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Last Mile Match
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Default Last Mile Match

This was the match Alli told me to write. Tim Ross Vs Chris Stunner. Unfortunatly he wrote it himself. Here is my original match.

The crowd cheer as Stunner and Ross lock up. Stunner begins to overpower him and push him into a corner. Ross manages to speed out and gets a two count with a roll up. Both men lock up again, Ross gets in an armdrag, but Stunner gets up and gives Ross his armdrag. The crowd cheer as both men stand off. They circle each other and go to lock up again but Tim Ross drops to his knees and elbows Stunner in the guy, winding him for a second. Ross begins to stomp Stunner, Stunner gets to his feet with Ross still striking him. Ross throws him to the ropes, Chris ducks the clothesline and hits a running dropkick, hitting Ross in the jaw. Stunner hits a backdrop and goes for a quick pin but only scores a two. Stunner taunts Tim and Tim runs at him. Chris dodges another clothesline and hits a drop toe hold, embarrassing Tim Ross. Chris Stunner taunts The Converts and goes back to work on Ross. The Converts jump onto the apron, distracting the ref. While the ref is distracted, Ross hits a blatant low blow, bring Stunner to his knees.

Ross gives Stunner a quick suplex and then goes for a cocky pin, getting a two count. He argues with the ref about the count as Stunner crawls to the ropes. Ross uses his knee to choke Stunner against the ropes. The ref tries to take him off Stunner, as the ref’s back is turned, Convert One begins to choke Stunner from the outside. He lets go just as the ref turns back and Tim begins to stomp him. He lifts him to his feet and gives him a quick German suplex into a pin, getting another two count. Ross once again argues with the ref and Chris rolls out of the ring to recover. A Ross step onto the apron and dives off looking for a double axe handle but Stunner punches him in the stomach.

Stunner slams Tim’s head against the announcer’s table as the Converts come to their leaders aid. Stunner punches Convert Two and he falls to the ground, he then turns around and catches Convert One with a spinebuster. He then turns his attention back to Tim Ross and slams his head, this time into the apron. Ross falls back, but is picked up and rolled into the ring. He fends off the Converts again and then rolls into the ring himself but is met with some of Tim Ross’s forearm shots. He drags him to his feet and then runs to the ropes, looking for a lariat, but Stunner grabs his arm and turns it into a DDT, dropping Ross on his head. As Ross is temporally stunned *no pun intended). Stunner runs to the ropes and hits a Lion Sault. One… Two… One of the Converts pulls out the referee. Stunner goes outside to deal with the Converts once again. He throws Convert One head first into the post and then grabs Convert Two and sets him up for the Reverse DVD. He then does the move causing Convert Two to land gut first on the railings. Ross, from nowhere baseball slides Chris Stunner, hitting him square in the chest, knocking him down.

Just then the lights go out, and the arena goes pitch black.

A voice is heard.

"Ross. You are my nemesis. The dark one is coming and you shall suffer for your beliefs. Prepare to face..."

The lights flash back on and Stunner is standing on the outside looking confused, as Tim Ross lies lifeless in the middle of the ring. The ref calls for medical attention and the medics come running down the aisle. Ross is loaded onto a stretcher as the ref announces Chris Stunner as the winner.


Okay, which did you like better. Mine or Alli's?

The endings are simalar because i was waiting for Alli to tell me how the match had to end.

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