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RoH Results and Gabes Remarks about the show.
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Fallen One
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Default RoH Results and Gabes Remarks about the show.

Show was all over the place, some really good, some really bad. The fans
were very hostile.

TV taping:

Samoa Joe d Outcast Killaz
Morgan & Daniels d. Marcos & Dunn
Homicide d. Jay Lethal
Jay Briscoe d Ace Steele (nice little match, Steele needs to come back)

official start:

For an ROH Contract:

CM Punk d Colt Cabana. (Good match, not as good as the last show though, Punk was a little off and missed a couple spots).

Three-Team Tag Scramble:

Special K d Da Hit Squad & Backseat Boyz (Backseat Boyz were over huge, really good tag scrambly kind of encounter. 2nd best match of the night.)

Christopher Daniels cuts a promo. Turns into Luscious vs. Alexis with Daniels attacking Alexis and helping Lusciois win in about a minute.

Steve Corino cuts a heel promo. Draws great heat, Corino is such a good heel. Corino dumps Luscious, who runs to the back (and was absent for the rest of the show.) Corino and Daniels have a staredown. Both are still heels. Corino promises to put together his own stable to combat the prophecy.

Lucha Libre Guantlet Series:

Konnan d Chris Devine/Quiet Storm d Konnan (Konnan was bad, really bad, sooo slow in the ring, fans chanted ``Don`t come back`` as he left, he blew up like 1 minute into a 3 minute match)

Daniels & Morgan over the SATs to retain the tag titles. Daniels got the 1st fall. Spanish fly for second. Match went way too long. SATs blew up halfway through the second fall. SATs are best geared towards scramble matches they were really exposed going this long.


CSC d Loc & Devito by DQ

Jody Fleisch d Red (this was an abortion, about 3 or 4 minutes in Special K came out and sat at ringside. Total schmozz with about 5 million people in the ring. Fleisch joins Special K. Run ins by Maximos, Divine Storm. Fans hated this, chanted ``F*** you Gabe`` at one point.

ROH Title Match:

Xavier d London. (it`s the smart move, fans went crazy over the falsh finishes. Typical Xavier match, a fair amount of good stuff that just getskilled by the crowd.)

Corino came out and cut a promo. Great promo, great heat, but he killed the main event by drawing all the heat onto himself. Most of the fans spent the main event jeering Corino and ignoring the great match in the ring.

#1 Contender 4-Way:
American Dragon vs. Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe vs. Steve Corino

Corino attacks Homicide and replaces him in the main event.
Fans chanted ``Who booked this shit?`` Corino retorted with ``We already have your money.``

Low Ki, American Dragon, Samoa Joe & Steve Corino went to a 45-minute time limit draw (they gave away the finish by announcing the time after the 15-minute mark. Great match, so violent and stiff. This saved the show. Probably as good as the Joe-Ki match, but a little under Dragon-Styles 11/9, Dragon-Ki 3/30 and the Iron Man Match 7/27.

Like I said, card was all over the place, some stuff was really good, some was some of the worst wrestling ever in a ROH ring.

The Red-Fleisch debacle (they pushed this an international dream match and was the first match announced for the show, then gave it no time and just used to further an angle), the Konnan asthma attack and the lack of a finish for the main event really turned a hot crowd into a hostile crowd. ROH has rode the tide of the a quasi-pavlovian uber-hot crowd that has eaten up whatever ROH gave them for almost a year, it's interesting to see where they go from here with a show that definitely was not received well by the fans. ROH's strengths have been the in-ring wrestling (ex. 6/22/02 and 11/9/02) and when they stray from that format their shows tend to fall apart with poor writing or pointless angles (ex. 10/5/02, 9/221/02, 12/28/02) I think they are lucky to have a crowd that will let you know what they think of your booking instantaneously and unanimously in this case (ex. 12/28/02 or 12/7/02 CW Anderson angle).

Credit: Ryan Kabacinski
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Johnny Blitz
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damn, i wish i could see that 4-way match. man, why the hell would they fuck up a red-fleisch match???
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Fallen One
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Default Gabe's Response to the Crowd's Reaction

Last Saturday's "Final Battle 2002" ROH show was the night of boos. Was it our best show? Nope, but I'll put it up against any show out there. There was some bad that brought it down, but there was much more good. I knew it was a heel show going in as we needed to set up a lot of things for 2003 and none of the babyfaces were up, unfortunately one thing that wasn't meant to get heel heat got a lot of it. People were angry that Jody Fleisch and Red only went six minutes. I can say I was as angry and surprised as anyone when Special K came out. The match was supposed to go twice as long. Unfortunately, there was a communication error and the guys thought I cut their match to seven minutes about halfway through the show, when what I meant was for Special K to come out at the 7 minute mark and watch the final 3-5 minutes of the match. Things like this happen and you move on, although I've been trying to figure out how to turn back time so I can go back and tell them 12 minutes. The six minutes the fans got was tremendous and I look forward to more of Jody and Red working in the future. I also thought it was a breakout night for Special K, who are becoming one of our most popular and talked about acts. You can check out a clip of them hosting our New Year's Eve show on This stuff is totally over the top.

There has been a lot of criticism about having the belt on Xavier. I think last Saturday proved why Xavier is a great champion. First of all, his last three title matches have all been really good with each one getting better than the last. The main thing that made the Paul London match so great was the emotion in the building. Indy promotions try to do things to make their belts prestigious. They can put it on a top Japanese wrestler and have it defended in Japan. Does anyone really care? Nope. Title matches are about emotion. Last Saturday the building was jumping out of their seats at the false finishes. They were booing Xavier and clapping for London almost the entire match. It was dramatic, it was suspenseful and it had everyone in the building feeling like they were 12 years old again. That is what title matches are about and what makes your belt important. I dare anyone to find me a more heated title match on the indy scene than what we had last Saturday.

