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CZW Detailed Results
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Default CZW Detailed Results

Just two weeks after CZW's Cage of Death 4, out of love for the fans, Zandig said he wanted to give everyone one more show inside Viking Hall. He announced it would be a one o'clock bell time, and the show commenced at about 1:45 in the afternoon.

To begin the show, MDogg 20's music hit, as fans demanded to know what the hell this was about? Someone dressed like Josh Prohibition and MDogg 20 came to the ring, and it was soon discovered by the long hair that it was the Backseat Boyz. Pretending to be MDogg, Trent Acid f'ed up a flip over the rope as the fans got a huge laugh out of that. Trent Acid got on the mic soon thereafter and began speaking as if he was MDogg 20. He said that he and Josh Prohibition (pointing to Kashmere) turned their backs on CZW fans, and went to that other company for more money even though Zandig and CZW made them who they were. He said that CZW made them popular, put their name on the map. He said someone in CZW will have to learn how to climb the pole, as he knew CZW fans would greatly miss seeing that every month. They then removed the masks that they were wearing, and said in case people didn't realize by now, they were the Backseats Boyz, the greatest tag team in the world. They said that if they ever see MDogg or Josh in Cleveland or wherever the hell they wrestle, they were going to kick their ass! He said this business is about loyalty, and since fans put money into their pockets every month, they were going to kick their ass for the fans!! Acid and Kashmere said that those two were never welcome in this [wrestling] ring again. Our new owner, Zandig, came to the ring and started by saying that he is the only one who says who is and who's not welcome. He said what those two did was just wrong. Zandig also said that the CZW roster carried those two, but there is not anyone in that other fed to carry them. He ended his speech by saying f**k them, f**k Rob Black, let's get on with [CZW's] show!! Fans showed their support for CZW as Zandig said the first order of business on the show was the award ceremony, which was voted on by over 500 people CZW fans, both in attendance today and around the world.

The awards were brought out from under the ring and Zandig announced the first award, Sickest Bump of the Year, going to "Sick" Nick Mondo and Jimmy from Tournament of Death. He said it was a hell of a bump and it's a shame Nick wasn't there to accept his award. The second award, Best Mic Work of the Year, was given to "Doomsday" Danny Rose, who also, unfortunately, was not able to be there, due to being legitimately sick. Weedwhacker of the Year was also given to Mondo, for the insane shot he took at TOD in the finals match. Finisher of the year was awarded to Chri$ Ca$h. Next, Zandig announced that his feud with Lobo, spanning this whole year, was chosen by the people as feud of the year. Zandig called Lobo to the ring to accept his award, but no one came out. After another thirty seconds, and Zandig yelling "Lobo" like only Zandig can, Lobo walked out and accepted his award. Zandig said that Lobo takes some of the sickest bumps he has ever seen, and asked fans to give it up for him. Fans chanted "Lobo" as Zandig said Lobo will be getting surgery once again for his "wheels". He said that it isn't certain whether or not he will be retiring or not, it all depends on how his surgery goes. Fans applauded Lobo. Next award, UV match of the year, was awarded to Wifebeater and Mondo's final match in the TOD. To the surprise of many, Wifebeater came to the ring to accept his award!! Fans gave a huge "Wifebeater" chant, as they were very pleased to see him. Zandig said unfortunately, he was retired, but he said he thinks after that body of his gets rest, we will be seeing him hopefully down the road. Zandig announced the winner of match of the year went to Jodie Fleisch and Johnny Storm for their match at Best of the Best. Zandig said he hoped CZW would be privileged to have Fleisch work more shows in the future because he is a hell of a wrestler. Next, Zandig announced Breakout star of the Year to be awarded to Sonjay. When Sonjay came to the ring, he said that he didn't quite agree with every award, but this was definitely one that he did agree with! He said due to Sonjay's loyalty coming month in and month out, he was given the opportunity to wrestle one of the shows and Zandig was greatly impressed! Tag team of the year was awarded to Nick Gage and Nate Hatred. As they came to the ring, Zandig said Nick Gage has been with CZW since the beginning and is a man that truly defines "loyalty". He then said that come 2003, he would love to wrestle Nate Hatred, the stiffest mother f*cker, in an ultraviolent match! Finally, Zandig announced that wrestler of the year was awarded to none other than the Messiah!! As fans chanted CZW, Zandig said he had a personal award from his heart. He said he was giving an award to all the hard workers of the company, such as the ring crew, the video producer (who also updates all of the site when not making video material for shows), the ticket sales lady, and all the fans who make this company possible by attending shows, buying tapes and merchandise, etc. He said they are the people that make the show and company possible!! Quite an award ceremony as some great, deserving men were awarded, thanks to each and every one of you for voting. (Note: Zandig realized he forgot video of the year as he was leaving the ring, and Dennis Shock announced it. Video of the year went to Cage of Death's video.)

