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Evil Rant.............
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Default Evil Rant.............

Don't take this seriously........just some freewriting

The general public may call it a school, but they don't know what goes down inside the walls of this place. The Salem Public High School is my personal hell, the dull brick lobby as bland as the rest of the building, the east coast pure white heroin color of the cement walls threatning to devour at the core of my most creative thoughts. Sure, they call them teachers, but no word in any lauguage could describe the control and power they posse over a classroom, all hidden by the corny jokes and fakes laughs. Standing over your desk, your personal prison cell, designed as flismy as possiable to aggrivate your soul even more, the "teacher" perhaps credits your work. "Good job, here's a bone, here's a good grade, can't wait to see the next one Kegan!!", or "Have you ever considered a carear in writing?", all praises that they probably come up with at a secret summer meeting, set up for depressing our tiny souls into the cruel workforce of the Human race. "Ok people, we need more ways to provoke false hope in the next generation, so we can blame the parents for sucides and the deaths of kids filled with amazing potiental, any ideas? Very good suggestion Mr. (insert name here), that way we can have more money for more computers in all classroom. That way, each and every child can think that they learnt the the horrible truth of the world through the internet, not us, and we can use that as a great excuse!"

The teachers are not the only problem, not by a long shot, let me assure you that. School lunches, all from cans and pre-heated to give the issullion of freshness. Grade C filler meat from some company in the desert somewhere, from trucks with no air conditioning, meat that is warped with recycled bread. "Yes, chocalate milk is fit the meal perfectly, get the kids hyped up for class, that means more people sent to the office, which means more Saturday dententions, brillant!!" The lunches all take place in a big crowded room, no room for joy, or happiness, can't have that. Instead, we get a shoving spree, complete with the occisonal fist fight and police invovlement. Small plastic trays underneath the poor excuse for a taco, hamburger, or whatever, one false move and the cheap plastic spills your meal all over the floor.....all of it is just designed to help you pull the trigger one day in a damp alley somewhere in a city, alone and past the point of no return. Don't think of me as the one with the answers, for everyone seems to have their own ideas for theories these days, everyone claims to be the true "Insider". I am mere a teenager, I am mere a stastitic on a death certifercit, a empty shell of a body on a cold metal table in some lab, not the Messiah, not the one everyone can trust, not "The One". Store my information in the back of your brain somewhere, only to emerge when your faced with the thought of going up against the goverment, "the man", the almighty power of the Earth......
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Mmmh...Chain-Gang rules.
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...Awesome. I love this.
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good shit.

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