk also just breathes charisma and confidence. He never faulters on the ring because he's such a good talker. He connects with the fans and draws them in. When he's face he made fans connect with him and want for him so much to be the ECW champion. Then when he went heel, he preached so much that he made people despise him. That was all CM Punk, not bookers. Punk created this 'gimmick' because it's his real life! In ROH, CM Punk was the greatest heel. The way he talked down the fans and made people despise him was just crazy and amazing at the same time. CM Punk brought a more ame version to WWE and took it to the limits. Of course, he can't be the ROH heel, but he's as good as under WWE's rules.

All in all, CM Punk is a great all rounder and he excells in both wrestling ability and mic skills. It's rare to find a wrestler who has high standards for each component. Normally, a wrestler excells in one skills but not the other. For example, Cena is the mic skills but not so much the wrestling. Daniel Bryan is the wrestling and not so much the mic skills, in WWE. But CM Punk is both, he's the whole package. But what's more special than that is love Punk's character or not, you have to respect him cause deep down he's sending a great message and he's a role model. Today for Christmas, my parents got me an authentic CM Punk photograph that was hand signed by him. It was the greatest gift I ever received because CM Punk is my hero and someone I respect so much for all his attributes and attitude.

WQ: I prefer Edge. I never really liked Christian though he's a good wrestler. Edge is one of my fav wrestlers so Edge.

WQ2: My top 3 are:

1) Mr Anderson

2) Aj Styles

3) Kurt Angle

WQ3: Trish Stratus is my fav WWE diva of all times cause she was fun and entertaining. She was in the best storylines.
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Juan Cena (SiNation Leader) is on a distinguished road

Unlike these bums who write a whole book on him i will say CM Punk is the fukn best when it comes to mic and wrestling skills.
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I don't like him. I find him extremely annoying now and I feel he's overrated by his fans and the WWE. I liked Punk once upon a time ago, but some of his fans made me change my mind about him. He's a good wrestler no doubt, but I don't see anything special about him or his mic skills. I'm not taking anything away from Punk, I just don't see what all the hype is about him.
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