Now, without further ado, GQ came to the ring to begin the wrestling portion of the show! Hurricane Kid and Derek Frazier were the other men in this match, and it quickly started up. Some quick wrestling to begin the show, and nearing the five minute mark, GQ hit a power bomb suplex into a DDT to gain the three count on Hurricane Kid. Good match to begin the show, all three men looked rather good.

Next, Nick Berk hit the ring with his Red Bull can, and got on the mic. He said that Zandig booked him in another submission match with a mystery opponent, so he asked for that person to just come out. Quickly, this mystery opponent's music hit and Mexico's star Nozawa came to the ring to a nice pop from fans. He was giving the finger right and left, and even gave some crotch crops upon getting into the ring. Funny stuff. Nick Berk didn't think it was funny however, as he quickly put a start to the match after being flipped off by Nozawa. There were very innovative submissions done in this match, and it was well fought on both sides. Nozawa hit a nice in-ring tarantula, and it looked like Berk was ready to tap. Berk also locked on some innovative submissions where it looked like he had Nozawa was about to submit. Good action from both men, and Nozawa finally tapped after Berk locked Nozawa into a Texas Cloverleaf, with his knee on Nozawa's back. After the match, Nick Berk helped Nozawa to his feet and he went to shake hands, but Nozawa flipped him off again as he left the ring. Nevertheless, it was great to see a top-class athlete like him with CZW. (Match length approximately 10 minutes).

The next match of the afternoon was announced as a six man tag team match. Irish Drinking Team and Jon Dahmer came to the ring first, followed by Rockin Rebel and Greg Matthews. Due to Danny Rose being sick and Z-Barr already working a match, this match would be a 3 on 2, with the rules of only one pinfall for the win (not elimination style). Despite the match being three on two, Matthews and Rebel held up very well. Rockin Rebel nailed a big boot and leg drop halfway into the match, but Jon Dahmer made the save for his team. This led to Jon Dahmer spike piledriving Greg Matthews and Irish Drinking Team nailing Rockin Rebel to gain a double pinfall in the match! After IDT and Dahmer left the ring after their victory celebration, Rebel and Matthews looked as if they were going to start arguing, but hugged, and "Real American" blasted through the building. Rebel and Matthews both posed at all four corners of the ring, and it looked as if Hulka…I mean, Rebelamania was re-born! Rebel and Matthews gave fans the finger as they left the ring. Very funny moment. (Match length approximately seven minutes).

Next to come to the ring was Z-Barr and Adam Flash for their next singles match. This looked like a last ditch effort for Lobo to gain some revenge on Adam Flash, by doing so through Z-Barr. Nevertheless, this was a very impressive match by both men involved. Midway in the match, Rick Feinburg came to the ring, bearing only a towel, a pink one at that, and waved to Z-Barr. Needless to say, Z-Barr told him to go the hell away. Ignoring Barr's wishes, Feinburg stayed and cheered on his crush, Z-Barr. As it was looking like Z-Barr could have pulled out a victory, Rick Feinburg entered the ring. Z-Barr was on the top rope getting ready to jump on Adam Flash but Adam Flash whipped Feinburg into the same corner, catapulting Feinburg's head into Z-Barr's groin. Barr fell off and this allowed Adam Flash to climb the turnbuckle and give Z-Barr a huge leg drop! Flash got the three count, and the victory, but that wasn't his last actions. He de-toweled Feinburg, revealing that Feinburg was only wearing a thong. He placed Feinburg's groin on top of Z-Barr's face, and walked to the back. After Z-Barr relized what the hell was on his face, he quickly got up and beat the hell out of Rick Feinburg. He gave Feinburg a fist drop and walked to the back disgusted and angry. (Approximately 7 minutes)

Johnny Kashmere, joined by Trent Acid, came to the ring next for his match against Ric F'N Blade. This match started off rather quickly, and was taken to the outside by Kashmere. While distracting the ref on the inside, Trent Acid suplexed Blade onto a chair, bending the chair and making it rather useless. This match seemed to be very one sided, due to Trent Acid being there. Still at the beginning of the match, Johnny Kashmere was able to hit a nice airplane suplex while Trent Acid got a ladder. He laid the ladder between two chairs on the outside, and Kashmere and Blade made their way over there. Blade laid Kashmere on top of it, and hit Acid with a punch or two. Blade went to the top rope and did a Swanton Bomb onto Johnny Kashmere, who was still laying on the ladder!! As this match brawled around the ring and back inside the ring, Ric Blade was able to hit a nice tornado DDT, giving him time to get a table from the outside. Blade put Kashmere on the top rope, as he mounted the rope with him. Trent Acid ran to Kashmere and from the outside, handed him the baseball bat. Kashmere hit Blade with the bat, but kept Blade on the turnbuckle with him. Johnny Kashmere hit a huge tornado DDT from the top rope through the table to gain the three count in this match. Great match from both men, but I don't think we have seen the end of this bitter feud. (Approximately 10-15 minutes)

