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Sin's Thoughts April 7th.
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Default Sin's Thoughts April 7th.

I'm Posting this an hour before april 7th, but

What an interesting couple of days it's been. the weather here on the Island was the warmest so far this year today. Perfect weather to take a walk, go for a swim, or even take a bike ride. I however, stayed here and argued over Benoit being called a "Vanilla Midget" but that's just how i do things. Also Canadian idol Tryouts were today on PEI. i didn't go tryout, because i honestly know i ain't getting a recording contract. and i have Somewhat negative feelings about the whole "Idol" Shit. It's all a popularity contest, but not what you all think. I think it's honestly Less about the fans, and more of what the music industry wants. But hey, Who can complain when you have money and expo..... wait a minute, what exposure? i haven't seen anything done from the past to Canadian Idol winners yet. First winner Ryan Malcolm's video was on Fromage 2003 (Which to you Non-Canucks is a Show on much music that rates teh worst videos of the year), and he was followed with Clarkson, Studdard, and Baron Von Faggot Clay aiken..

I think i've had my fill talking about Shitty Idol. Time to change the Subject....

I want to Refer to Rebel's Statement in Warzone:

Originally Posted by Reb
You see, just because you are registered here at PWF doesn't mean you are respected right away. Just because you are registered here at PWF doesn't mean you have a say about what goes on here. Both of these things must be earned. It feels as like you guys think people like Trev, Exo, Stick and myself were just named as admins one day out of the blue. But I hate to break it to you...we were't. You see, we were picked for a reason. We know how to control the site properly. You guys go on and on how were hyprocrites and everything, but you see thats not the case. We just have different rules for dumbfucks like you. We're not going to take any shit from some people like you because some of you guys add nothing to the site at all. So why should we treat you with any respect when your only goal here is to piss people off or just bitch about something all day? You don't see us going around doing that.
I agree with this. I've noticed it too. Alot of these newer posters coming here and thinking they could run this place better than the current Admins. Well, i Disagree with them. These guys have been doing a helluva job keeping this place from Being a Total Cesspool of SPam, And Shit. Sure spam is done sometimes, but that's just in fun. they keep the place fun, and Worth coming back every day. i ain't trying to kiss any ass here, but that's what i honestly believe. disagree if you want to.

in other news, THe great Debate over Chris Benoit continues in the WWE forum. The latest member of the "Suck nash's Dick" Committee, Nash Gordon, Persists in Telling us that Benoit is a shitty, Undeserving, Selfish, Worker who should Job to Guys Like Tomko and Snitsky. Also, he believes that Because Benoit won on Monday, He "Buried" Edge. well, i wasn't too fond of that statement, and if you've yet to Post your 2 cents about it:

GO Here, Or Here. Make your voice heard on the Great Benoit Debate.
No on To Praised , Or damned

Praised: the admins who made the right choice to Ban Sikk.

Damned: Sikkbones. You all know why by now. if not, then you should look around. you'll find out why.

Praised: the GVGCOAT. Currently Robotnik vs Peach, Mario vs 8-ball, and Gordon freeman vs. Lance Vance are up for discussion. vote now if you haven't.

Damned: Nash Moron. Him and the "Nash Fillacio" Society.

Praised: Reb. Masterful Statement in warzone.

Damned: the Crock. i thought he was a great poster, till he sided with Sikk on this whole shit-nanigans.

And that's it for this installment. In the words of Wade Needham: Be Cool.

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