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"Diary of a wrestler"-Episode 5.
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Default "Diary of a wrestler"-Episode 5.

"Radikal Rage?...The Hardcore Championship?...ME?...To be honest, i don't think i deserve it...I mean, i'm here since a little three months...I'm still a green rookie...And they send me in this ring against this crazy guy?..."

I was a little shocked, to say the least. I was worried, nervous and excited at the same time...Yes, it's a golden opportunity, for me, to show what i have...And anyway, Sunny told me he would defeat me...So, whatever? I'm just jobbing...

At the arena, for the first time, i felt like i had a LOT of work to do...Preparation, preparation, preparation...And to put more oil on the fire, Rage arrived late...Sunny kinda had an arguement with him while i was waiting near the locker-room..."Hell, only 34 minutes to prepare...After that, the others have the ring"...

For those who don't know, we are all sharing the ring to prepare for a match, in CCW. Each match have a limited 1 hour, then everybody's sharing the squared circle...So, this time, i was limited to half an hour because of Mr.Hardcore Champ.

We finally got in the ring...When i first talked to Rage, i was a little impressed...After all, he was wearing the gold...But when i saw more of his personnality, i felt superior, intelligent and way more wise...I mean, i found every move we would do for the show, i found the "go out"(end of the match), i did everything...The only thing Rage was saying was: "yeah...yeah, good idea".

In some way, it helped me. It helped me to feel superior than him, cause i was leading in the ring...Since i was leading, i was way less nervous...Sunny than came next to me after our preparation and asked: "so, will you give me something to be worried about, this time?"...I looked at him, with cocky eyes..."You're guy doesn't deserve the belt...I'm wondering what he's doing here"..Then, i leaved Sunny...I knew what he was thinking, i knew he didn't like what i just said, but i didn't care...I mean, i was right.

The match finally arrived...For the first time, i was conscious of everything around the ring...I was conscious of my entrance music, i was conscious that fans were loving or hating me...Not because i lost my passion and woke up from my dream, but because i was finally getting comfortable in a match...The bell than rang...Everything we set, me and Rage, was fitting and went perfectly. A lot of chair shots to my back, however, made me feel a little sore...Rage was hitting hard, was hitting with brute force...Suddenly, we did something we didn't planned...Everything was placed right for me to get thrown through the time-keeper table...In some kind of way, he was holding me in his finisher move...I looked at him, he looked at me...I twinkled him, giving him the "yes" answer, and hate his "Electric Funeral"(Impaler DDT) through the table...

Curiously, it didn't hurt. I was really OK, not sored or anything...Anyway, his weight and mine together was way enough to break the table...He pinned me, i let my shoulders on the floor, i did my job right. The fans were applauding. In some way, we gave an OK match without going in fantasies...We've been really technical rather than hardcore and everybody appreciated it.

Backstage, Sunny arrived near me with the smile, for the first time: "GREAT...MATCH! SERIOUSLY...I'M...I'M OUT OF WORDS!"...Out of words, he's going way too far, here...That was an OK match to me, nothing more...But since he loved it, i accepted his hand-shake and smiled to him...My job was completed.

Back home, i was feeling weird...Kinda...Kinda like if i didn't make a good match...Kinda felt like my job wasn't done...I needed to get another match of this type...I needed something to prove that, without a shadow of a doubt, i was championship material...Yeah...The day after...

"Sunny, it's me...Listen, you're not home and you're certainly at the arena, but...I had this good idea...I want a re-match against Rage...Maybe not right now, maybe not this month, but...Sometimes. I want to be in a Ladder Match, Sunny. Call me back."

*To be continued.*
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