After coming back from a short intermission, Zandig came to the ring and told fans that, unfortunately, XPW was able to come up with their money, even after their original check of $30,000 bounced! How anyone would want to do business with someone like that amazes me, but Zandig told fans straight up that CZW offered $32,000 for the building, but XPW finally were able to come up with $60,000. In my opinion, this could be a very good thing for us, as we can now run a show on any Saturday in the month and not having to worry about who is already booked in there. Zandig announced that the new CZW Arena was five minutes down the road from Viking Hall, and the official address was 61st and Passyunk. He said it holds 1600 people, which is another great thing! Lastly, while he said he heard there was a "New Year's celebration" at Viking Hall, the next CZW show will be on the same day, January 18th, at the new CZW Arena!!! Tickets are on sale now. Zandig said that CZW will continue to give fans what they want, such as the next match involving Ruckus, Ca$h, and Jodie Fleisch!

After Zandig exited, Chri$ Ca$h came to the ring and said that Jodie Fleisch went back to the UK and it would only be him and Ruckus. Ruckus came to the ring and this match was underway. A few minutes later, Jodie Fleisch finally ran to the ring and this is now the three way it was advertised as. Fleisch enters the ring by hopping on the top rope and nailing Ca$h with a huge dropkick. This match was quickly taken to the outside where Chri$ Ca$h climbed the poll to the top, then slid down, giving the finger to fans. The match was taken back inside the ring where Fleisch continues to impress with a nice backwards hurricarana on Ruckus. Ruckus gets a chair (courtesy Chad Shaft), and he sets it up in the corner. Ruckus and Ca$h fight on the outside next, as Jodie Fleisch nails a dropkick to the chair which subsequently cracks Ruckus on the head. Chri$ Ca$h takes the match back into the ring and puts Ruckus on the top for a Cash Flo. Ruckus reverses it and Fleisch and Ruckus start the double team. After Fleisch stops the double team as Ca$h is dropkicked over the top rope, Chri$ Ca$H makes his way to the stage and begins setting up some tables. Ca$h brings both men over and they fight it out until they eventually make their way to the announcers area of the stage. Ruckus is thrown through one table by Chri$ Ca$h, and much to his surprise, Fleisch hits a huge hurricarana to put Ca$h through the second table! As both men stumble to get on their feet, Jodie Fleisch, from the announcers area still, does a shooting star press onto both men!! Amazingly, all three men are able to go as they go back to the ring. Chri$ Ca$h sets up a ladder between the ring and the rail, and he sets up a table underneath it. He goes on to put a ladder on top of the table, and this spot looks as if it will be madness. Jodie Fleisch gives Chri$ Ca$h a super airplane DDT in the ring, and this allows Ruckus to take Ca$h to the top. Ruckus then powerslams Ca$h from the turnbuckle to the outside, through the two ladders and table!! Jodie Fleisch brings Chri$ Ca$h in the ring, and Ruckus soon follows. Fleisch hits a huge 450 from the top, and lays on him for the pin. Ruckus picks up Fleisch and gives him a Michinoku Driver, laying him ontop of Ca$h. Ruckus lays on top of both men and gets the three count in this insane match!!! What an amazing match, by one hell of a United Kingdom representative and two of the top up-and-comers in CZW!!! This could have very well been a Match of the year candidate if the ceremony was not earlier. (Approximately 20 minute length)

Following that fantastic three way, Mr. Razzle Dazzle, Sonjay Dutt, makes his way to the ring for his Jr. Heavyweight title match that he earned two weeks ago after beating Ruckus and MDogg 20. Both Kashmere and Acid come to the ring next, but Blade runs down to the ring and attacks Kashmere, dragging him to the back. Thankfully, we have some order and justice! The bell is rung and Sonjay and Trent begin it rather quickly. After some back and forth action in the ring, Acid is thrown to the outside and Sonjay does a huge moonsault onto the outside onto Acid, and also banging his own knee on the rail pretty severely. Regardless, he gets up and takes the match back into the ring. After some more brawling, Trent Acid locks Sonjay in a corss-body suplex, followed by a surfboard. After Sonjay finally breaks the hold, Acid misses a Yakuza Kick, as Sonjay still has hope for winning the title. It looked as if Sonjay had finally gotten the advantage he needed, because he hit a huge hurricarana, but only got a two count. Nevertheless, he pulls Acid back up and hit's a DDT, allowing Sonjay to go to the top and hit a huge elbow drop. He again only gets a two count. Sonjay picks Acid back up and nails a face buster onto Acid, but again, only a two count as Acid is fighting hard to stay alive. Sonjay goes to the top once again, and hits his 540, and just as everyone thought that was it, Trent kicks out again! Acid finally gains the momentum back, while Sonjay is busy conversing with the referee. Trent Acid bounces against the ropes and nails a Yakuza Kick to the back of Sonjay, and another for good measure right on his head. After two Yakuza kicks, Trent Acid gains the pinfall over Sonjay Dutt to retain his title. That was a hell of an effort by both men, and afterwards, Acid tells Sonjay that his performance deserves a dance. Sonjay's music plays as Sonjay dances in the ring for the fans. Great match (Approximately 10-15 minutes)

