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Creative "Thoughts"
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Default Creative "Thoughts"

Continuing the trend of though bearing threads here comes more, obviously this isn't one of those regularly daily / bi daily / Weekly things but you know what? Itís ten times better.


My Laptop is still a piece of shit, it's banged up real bad, its falling apart as it keeps splitting into two as the middle so it definitely is a matter of time before I get one wicked power surge through the cracks. Plus my apparent dickhead friend keeps snapping keys off my keyboard as a "Joke", currently by down key and my Esc key have gone and it's a matter of time before more go missing.

(Sigh) We Finally got the Great Show that is House here in Australia and after the show ends they hype the Next Show OC Style like "Can Medicineís Newest great mind combat the twisted mind of this adolescent psycho? Find out next week on House." Now I'm all for the next Week review snippet but with a show of house's... Standard I think you can at least make more of an effort to raise the snippetís standards either rather then making it a ridiculous rhetorical stupid question with bad rock music in the background.

Scrubs, I seem to be getting into Hospital / medicine Drama more then this CSI Forensic Scientist crap anyway the TV stations hate me, all my favourite shows are now getting aired at or after midnight, Fucking ED was moved from 7:30 on Saturdays to 12:30 in the fucking morning of Thursday. Argh I just hope they get Scrubs and ED on DVD sometime in the future, I watched ED after being told after like a year and a half that it moved time slots and I'm fucking lost.

I have this sudden obligation to stare down everyone that looks at me funny on the streets, Pisses me off and even Chicks just glare at me, not that "Hey?" Look were they seemingly sparkle their eyes at you more of the "Hey" look as if you have something on your face look, except the thing is the thing on my face.... happens to be my face.

Yeah I've also become too self conscious about that and will definitely have some surgery to get my mega fucked up nose fixed in time, It's a confidence issue because I know that's the only thing that is a noted and taunted flaw of mine.

My Hair, My Short confusing hair, I hate my Hair but don't we all just hate our hair? That small bald spot that all guys have at the back of their head, you know that little swirl where you hair sort of meets, I have one now and it's freaking me out. I use to have mega thick hair and had no little swirling patch at the back of my head and now that I actually have one, I'm freaking out, Itís barely noticeable but damn I know it's there and knowing itís there..... is a bitch.

Girls love Chocolate, Took me a fucking age to use this info, Walk around with Cold Tim Tams or Oreos and you will definitely get some Attention from some local hotties, even the processed Gummy crap that the Starburst company are pushing out lately chances are they'll ask you for one and that's your icebreaker.

But you know it's coming to that age were your Friends would rather spend time with their Girlfriend rather then a night out with the guys in hope of getting action, I can understand and probably an offender too but damn it feels kinda hallow when you're the odd man left out on a Perfect Saturday Night. Maybe I should really start sneaking into Nightclubs and spin lies to drunken desperate chicks to get some kicks.

Is it me or is Music getting Shitter and Shitter? The Return of the Backstreet with that overly dramatic film clip Incomplete is starting to really drive me nuts, I use to watch it and laugh at their crappy over acting I mean singing with a burning car in the background then going for a frolic in the Ocean while letting sand slip through your fingers and this is suppose to symbolise how "incomplete" you are?..... Queers. Then you have these hardcore Punk Rockers Good Charlotte singing that "Chronicles of Life & Death" song and I'm looking at there tools and they're dressed in typical "Hardcore" Punk gear but sing really upbeat Pop Music, Not fractional Pop, 100% Pop-shit. It's sad and pathetic the things bands do to sell records, then we have the Motherfucking Crazy Frog, Okay that use to be one of those chain mail gags with the Race Car Insanity test and it now a International Super Hit, Fuck that! Next thing you know the Weather man reading the daily weather will be mixed into a crappy techno remix of famous Movie theme with no real purpose. Bottom-line, Today's music is getting shitter and shitter and I fear the day when my Children turn to me as I listen to my Audioslave CD and ask me to put on their ridiculous Techno remix collection of crap as I continually tell them, "This part here was a famous line in a Movie in my Day" then they'll look at me with that blank face and say "Whatever"... (Sigh)

Time to change, I was an avid Soccer player the previous years, Hell I even mastered the Bicycle kick, I will probably never been able to use it ever in a game but it's still an impressive show boating move. Now I've switched the Rugby League, My favourite Contact sport currently, Basically Rugby League offers me things that Soccer couldn't, I can actually pass the ball to somebody without it constantly being stolen, I can out run or out step a defender with else without having to mauver a ball alongside with me and plus I can lay out people that ran at me that I hate. I'm going to go out and say that Soccer requires more skill but League requires more toughness and fitness.

Yeah that's it, Hope you hated it...
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