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"Diary of a wrestler"-Episode 3.
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Default "Diary of a wrestler"-Episode 3.

Three days after my first match, i received a call from Sunny. He told me he wasn't only impressed by what i brought in the ring, but wanted me to give him a guarantee of priority for CCW...I was green and didn't really knew if other federations were interested in me, so i accepted this guarantee for a year. Happy, he told me i was confirmed in a mid-card match at the next show...against Nightmare Manson. When i heard that name, i felt like my legs were not having enough strenght to countain my weight anymore...Man, Nightmare Manson...He's one hell of a wrestler!...Pffiiiuuu...

During the week, i trained with Manson, really impressed by the knowledge he was giving to me about how to deal with the crowd, how to deal with the ring, etc. He also told me i was having the heart and the passion for it, but there was only one thing missing: charisma. "What? Why?", i asked him...He then told me that wrestling isn't just about giving awesome matches, it's also about communicating with the fans...Or else, i would just be the "Lance Storm of CCW"...You don't need me to get the fact i took his advice in consideration, specially with the name he mentionned to me.

The event finally took place, a week later. Seconds before the match, the nervous side of me took control of my body as everything tought possible was running in my head: "hell, i'm facing a former CCW Champion!"..."Will Sunny be satisfied of my performance?"...Bah, let's see that in the ring...

One thing sure: that was my initiation. There's a law, in wrestling, about chops: once you're opponent can't take one more, he falls on the mat. Well, Manson started the match(as we planned to) with loud and hard shots at my chest...But when i was in the corner, Manson was slapping me so quickly that i wasn't even able to fall!...Finally, i simply fell down, out of breath..."Bad...debut", i was saying in my head.

Minutes later, as i was thrown everywhere like a ragged doll(like the jobber i was), Manson went for his "Minister" on me, which is the exact same move than Chris Daniels's "Angels's Wings"...But suddenly, something surprising happened...Something we didn't planned...Pyros exploded in the ramp! Manson let me fall and looked up the ramp as "Paranoid" Jake Matthews, the wrestler Manson was feuding with, arrived with his weapon of choice: a shovel. He then hit Manson on the head, causing a DQ against me..."WHAT THE HECK!", i screamed to Matthews...He then turned, facing me, and also hit me with the shovel on the head...You know what? No matter is wrestling is fake or not(and it is), a shovel on the head HURTS.

I didn't even realised i came back in the backstage area, after the match...I was so dazed and out cold that everything people was telling me was like nothing but a big wind in my head...Then, when i finally realised what was happening, i touched my forehead: blood. OOPS.

Sunny was looking at me, a smile on his face...Everything came back to normal when i saw his face...I woke up energically from the chair i was sitting on and yelled at his face: "WHAT...THE HECK...WAS THAT?! I DIDN'T EVEN KNEW ABOUT IT, DAMMIT!"...He continued to smile like a father would smile at his son after a deserved punition: "You were too much on you're own cloud, Jay...You needed to realise you're not better or more special than anybody, here...You have you're lesson, now?"

What the heck is he talking about? Me? Cocky and acting like i was special?...Wait a minute...He's damn right: i am. I'm in CCW for less than a month and i act like i know the business, dammit...I told Sunny i was sorry, stepped on my pride and came back home, all dissapointed.

The day after, Sunny called me once again, asking me if i was still hurt..."A shovel hurts, Sunny", i answered...He then laughed and told me: "I know that...I'm talking about the fact you haven't be able to finish you're match with Manson..." I stood in silence for a moment...Then, i only found these words: "If that's what i was deserving, then so be it"...Sunny started to laugh like never before, nearly making fun of me..."You know what, Jay? Next week, you'll start the event in the TRUE CCW...You'll be in a 6-man tag. Be ready...Now, THAT is what you deserve"...He then closed his cell phone...Yes, as you can guess, i was wondering what the hell it was...

I arrived at the arena, ready to do my training after school. Sunny was smoking his cigarette outside, taking some "fresh air". I was wondering what the heck he could tell me...Maybe an explanation...But no. I forgot about telling him anything and simply walked in the building, jumping on the opportunity he gave me without asking questions...

I was proud to finally be in CCW...However, i was dealing with the jobbers of the federation in a boring 6-man tag without any feud started in them...Plus, i was starting the show...Yes, some of the fans already know me for my performance i gave against X-Treem, but what will i have to offer, now, in that stupid match?

Even if the training didn't made me more ready for this match since the jobbers were, on the opposite of WWE, true un-talented jobbers...I started the match against Mike Myers, a guy having a very poor gimmick and a movie start name...Anyway, i wrestled him fairly, without anything else to say...Then, at some point, i tagged and waited for my turn...I looked at the crowd, who were giving no reaction to our match..."OK, Jay...You have to do something about it", i said to myself.

When i got the tag back(i was in the heel team, by the way), i did my job and took all the punches from the face wrestler...Then, i decided that was enough: i grabbed him in the piledriver position, told him to be confident and to give me a decent swing, and i executed the most amazing '360 Piledriver on him. The fans then cheered, excited by the move...But for me, it wasn't enough. I threw him outside the ring, fought him near the barricades while my partners were fighting, and finally set him on the barricades a little like Rob Van Dam does...I whispered to him: "duck the move...", i went back in the ring, climbed on the turnbuckle and went for a Moonsault on him...You see that coming? Yes, he ducked...And yes, i made a 10 feet high moonsault, gut first on the barricade...Result: the match ended without me.

Back in the backstage area, the whole roster of wrestlers were looking at me, eyes wide open...They all asked me if i was OK("no" was my answer) and i went directly at Sunny to give him the report of my match...For the first time, i saw Sunny angry...He was mad...Really mad at me. "I'll call you tomorrow, Jay...As for the moment, get the hell out of the building now..."

*To be continued*
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good stuff again.
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