Now, it was finally time for the main event of the afternoon. Nick Gage and Justice Pain came to the ring and it was announced that Messiah would be coming to the ring at the five minute mark. This match was indeed for the World title, but not Ironman rules. The match starts strong on the inside by Nick Gage, who looks determined to win the title he was cheated out of two months ago. After a huge piledriver and fall away suplex by Gage, Messiah runs to the ring, to join the match. Nick Gage meets him on the outside and Gage and Messiah engage in a slugfest. Gage and Messiah fight around the ring as Justice Pain bounces off the ropes and splashes to the outside, landing on Gage. Pain quickly employs a chair, which he uses on Messiah. This match works its way to the crowd (near the concession stand). Messiah and Gage fight in the crowd on the bleacher, and Justice Pain moonsaults from the apron, over the guard rail, and onto both men! More brawling follows, as Messiah hits Gage with a huge vertical suplex over a guard rail and onto the hard floor. Justice Pain takes Messiah up the big bleacher (near the CZW hanging banner), and after running him into the top of it, he throws him down the steps of the bleacher!! This match is becoming an all-out massacre as these men show fans what the title means to them. Fans are scattering everywhere. As we move near the entrance now, Pain runs Messiah into the guard rail, and slams it on his head! Pain brings the ring rail into the ring, as the match is taken back there. Messiah pushes the rail out of the ring before it can be used, but that doesn't stop the choas from all three men. After Justice Pain hit's a huge blockbuster and Messiah hits his Fall From Grace, Nick Gage finally is able to nail both men with his running boot to the head!! This Leads to Messiah bleeding from the nose, as after he gets up, he hit's a huge tornado DDT on Pain. This doesn't keep Justice Pain down however, as he gives Nick Gage a huge belly-to-belly from the top! Messiah takes advantage of this situation, as he rolls Gage up for a 2 count. Justice Pain quickly rolls up Messiah, only to get another two. Nick Gage angrily grabs Messiah by the throat and nails a huge choke slam backbreaker onto Messiah!! Justice Pain then hit's a Pain Thriller on Nick Gage, as no one tries for pins. Justice Pain brings the World title into the ring and cracks Messiah with it. Nick Gage calls Dewey onto the apron and tells him to hold a chair. Gage tries to run Pain into the chair, but gets it reversed onto himself. Dewey looks apologetic as Nate Hatred storms to the ring. Nate Hatred gets in the ring and knocks both Pain and Messiah off their feet with the title. He then nails Dewey with a clothesline for inadvertently hitting Nick with the chair. After turning his back for a second, Nick Gage taps Nate on the shoulder. Thinking it was Pain or Messiah, he turns around and clotheslines him! He kneels beside him , apologizing and trying to get him back in the match. Meanwhile, Justice Pain's Pain Thriller is reverses by Messiah, and Messiah performs the Godsmack to get the three count!! Another awesome match by all three men!!! This rivalry is not over in the least, as all three men deserve to remain in the title picture.

After the three men leave the ring, Zandig comes to the ring to remind people to come to the show next month at 61st and Passyunk, as we will have more details up on the site as well. What a show this turned out to be, and I strongly suggest buying it. It was a hell of a show, and a great performance by every man involved. They put on a show like only CZW can, we'll see you at the CZW Arena in three weeks!!! More information about the show to come, so please stay tuned!!!

Credit: Ryan Smith
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It's good to see that Messiah is still CZW champion, if they are wise they will keep hi mas champion for a long time and make him a figure head of CZW, as he has the look of a champion.

It should be noted that going into this show only three matches were advertised and a week before CZW lost MDogg and Josh Prohibition to XPW, so it seems they did a good job fixing these matches and even brough in Fleisch for the show.

It is also good to see Zandig already got a another place to run in Phily after XPW bought out the ECW arena.
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