I cannot praise Steve Corino's performance enough from the tremendous promos to the way he pulled off the angles to the great job he did in the 45 minute match. I watched him from the day he came into ECW and everything he did in ECW live and most of what he's done in the United States and I can safely say that last Saturday was the greatest all-around performance of his United States career. Corino is going to make things very interesting in 2003 and we started a bunch of storylines with him last Saturday. He suffered a broken nose in the 45 minute bout and didn't miss a beat. No one realizes how tough he is.

Speaking of the 45 minute match, I know there were people unhappy with the draw finish. The way I see it is that you saw four of the best beat each other up for 45 minutes. How can you be disappointed with that especially when we've done a clean finish on just about every match we've ever had at the Murphy Rec Center. I've watched the match a few times and this classic just keeps getting better everytime I watch it. Now we've thrown in the possibility that matches can end in draws in the future and we've also set up an interesting title situation for 2/8 in Queens. I am in awe of athletes like Corino, Low Ki, Bryan Danielson and the most underrated guy in the business Samoa Joe for being able to go out there for 45 minutes and do what they did.

I think that Da Hit Squad vs. Backseat Boyz vs. Special K stole the show. Great crowd heat, tremendous action, but once again a finish the fans didn't want to see. It was a finish to set up our future though. Deranged and Angel Dust both really stepped it up a notch and proved they belong in ROH. Hit Squad have found a home in the scramble matches and are both coming into their own. The Backseat Boyz are tremendous talents. I want to thank John Zandig for allowing us to book them. You will see more of the Backseats on High Impact TV in January.

If you liked the CM Punk/Colt Cabana car promo that was on High Impact TV a few weeks ago, wait until you see the new one that could be airing next Tuesday. Punk and Cabana delivered another solid match. I really liked Ace Steel's match with Jay Briscoe and you will see more of Steel in ROH.

Then of course there was the Konnan thing. This really brought the crowd down after the exciting scramble match. I'm not going to make excuses, but I am going to take responsibility for what happened. Booking him in singles matches was a mistake. He actually had the crowd after the first minute with Chris Divine and if he had been able to tag out there we would have had a perfectly decent segment. I think things will be different next week in the Pittsburgh area when he is in a six man tag and I think we'll see a much better Konnan there. He was extremely upset afterwards as he put a lot of pressure on himself to impress and that pressure got to him. He really came in with the best intentions as anyone on the NYC bus trip knows after being a part of his Q&A, but I put him in a bad situation. I'm really interested to see how things go next week in Pittsburgh.

Chris Daniels & Donovan Morgan continued to prove that they are this generation's Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson with a really solid old school match vs. SAT. Once again though, the heels won and there were more boos. It was night of the heels!

A lot of people complained after our 9/21 "Unscripted" show that it wasn't a typical ROH show. I've heard similar complaints after this one. However, now that I read the video reviews of 9/21 I see nothing but praise. I think the same thing will happen with this show because it delivered on in ring action and set up our future. By now, fans should figure out that you can't have any expectations about ROH other than we will deliver the best show we can. You never know what to expect from ROH, but in the end everything makes sense, so just sit back and enjoy the ride like you were watching a movie.

I was really happy with the promos that were taped backstage and we will have some good stuff for High Impact TV. The TV show has been a work in progress, but I think we are finally beginning to hit stride with it and that January will be a can't miss month both for newsworthy material and action. If you aren't watching High Impact TV, you are only getting half the story. The show airs Tuesdays at midnight on WGTW Channel 48 in Philly and we have monthly tapes for sale in the New Releases section.

I'm really looking forward to the Pittsburgh area show next week. When we hit a new town we really like to try to make an immediate impact and show the fans we are something different. We will try to do that next week as we try to make that area one of our new homes. We have the biggest tag team grudge match in ROH history headlining and a great undercard of tremendous talent in every different style of wrestling. I urge fans from Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland, Western NY & PA as well as Ohio to come check it out because you've never seen anything like this before. Tickets on sale now by calling 215-891-9404 or going to the Ring Of Honor Tickets section.

I just want to close by thanking everyone for what was our largest crowd yet at the Murphy Recreation Center last Saturday. We will strive to continue the excellent product you have come to expect from us in 2003 and I can promise you that we are all working our hardest to make ROH something different, logical, interesting and special. Thank you.

Credit: Gabe
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Fallen One
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Ok, now I can comment on all this stuff I just posted.

I posted a long thread about this on and then the site went down so I will just sum up what I said there.

As it can be seen the fans are rebeling against the direction of RoH. Many feel Gabe is focusing too much on getting his storylines over, that he forgot that he promised the fans that RoH would be wrestling as a sport. It seems now that the Storylines comes first.

This can be seen in Homicide getting removed from the fourway, Daniels doing a run in and Special K interupting the dream match. And Xavier still holding the belt to keep putting over the Prophecy. People arn't booing him cause he is a heel, they are booing him as they are genereally sick of seeing him as a champion.

Gabe tells us not to expect anything from RoH, and this lead me to wonder, should we also stop expecting the quality he has given us in the past. The fans are pist off and letting him know with the chants, yet he still thinks his direction is a good one. Well time will tell, but RoH keeps this up XPW will destroy them.
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